Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre
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#ifndef SMS_QUEUE_H
#define SMS_QUEUE_H
#include <stdbool.h>
struct gsm_network;
struct gsm_sms_queue;
struct vty;
struct sms_queue_config {
char *db_file_path; /* SMS database file path */
int max_fail; /* maximum number of delivery failures */
int max_pending; /* maximum number of gsm_sms_pending in RAM */
bool delete_delivered; /* delete delivered SMS from DB? */
bool delete_expired; /* delete expired SMS from DB? */
unsigned int default_validity_mins; /* default validity period in minutes */
struct sms_queue_config *sms_queue_cfg_alloc(void *ctx);
#define VSUB_USE_SMS_PENDING "SMS-pending"
#define MSC_A_USE_SMS_PENDING "SMS-pending"
int sms_queue_start(struct gsm_network *net);
int sms_queue_trigger(struct gsm_sms_queue *);
/* vty helper functions */
int sms_queue_stats(struct gsm_sms_queue *, struct vty* vty);
int sms_queue_clear(struct gsm_sms_queue *);
int sms_queue_sms_is_pending(struct gsm_sms_queue *smsq, unsigned long long sms_id);