Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre
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#ifndef _SMPP_SMSC_H
#define _SMPP_SMSC_H
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <osmocom/core/utils.h>
#include <osmocom/core/msgb.h>
#include <osmocom/core/write_queue.h>
#include <osmocom/core/timer.h>
#include <smpp34.h>
#include <smpp34_structs.h>
#include <smpp34_params.h>
#define SMPP_SYS_ID_LEN 15
#define MODE_7BIT 7
#define MODE_8BIT 8
struct msc_a;
enum esme_read_state {
struct osmo_smpp_acl;
struct osmo_smpp_addr {
uint8_t ton;
uint8_t npi;
char addr[21+1];
struct osmo_esme {
struct llist_head list;
struct smsc *smsc;
struct osmo_smpp_acl *acl;
int use;
struct llist_head smpp_cmd_list;
uint32_t own_seq_nr;
struct osmo_wqueue wqueue;
enum esme_read_state read_state;
uint32_t read_len;
uint32_t read_idx;
struct msgb *read_msg;
uint8_t smpp_version;
char system_id[SMPP_SYS_ID_LEN+1];
uint8_t bind_flags;
struct osmo_smpp_acl {
struct llist_head list;
struct smsc *smsc;
struct osmo_esme *esme;
char *description;
char system_id[SMPP_SYS_ID_LEN+1];
char passwd[SMPP_PASSWD_LEN+1];
int default_route;
int deliver_src_imsi;
int osmocom_ext;
int dcs_transparent;
int alert_notifications;
struct llist_head route_list;
enum osmo_smpp_rtype {
struct osmo_smpp_route {
struct llist_head list; /*!< in acl.route_list */
struct llist_head global_list; /*!< in smsc->route_list */
struct osmo_smpp_acl *acl;
enum osmo_smpp_rtype type;
union {
struct osmo_smpp_addr prefix;
} u;
struct osmo_smpp_cmd {
struct llist_head list;
struct vlr_subscr *vsub;
uint32_t sequence_nr;
uint32_t gsm411_msg_ref;
uint8_t gsm411_trans_id;
bool is_report;
struct osmo_timer_list response_timer;
struct osmo_smpp_cmd *smpp_cmd_find_by_seqnum(struct osmo_esme *esme,
uint32_t sequence_number);
void smpp_cmd_ack(struct osmo_smpp_cmd *cmd);
void smpp_cmd_err(struct osmo_smpp_cmd *cmd, uint32_t status);
void smpp_cmd_flush_pending(struct osmo_esme *esme);
struct smsc {
struct osmo_fd listen_ofd;
struct llist_head esme_list;
struct llist_head acl_list;
struct llist_head route_list;
char *bind_addr;
uint16_t listen_port;
char system_id[SMPP_SYS_ID_LEN+1];
int accept_all;
int smpp_first;
struct osmo_smpp_acl *def_route;
void *priv;
int smpp_addr_eq(const struct osmo_smpp_addr *a,
const struct osmo_smpp_addr *b);
struct smsc *smpp_smsc_alloc_init(void *ctx);
int smpp_smsc_conf(struct smsc *smsc, const char *bind_addr, uint16_t port);
int smpp_smsc_start(struct smsc *smsc, const char *bind_addr, uint16_t port);
int smpp_smsc_restart(struct smsc *smsc, const char *bind_addr, uint16_t port);
void smpp_smsc_stop(struct smsc *smsc);
void smpp_esme_get(struct osmo_esme *esme);
void smpp_esme_put(struct osmo_esme *esme);
int smpp_route(const struct smsc *smsc, const struct osmo_smpp_addr *dest, struct osmo_esme **emse);
struct osmo_smpp_acl *smpp_acl_alloc(struct smsc *smsc, const char *sys_id);
struct osmo_smpp_acl *smpp_acl_by_system_id(struct smsc *smsc,
const char *sys_id);
void smpp_acl_delete(struct osmo_smpp_acl *acl);
int smpp_tx_submit_r(struct osmo_esme *esme, uint32_t sequence_nr,
uint32_t command_status, char *msg_id);
int smpp_tx_alert(struct osmo_esme *esme, uint8_t ton, uint8_t npi,
const char *addr, uint8_t avail_status);
int smpp_tx_deliver(struct osmo_esme *esme, struct deliver_sm_t *deliver);
int handle_smpp_submit(struct osmo_esme *esme, struct submit_sm_t *submit,
struct submit_sm_resp_t *submit_r);
int smpp_route_pfx_add(struct osmo_smpp_acl *acl,
const struct osmo_smpp_addr *pfx);
int smpp_route_pfx_del(struct osmo_smpp_acl *acl,
const struct osmo_smpp_addr *pfx);
int smpp_vty_init(void);
int smpp_determine_scheme(uint8_t dcs, uint8_t *data_coding, int *mode);
time_t smpp_parse_time_format(const char *vp, time_t *t_now);
struct gsm_sms;
struct ran_conn;
bool smpp_route_smpp_first();
int smpp_try_deliver(struct gsm_sms *sms, struct msc_a *msc_a);