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Neels Hofmeyr a81ee7c3b8 debian: fix dependency to mgcp library
osmo-mgw has split the MGCP client to a separate library in
change-id I8e0b2d2a399b77086a36606f5e427271c6242df1
or commit 97df691307e48c39170ac39b2394a7095d7f0ee5.

Change-Id: I9c56c218fce2264fe0acae62caed4d9ff4bfb54c
2017-09-14 03:29:33 +00:00
Philipp Maier a3351e0fe4 a_iface: fix typo
Change-Id: Ia849a4043d0fb209fe6e6840908f4f7fe90dc9e5
2017-09-11 10:14:00 +02:00
Philipp Maier 4502f5ff58 a_iface: fix memory leaks
Fix multiple memory leaske in A/BSSMAP code

Change-Id: I90703c96e6a266a1cfa60b184139375aeb9ae32d
2017-09-11 10:14:00 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr b305a004f7 ctrl: subscriber-list-active: list only attached subscribers
I would have liked to add a regression test to verify this, but currently there
is no easy way to run CTRL tests and at the same time have access to the
osmo-msc in a way that simulates an attached subscriber.

Related: OS#2285
Change-Id: I003542b208ecf3713e9e67712d84ccb4c61af14e
2017-09-09 17:04:30 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 6c8afe148b use separated libosmo-mgcp-client, apply rename to mgcp_client_*
After osmo-mgw changes I8e0b2d2a399b77086a36606f5e427271c6242df1 and
I99f7faab637cfcc22ece64a1dbcbe590f2042187, apply linking of new
libosmo-mgcp-client and renames to drop the "gw" from mgcp_client_*.

Also rename the gsm_network.mgcpgw to mgw, to indicate that the MGCP client is
used to contact the MGW (Media Gateway).

Depends: I8e0b2d2a399b77086a36606f5e427271c6242df1 (osmo-mgw)
         I99f7faab637cfcc22ece64a1dbcbe590f2042187 (osmo-mgw)
Change-Id: I093ad02ca0e532f659447c785e09678b3e6f220d
2017-09-08 23:47:37 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr fb11041da9 doc/examples: add detailed cs7 config examples
Change-Id: I4da6724cd4348e92dfd06516f82af06c97277ef9
2017-09-07 03:10:36 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 9084396467 rename include/openbsc to include/osmocom/msc
Change-Id: I1f96a1285bbd1b4607614856bca935d5c26e2da9
2017-09-06 16:41:25 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 47cd0d2687 drop files unrelated to osmo-msc
These either remain from openbsc.git or slipped in while applying recent
patches from openbsc.git and do not belong in osmo-msc.

Empty out contrib: remove things that are either obviously unrelated to
osmo-msc, or seem old and/or esoteric.

Change-Id: I49957769e09eed6d723bf7c3777024b62b3480fd
2017-09-06 16:33:43 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr d6d90ce259 debian: fix web and VCS links, tweak osmo-msc.install
Change-Id: I3fffa73722c5437c969d25294e0ff86de5385087
2017-09-06 16:33:43 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr bab29056a3 rename openbsc.pc to osmo-msc.pc
Change-Id: Ibe73012cb2a27d886b5faf931a62d5efbddd8120
2017-09-06 16:33:43 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr e428a4968e rewrite README
Change-Id: I2bdcf42c2f3340fe0d33ecd85368904312127cb9
2017-09-06 16:33:41 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 458aa74c1e fix to "AC_INIT[osmo-msc]"
Change-Id: I3c0dea06e341ccd944448b133381a390fc500c32
2017-09-06 14:29:20 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr e74548cf8c jenkins: drop unused build matrix vars, always --enable-smpp
Change-Id: I24fbc756e79bbf25fc37dbf9b2c573972e712c7e
2017-09-05 23:48:34 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr cf6a487cbb jenkins: fix build: osmo-mgw from master, not pre_release
pre_release is gone, we need to build from master now.

Change-Id: I86a50c523ab04d96575aade624daa5a2f9fd6d83
2017-09-03 22:48:52 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr f7251c3aa1 am: msc_vlr_tests: use AM_LDFLAGS instead of COMMON vars
It was a n00b mistake to define COMMON_LDFLAGS and COMMON_LDADD to pass the
same linker options to each test binary. Instead, use AM_LDFLAGS and remove the
autoreconf warning.

    tests/msc_vlr/ warning: variable 'COMMON_LDFLAGS' is defined but no program or
    tests/msc_vlr/ library has 'COMMON' as canonical name (possible typo)

Related: OS#2448
Change-Id: I6efae6e192b22de2c1d706edd55385135142532b
2017-08-30 14:28:00 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 542e65b563 build: check for -lgsm
If libosmo-legacy-mgcp is built with --enable-mgcp-transcoding, we need to link
-lgsm here as well. This autodetects whether -lgsm is necessary.

Todo: how about --with-g729?

Todo: osmo-msc is only using the mgcp client and should not actually need
      transcoding nor -lgsm.

Change-Id: Iab55a089ae36017b79e7cbc3cac45ef9fd85dd43
2017-08-29 12:51:20 +00:00
Alexander Couzens 4d1ee5eaf0 rework debian packages support
Remove old leftover from split of osmo-mgw out of openbsc.

Change-Id: I77544cb38c31777c3fab52979d19488a63e52de3
2017-08-29 12:51:20 +00:00
Philipp Maier 91f10c7289 libmsc: make pitfall in gsm0408_dispatch() more obvious
The function gsm0408_dispatch() accepts a message buffer pointer
and accesses the l3h pointer. Even in a properly allocated
message buffer, this may lead into a segfault if the user forgets
to set the l3h pointer. This commit adds assertions to popup a
more expressive error message.

Change-Id: I43bd9bd1c170559aaa8dacaef25dba090744bcd5
2017-08-29 12:51:20 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr bac227653a split off osmo-msc: remove files, apply build, rename
Change-Id: Icf025e5ea8d180613b3114282951c9afa67af9a7
2017-08-29 12:51:19 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 4585317f1b add msg type to SMS rx logging
Change-Id: I73ea4eebe57b2d1008045a27f174072178b9f077
2017-08-29 12:51:19 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 34d33bdef8 msc_vlr tests: add IMEISV tests
Change-Id: I752afef2ae3ce04e813c7e9fea0e883e607c0e14
2017-08-29 12:51:19 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr bc5dd4927e gsup client: move not-connected to error loglevel
Change-Id: I8290963aedb7237da89c9ff98adf4cd33beb5031
2017-08-29 12:51:19 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 979cd26f35 move to osmo-mgw.git: osmo-bsc_mgcp and libmgcp as libosmo-legacy-mgcp
Rewire build and includes to libosmo-legacy-mgcp.

Drop osmo-bsc_mgcp and related python tests, now found in osmo-mgw.git.

libosmo-legacy-mgcp is installed from osmo-mgw, hence add the dependency to (so far using the pre_release branch).

Change-Id: Ic99d681759edce11564da62500c2aac5cf5fffe2
2017-08-29 12:51:19 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr c2df7e84a7 .gitignore: cosmetic: use globs to ignore test binaries
Change-Id: I840e4333a4cad646d751ebafe7e0ef23e7a9c708
2017-08-29 12:51:19 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 97668a2623 cosmetic: msc_vlr_tests: drop unused var
Change-Id: I584c0dfffe005597563dbd72fad8a087c554ba3d
2017-08-29 12:51:19 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 00e82d61ab move libiu to osmo-iuh/libosmo-ranap
Remove libiu here, use the functions from libosmo-ranap instead, by applying
the ranap_ / RANAP_ prefix.

Corresponding change-id in osmo-iuh.git is I6a3f7ad15be03fb94689b4af6ccfa828c25f45c0

To be able to run the msc_vlr tests for RAN_UTRAN_IU without Iu client headers
available, add iu_dummy.h, containing mere function signatures that match
iu_dummy.c and a mostly empty struct ranap_ue_conn_ctx.

Make sure we can build with and without --enable-iu: include osmo-iuh headers
only with --enable-iu.

Change-Id: Ib8c4fcdb4766c5e575618b95ce16dce51063206b
2017-08-29 12:51:18 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 6d82bec2c8 MSC,SGSN: use OSMO_GSUP_PORT == 4222 instead of 2222
In SGSN, actually place the port in the SGSN config by default, so that the
gsup port may now be omitted in the VTY config (the IP address suffices).

Adjust the osmo-sgsn.cfg example.

Depends: I4222e21686c823985be8ff1f16b1182be8ad6175 (libosmocore)
Change-Id: I50f2040e2eb0baacb43849e93cfed10cbc2fc156
2017-08-29 12:51:18 +00:00
Philipp Maier 3b96ea6fba mgcp: add VTY Option to force-realloc endpoints
Currently the force_realloc feature is turnd on and of in a
hardcoded way. This patch makes the option available via VTY.

Change-Id: Ic8740512c5ea0766ff6ceb1c28b9c2b3fe46e75f
2017-08-29 12:51:18 +00:00
Philipp Maier fbf6610dc1 Implement AoIP, port to M3UA SIGTRAN (large addition and refactoring)
This was originally a long series of commits converging to the final result
seen in this patch. It does not make much sense to review the smaller steps'
trial and error, we need to review this entire change as a whole.

Implement AoIP in osmo-msc and osmo-bsc.

Change over to the new libosmo-sigtran API with support for proper
SCCP/M3UA/SCTP stacking, as mandated by 3GPP specifications for the IuCS and
IuPS interfaces.

From here on, a separate osmo-stp process is required for SCCP routing between
OsmoBSC / OsmoHNBGW <-> OsmoMSC / OsmoSGSN build from libosmo-sccp and osmo-iuh master branches now for new

Patch-by: pmaier, nhofmeyr, laforge
Change-Id: I5ae4e05ee7c57cad341ea5e86af37c1f6b0ffa77
2017-08-29 12:51:18 +00:00
Max 09e2c9f07d Use release helper from libosmocore
for details.

Change-Id: I869395d5c9ab5ec1a487aff15418d1517f47e831
Related: OS#1861
2017-08-28 10:55:19 +00:00
Harald Welte 28cd94427a Treat SIGTERM just like SIGINT in our programs
When somebody kills the process, it's best to handle the signal
and to use the opportunity for some cleanup.  We always did this
in the NITB on SIGINT, but never on SIGTERM. Let's change it.

Change-Id: Iea6804325a6575ceab5edfd28dd20249462f143b
2017-08-27 02:33:50 +02:00
Harald Welte df772e2fb1 NITB: remove 'help' output about '-a' option that is removed for ages
This option was present in very early versions of the NITB, but
at least since 2011 it is no longer supported.  It's still listed
in --help output, which is wrong.

Change-Id: I1d2cceb588ec5fb34ec5e2c05a7d8c93310bee88
2017-08-27 02:33:50 +02:00
Keith Whyte c601adcb89 libmsc: Use actual delivery time in delivery reports.
Set the time on the status report to the time the message was delivered, as
this may not be the same as the time when we are delivering the report to the
originating MS.

Change-Id: I9056429d40bf02731f004b7833f1de45a0d1add8
2017-08-27 02:33:50 +02:00
Max 4e4ddff4c2 gbproxy: log signal value as text
Change-Id: I6ed923f5c60a8d64305f4b8e90d1362d6510e1c5
2017-08-27 02:33:50 +02:00
Max f6450bb753 gbproxy: log unhandled BSSGP PDU as text
Change-Id: Ibe3c8bd353b3a178e26b0936f25b2e1959f9990c
2017-08-27 02:33:50 +02:00
Pau Espin d5c4339a58 libmsc: Fix wrong handling of user_message_reference parameter
libsmpp34 already converts received TLV integer values to native
endianess in libsmpp34_(un)pack.

Converting them again at receive time swaps the 2 bytes of
user_message_reference, then using a wrong value. As GSM03.40 spec
uses only 1 byte for the id, then only the high byte of the initial
value is used and eventually sent back to the ESME. Again, at that time,
htons() is not needed because libsmpp34 already handles that part.

See OS-#2429 for more details.

Change-Id: If748548a4a223e529a1110c89e483b599b406e8b
2017-08-27 02:33:50 +02:00
Pau Espin 7e16e7299a smpp: Fix compilation warning
I already stumbled into 2 compilation environments which had Werror
enabled for -Wmaybe-uninitialized and the build failed, so let's
workaround this warning.

| smpp_openbsc.c: In function 'handle_smpp_submit':
| smpp_openbsc.c:216:9: error: 'sms_msg_len' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
|    memcpy(sms->user_data, sms_msg, sms_msg_len);
|          ^
| smpp_openbsc.c💯15: note: 'sms_msg_len' was declared here
|   unsigned int sms_msg_len;
|                ^
| cc1: some warnings being treated as errors

Change-Id: I0901ddadb5f72e1585cb1797ac22c8ab95e83146
2017-08-27 02:33:50 +02:00
Pau Espin f5816f6f5b sgsn_test: Fix wrong definition of wrap func
Commit 058cd573d8 added 2 new pointer parameters to
gprs_subscr_request_auth_info, but forgot to update wraps of the
function in sgsn_test.

I catched this today because openbsc build test sgsn_test was failing.
Closed look up to the logs showed:
Assert failed (auts != NULL) == (auts_rand != NULL) openbsc/openbsc/src/gprs/gprs_subscriber.c:791

Change-Id: Ie9e4af6da0339536fb20ca0b7bbcf6f485bd522c
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Keith Whyte 04982bd272 LIBMSC: Use sms->text, not sms->user_data to construct report body
gsm_04_11.c sms_report_alloc()

Use the sms->text, not the sms->user_data to construct the report body.
This also prevents the potential output of non printable characters to
the log and or vty.

Change-Id: Id51bc9483ad6f52d6da74135605cfd12434c7c96
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Keith Whyte ab9d8633c8 LIBMSC: Place correct dst address in status report
gsm_04_11.c: gsm340_gen_sms_status_report_tpdu()

When we construct the status report PDU, use sms->src
instead of sms->dst as the destination address
This way we tell the MS that the message was delivered
to the destination and not to itself.
This is relevant for phones that display a textual
representation of the delivery report.

Change-Id: I2d4f87ac777465de9bfb5a775a789a2691755ee9
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Pablo Neira Ayuso 4f03b47d84 libmsc: use SMPP34_DELIVERY_RECEIPT_* in libsmpp34
Use new definitions in libsmpp34 to set the registered_delivery field
accordingly, as provided by I5b3afff1b3b77cccd949e0606914c7ac3ba6114c.

Moreover, do not set this header field to zero if status reports are
off, the deliver_t structure has been already zeroed so this not

Change-Id: Ie78e17323796120f576b9c0e1bc5ccc32da8ee12
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Harald Welte 2d23e901a0 increase libsmpp34 version requirement to 1.12
Only 1.12 contains some of the #defines that we're using with recent

Change-Id: I3743b10a1a5d2f1d42a61204273c1d00dc22b600
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Harald Welte 586e6819eb Migrate from gprs_apn_to_str() to libosmocore osmo_apn_to_str()
In 2015, Jacob moved/copied related functions to libosmocore, but
for some reason didn't remove the copies here.  Let's follow-up on
that and remove duplicated code.

The libosmocore commit introducing osmo_apn_to_str() was

Change-Id: I7315ffcbed8a54cca2056f313bb7783ad82d0ee9
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Harald Welte 0f7013266b sgsn_vty: Don't assume pdp->lib is always valid
We can only print libgtp pdp information if a library context is
attached to this pdp context.  This is not always the case,
particuarly during some teardown scenarios.

Change-Id: Ia3184877f9709db65f5f93a98403f2ef5b04a8ca
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Harald Welte ac587f0825 Fix gsm_pchan2chan_nr() to use RSL_CHAN_OSMO_PDCH
When converting from GSM_PCHAN_PDCH, we should generate
a RSL channel number IE with the osmocom extension
RSL_CHAN_OSMO_PDCH rather than claiming it is a regular
TCH/F channel.

This is important as this function is used by
osmo-bts, too - and it decides which channel number IE is
put in the GSMTAP header for both GSMTAP tracing as well
as the GSMTAP based osmo-bts-virtual.

In order to avoid any unintended effect on libbsc,
we make sure to modify rsl_ipacc_pdch_activate() to
always use GSM_PCHAN_TCH_F in related RSL message.

Change-Id: Ie34219e64a6d89da4a79f2db8ec73d1909fb8280
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Harald Welte 030e1973dd SGSN: Fix RAN information exposed on GTP during PDP CTX CREATE
In the PDP Context Create from SGSN to GGSN, we include information
about the RAN type (GERAN/UTRAN) and the Cell of the MS. This was
all hard-coded to GERAN, and wasn't updated when we added UTRAN
support to the SGSN.

Change-Id: I6c79e42c5e08b28fe8182555302a5505fbbaa313
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Pau Espin babd38d8cf mgcp: Fix uplink activation of Osmux stream
Commit 5754206379 introduced
OSMUX_STATE_NEGOTIATING to fix a race condition present in osmo-bsc_nat.
However, after this change osmo-bsc_mgcp cannot switch to
OSMUX_STATE_ACTIVATING anymore, which means during osmux_send_dummy time
it won't call osmux_enable_endpoint(), which in turn won't set endp type

If MGCP_OSMUX_BSC is not set, uplink streams are sent using regular RTP
instead of Osmux not matter it is enabled in config or not.

Change-Id: Ibcb59aa1ca25408f82cc88c2d5b81177b5f276dc
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Ivan Kluchnikov 9f84139e86 handover_logic: set correct link to bts for subscriber_connection in case of moving this connection to another bts
In case of successful completion of handover gsm_subscriber_connection could be moved from one bts to another,
so connection link to bts should be replaced by link to bts, which owns new_lchan.
This bug was detected, because conn->bts->nr is used in call control log messages
and wrong number of bts was observed in these messages after handover.

Change-Id: Idc7dd412b7580c451e716b73ef7549826c60b0d9
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Pau Espin e93fad8043 mgcp_osmux: Remove unused parameter
Change-Id: Icb1e7cb15fe04642578f5292124ebc1eac9c9aa3
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00
Alexander Chemeris 3d18dda61a libcommon: Fix log output for bts>0.
Fixes regression probably introduced in c696cc28.

For bts>0 logging doesn't show bts number correctly when printing lchan
identification string - it will always show it as "bts=0". The reason for
this is that the identification string is cached before bts->nr value is
set to a proper value.

This patch sets bts->nr as part of the first step of the bts structure
initialization, before caching happens thus making sure the cached
identification string is cached with the correct values.

Change-Id: I61c18a7f021fcb1ec00d34a745f4e3ab03416c2d
2017-08-27 02:33:49 +02:00