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Neels Hofmeyr dfdc61de68 msc_vlr_tests: revert IMSI parameter and test nr output
Three recently merged commits take the msc_vlr_tests in a wrong direction.

The IMSI is usually encoded in the hex streams. The rationale behind hex
streams is that it is a) easily copied from a wireshark trace and b) exactly
the bytes as sent by an actual phone. It is hard to parameterize the IMSI
because we would have to employ our encoding functions, which I intentionally
want to keep out of the loop here.

The test number should not appear in the normal test output, so that adding a
test or changing their order does not affect expected output for following
tests. The nr is simply for manual invocation, only seen when invoked with -v.

- "VLR tests: always print test parameters"
- "Expand VLR tests"
- "Move IMSI into test parameters"

Change-Id: Ie1b49237746751021da88f6f07bbb9f780d077c9
2018-03-02 03:22:16 +01:00
Max d5feadeee8 Expand VLR tests
Print the IMSI used for each test. This enables expansion to tests with
several IMSIs in follow-up patches.

Change-Id: I7958608e5136351f7b7c0c57fe79791d989ce9c3
Related: OS#2864
2018-02-07 12:07:50 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr a99b42709a add msc_vlr_test_call to reproduce a sanitizer error
On MT call, there is a bug in CC conn use which leads to an early free and

Add msc_vlr_test_call to show both MO and MT call legs separately and reproduce
the failure. It is visible in a sanitizer build (on debian 9).

A subsequent patch will fix the bug: If0659a878deb383ed0300217e2c41c8c79b2b6a5

Related: OS#2672
Change-Id: I6c3ca0c660388b1e2c82df17ec540c846201b0c7
2017-11-27 15:40:01 +01:00