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Neels Hofmeyr 7c5346cd70 vlr_subscr: use osmo_use_count
Depends: Ife31e6798b4e728a23913179e346552a7dd338c0 (libosmocore)
Change-Id: Ib06d030e8464abe415ff597d462ed40eeddef475
2019-04-12 02:15:25 +02:00
Philipp Maier 5b6ccce1c6 cosmetic: remove forgotten debug printf
the control interface command subscriber-list-active-v1 contains a stray
debug printf, lets remove it.

Change-Id: I085cf7b4a45708ccb883f70f71f4fbcfda58d332
2018-11-08 11:10:15 +01:00
Max dcc193d3a6 Add control command to expire subscriber
It's equivalent of existing vty command: common part is extracted into
shared helper function.

Change-Id: I267886b7c79ed6d9c2f34a2e60d2972b7f4f4036
2018-01-05 10:10:35 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 165a7d7cc8 ctrl: remove unimplemented cmds subscriber-{modify,delete}
Change-Id: I754de5d08c053fea5f1ca2673b0ac4d26a85778a
2017-09-19 00:37:48 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr b305a004f7 ctrl: subscriber-list-active: list only attached subscribers
I would have liked to add a regression test to verify this, but currently there
is no easy way to run CTRL tests and at the same time have access to the
osmo-msc in a way that simulates an attached subscriber.

Related: OS#2285
Change-Id: I003542b208ecf3713e9e67712d84ccb4c61af14e
2017-09-09 17:04:30 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 9084396467 rename include/openbsc to include/osmocom/msc
Change-Id: I1f96a1285bbd1b4607614856bca935d5c26e2da9
2017-09-06 16:41:25 +02:00
Harald Welte 2483f1b050 Use libvlr in libmsc (large refactoring)
Original libvlr code is by Harald Welte <>,
polished and tweaked by Neels Hofmeyr <>.

This is a long series of trial-and-error development collapsed in one patch.
This may be split in smaller commits if reviewers prefer that. If we can keep
it as one, we have saved ourselves the additional separation work.


The SQL based lookup of SMS for attached subscribers no longer works since the
SQL database no longer has the subscriber data. Replace with a round-robin on
the SMS recipient MSISDNs paired with a VLR subscriber RAM lookup whether the
subscriber is currently attached.

If there are many SMS for not-attached subscribers in the SMS database, this
will become inefficient: a DB hit returns a pending SMS, the RAM lookup will
reveal that the subscriber is not attached, after which the DB is hit for the
next SMS. It would become more efficient e.g. by having an MSISDN based hash
list for the VLR subscribers and by marking non-attached SMS recipients in the
SMS database so that they can be excluded with the SQL query already.

There is a sanity limit to do at most 100 db hits per attempt to find a pending
SMS. So if there are more than 100 stored SMS waiting for their recipients to
actually attach to the MSC, it may take more than one SMS queue trigger to
deliver SMS for subscribers that are actually attached.

This is not very beautiful, but is merely intended to carry us over to a time
when we have a proper separate SMSC entity.

Introduce gsm_subscriber_connection ref-counting in libmsc.

Remove/Disable VTY and CTRL commands to create subscribers, which is now a task
of the OsmoHLR. Adjust the python tests accordingly.

Remove VTY cmd subscriber-keep-in-ram.

Use OSMO_GSUP_PORT = 4222 instead of 2222. See

So far use the LAC from conn->bts, will be replaced by conn->lac in

Related: OS#1592 OS#1974
Change-Id: I639544a6cdda77a3aafc4e3446a55393f60e4050
2017-07-23 04:08:43 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 29b9206e80 move openbsc/* to repos root
This is the first step in creating this repository from the legacy openbsc.git.

Like all other Osmocom repositories, keep the autoconf and automake files in
the repository root. openbsc.git has been the sole exception, which ends now.

Change-Id: I9c6f2a448d9cb1cc088cf1cf6918b69d7e69b4e7
2017-07-12 23:17:10 +00:00