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Pau Espin 4a5ba81f7d Bump version: → 1.6.1
Change-Id: I3ac4ca12139230863607980cd29250c12df319b7
2020-01-09 12:29:08 +01:00
Pau Espin 6a0c4d9d24 Bump version: → 1.6.0
Change-Id: I315ba8c67fbb5bec520f1bc42aedd25d47e4ca95
2020-01-03 18:51:37 +01:00
Pau Espin 0218814c8c Bump version: 1.4.0 → 1.5.0
Change-Id: I9b79805c703f4bb860a07bf521ddbf8cb9b29d23
2019-08-08 16:01:38 +02:00
Harald Welte 41e7cf115d Bump version: 1.3.0 → 1.3.1
Change-Id: I624144d6f8919d1dd237cdffc9122f685a8e4d6b
2019-01-22 16:02:11 +01:00
Harald Welte 811f6806a4 Bump version: → 1.3.0
Change-Id: I59d032ad953438f12439ac3d6275ee78d0ebbb40
2019-01-21 00:16:27 +01:00
Pau Espin cb8c75bba0 Bump version: → 1.2.0
Change-Id: I79d1f009617b247b6c3322a7926fd565913b1e6c
2018-05-03 18:52:03 +02:00
Harald Welte 9a5b4747ac Bump version: → 1.1.2
Change-Id: Id3ddab71f98046c3ce26ea240313b0ffef8ddf09
2017-10-29 09:01:31 +01:00
Harald Welte aaa858069a Bump version: → 1.1.1
Change-Id: I0143cbf462d8685bb7388024dddbc0eb9b3883dc
2017-10-28 19:58:11 +00:00
Harald Welte 6a01568351 Tag/Release Version 1.1.0
[ Alexander Couzens ]
  * debian/rules: show testsuite.log when tests are failing

  [ Neels Hofmeyr ]
  * build: check for -lgsm
  * am: msc_vlr_tests: use AM_LDFLAGS instead of COMMON vars
  * jenkins: fix build: osmo-mgw from master, not pre_release
  * jenkins: drop unused build matrix vars, always --enable-smpp
  * fix to "AC_INIT[osmo-msc]"
  * rewrite README
  * rename openbsc.pc to osmo-msc.pc
  * debian: fix web and VCS links, tweak osmo-msc.install
  * drop files unrelated to osmo-msc
  * rename include/openbsc to include/osmocom/msc
  * doc/examples: add detailed cs7 config examples
  * use separated libosmo-mgcp-client, apply rename to mgcp_client_*
  * ctrl: subscriber-list-active: list only attached subscribers
  * debian: fix dependency to mgcp library
  * main: remove cmdline args no longer available for osmo-msc
  * vty: fix: missing default cmds at hlr node
  * ctrl: remove unimplemented cmds subscriber-{modify,delete}
  * fix build: remove obsolete header legacy_mgcp/mgcp.h
  * fix debian: fix erratic doc/examples install path
  * fix memory leak: vlr: vlr_gsupc_read_cb() must msgb_free()
  * fix vty tests: long timeout due to unreachable STP address
  * cosmetic: vlr: declare a struct in .h; drop unused header
  * add ';' after OSMO_ASSERT()

  [ Philipp Maier ]
  * a_iface: fix memory leaks
  * a_iface: fix typo

  [ Max ]
  * Remove rest_octets.h
  * Remove SI-related code
  * Remove BTS-specific attributes
  * Remove unused osmo_bsc_rf.h header
  * Remove pkg-config file

  [ Harald Welte ]
  * Update .gitignore for post-nitb-split
  * remove further files and autotest/autoconf bits irrelevant to osmo-msc
  * Rename osmo_fsm to avoid illegal space in name + more meaningful name
  * Debian: remove obsolete Dependencies
  * Depend on latest tagged/released libosmo-* versions
  * Debian: Build with enabled SMPP support
  * osmo-msc: Don't link against libasn1c
  * Debian: Include systemd.service in package
  * Debian: include all (not just one) example config files

Change-Id: Ic24d937658e5b467c6643ae3cd54e5b6d9db3175
2017-10-28 15:17:53 +02:00
Alexander Couzens 4d1ee5eaf0 rework debian packages support
Remove old leftover from split of osmo-mgw out of openbsc.

Change-Id: I77544cb38c31777c3fab52979d19488a63e52de3
2017-08-29 12:51:20 +00:00
Max 176b62a80c SGSN: prevent starting with inconsistent config
Previously it was possible to start osmo-sgsn with "auth-policy remote"
but without "gsup remote-*" which resulted in broken setup: no MS could
perform GPRS ATTACH. Add consistency check to vty code to fix this.

Related: OS#1582
Change-Id: Ie4296e7d99d7833f7d828b0196435ea81097cf6e
2016-07-11 19:18:17 +00:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther ddf4e1e114 debian: Make upgrading from debian SID easier
Make sure the version number of this sourcepackage is higher than
the one found in Debian SID.

Change-Id: I838632e9e90378a03235c2aebd5bc9ed06627ec8
Tested-by: Jenkins Builder
Reviewed-by: Holger Freyther <>
2016-05-25 19:41:19 +00:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 8deba01eda debian: We are at version 0.14 now 2015-03-14 20:33:43 +01:00
Max a5cae441e2 Fix some packaging mistakes detected by lintian.
Signed-off-by: Max Suraev <>
2014-07-30 08:46:47 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 0e5f5aeaad debian: Begin the 0.13.0 series with a new changelog entry 2013-04-16 09:23:33 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 3dfe8a1705 nat: sizeof char * != sizeof char[], make the code work on 64bit systems
The test cases were failing on 64bit systems because the sizeof
code operated on the pointer size which is 8 and longer than the
size that was intended to be used for comparing it.
2012-11-07 13:35:14 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther e600eed7fa debian: Move debian directory to ease building packages
This is required to have git-buildpackage be able to create tarballs
from the git repository and was done by Jan in the debian branch as
2012-11-06 23:01:43 +01:00