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Neels Hofmeyr 6a29d326e0 Add msc_vlr test suite for MSC+VLR end-to-end tests 6 years ago
Neels Hofmeyr c00d016e20 join openbsc/.gitignore with .gitignore 6 years ago
Max cea35aecdc ignore debian build byproducts 8 years ago
Sylvain Munaut 100224df0b Update .gitignore 13 years ago
Harald Welte 4cd3d8a2c7 add git-version-gen magic to automatically generate package version 13 years ago
Harald Welte 26cbdcff24 update gitignore file 13 years ago
Harald Welte ec8b4501c7 intial checkin of the libosmocore project 13 years ago