12 Commits (master)

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Pau Espin 5b06a8d6a5 Bump version: → 1.9.0 1 month ago
Pau Espin 3a02d29804 Announce IuFP audio codec for UTRAN conns in CRCX towards MGW 7 months ago
Pau Espin b7f97ea8a0 Bump version: → 1.8.0 9 months ago
Neels Hofmeyr db07fdcbfc support A5/4 in inter-BSC handover 1 year ago
Neels Hofmeyr cdcfc80176 ran_msg_a.c: use gsm0808_create_cipher2() 1 year ago
Pau Espin 59764b6f3e Bump version: → 1.7.0 1 year ago
Vadim Yanitskiy 566ce11df5 submit_to_sms(): fix the use of deprecated gsm_septets2octets() 2 years ago
Harald Welte 4dc5dcf4e0 Use osmo_fd_*_{disable,enable} 2 years ago
Pau Espin 047c5d9dc8 tests: Fix VTY results after switch to newer libosmo-mgcp-client 2 years ago
Pau Espin 24a885608d Support setting rt-prio and cpu-affinity mask through VTY 2 years ago
Neels Hofmeyr 46d526a3df use new osmo_mobile_identity API everywhere 2 years ago
Neels Hofmeyr 346a3b956f manual: link to new common cs7-config.adoc, remove some dup of that 2 years ago