abis_rsl: Reduce level from notice to debug for measurement reports

It can happen that OpenBSC decides to close the lchan but we
still receive some measurement reports until the BTS has decided
to close the channel.
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Holger Hans Peter Freyther 2010-07-29 14:50:57 +08:00
parent 290aaed6e4
commit c44db4a534
1 changed files with 1 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -938,7 +938,7 @@ static int rsl_rx_meas_res(struct msgb *msg)
/* check if this channel is actually active */
/* FIXME: maybe this check should be way more generic/centralized */
if (msg->lchan->state != LCHAN_S_ACTIVE) {
LOGP(DRSL, LOGL_NOTICE, "%s: MEAS RES for inactive channel\n",
LOGP(DRSL, LOGL_DEBUG, "%s: MEAS RES for inactive channel\n",
return 0;