codec t9n: comment

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Neels Hofmeyr 3 months ago
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@ -121,6 +121,10 @@ const struct codec_mapping codec_map[] = {
* to match this entry, and it ends in an aborted call due to no codec match.
* If the peer offers plain "AMR/8000" and we reply with "AMR/8000 fmtp:octet-align=1",
* then everything works out happily, */
/* XXX what?? 3GPP TS 26.103 says "The bandwidth efficient mode of RFC 4867 shall be used. To
* offer the bandwidth-efficient mode, the octet-align parameter should be omitted in SDP."
* How can it work when we send bw-efficient AMR but said octet-aligned in the SDP??
.fmtp = "octet-align=1",
.mgcp = CODEC_AMR_8000_1,