add VTY commands: mncc internal / external (== -M)

So far the only way to use external MNCC is to pass the -M cmdline arg:

  osmo-msc -M /path/to/socket

However, the osmo-msc.service file for systemd is installed by 'make install',
and hence it is quite impractical to depend on such a config item to be
required in the service file:

- It defies any scheme an operator may have in place to compose the
  osmo-msc.cfg file -- this option doesn't go in the .cfg file but needs
  separate action to add to the installed service file.

- After a make install or package upgrades / re-installations, this option will
  be plain overwritten silently, or lead to the need for resolving file

The initial spark for this came from configuring the 35c3 GSM from cfg

Change-Id: I2ec59d5eba407f83295528b51b93678d446b9cee
Neels Hofmeyr 2018-12-05 01:11:28 +01:00 committed by Harald Welte
parent 05c5680ba1
commit 80447ebe6c
6 changed files with 68 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -140,6 +140,7 @@ struct gsm_network {
struct osmo_counter *active_nc_ss;
/* layer 4 */
char *mncc_sock_path;
struct mncc_sock_state *mncc_state;
mncc_recv_cb_t mncc_recv;
struct llist_head upqueue;

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@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ enum nsap_addr_enc {
typedef int (*mncc_recv_cb_t)(struct gsm_network *, struct msgb *);
struct gsm_network *gsm_network_init(void *ctx, mncc_recv_cb_t mncc_recv);
void gsm_network_set_mncc_sock_path(struct gsm_network *net, const char *mncc_sock_path);
int msc_vlr_alloc(struct gsm_network *net);
int msc_vlr_start(struct gsm_network *net);

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@ -339,6 +339,25 @@ DEFUN(cfg_msc, cfg_msc_cmd,
#define MNCC_GUARD_TIMEOUT_STR "Set global guard timer for mncc interface activity\n"
#define MNCC_GUARD_TIMEOUT_VALUE_STR "guard timer value (sec.)\n"
"mncc internal",
MNCC_STR "Use internal MNCC handler (default; changes need a program restart)\n")
gsm_network_set_mncc_sock_path(gsmnet, NULL);
"mncc external MNCC_SOCKET_PATH",
MNCC_STR "Use external MNCC handler (changes need a program restart)\n"
"File system path to create the MNCC unix domain socket at\n")
gsm_network_set_mncc_sock_path(gsmnet, argv[0]);
"mncc guard-timeout <0-255>",
@ -442,6 +461,8 @@ DEFUN(cfg_msc_emergency_msisdn, cfg_msc_emergency_msisdn_cmd,
static int config_write_msc(struct vty *vty)
vty_out(vty, "msc%s", VTY_NEWLINE);
if (gsmnet->mncc_sock_path)
vty_out(vty, " mncc external %s%s", gsmnet->mncc_sock_path, VTY_NEWLINE);
vty_out(vty, " mncc guard-timeout %i%s",
gsmnet->mncc_guard_timeout, VTY_NEWLINE);
vty_out(vty, " %sassign-tmsi%s",
@ -1451,6 +1472,8 @@ void msc_vty_init(struct gsm_network *msc_network)
install_element(CONFIG_NODE, &cfg_msc_cmd);
install_node(&msc_node, config_write_msc);
install_element(MSC_NODE, &cfg_msc_assign_tmsi_cmd);
install_element(MSC_NODE, &cfg_msc_mncc_internal_cmd);
install_element(MSC_NODE, &cfg_msc_mncc_external_cmd);
install_element(MSC_NODE, &cfg_msc_mncc_guard_timeout_cmd);
install_element(MSC_NODE, &cfg_msc_deprecated_mncc_guard_timeout_cmd);
install_element(MSC_NODE, &cfg_msc_no_assign_tmsi_cmd);

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@ -76,6 +76,13 @@ struct gsm_network *gsm_network_init(void *ctx, mncc_recv_cb_t mncc_recv)
return net;
void gsm_network_set_mncc_sock_path(struct gsm_network *net, const char *mncc_sock_path)
if (net->mncc_sock_path)
net->mncc_sock_path = mncc_sock_path ? talloc_strdup(net, mncc_sock_path) : NULL;
/* Receive a SAPI-N-REJECT from BSC */
void ran_conn_sapi_n_reject(struct ran_conn *conn, int dlci)

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@ -573,11 +573,20 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
return 1;
/* Initialize MNCC socket if appropriate */
/* Initialize MNCC socket if appropriate. If the cmdline option -M is present, it overrides the .cfg file
* setting 'msc' / 'mncc external MNCC_SOCKET_PATH'. Note that when -M is given, it "bleeds" back into the vty
* 'write' command and is reflected in the written out 'mncc external' cfg. */
if (msc_cmdline_config.mncc_sock_path) {
"MNCC socket path is configured from commandline argument -M."
" This affects a written-back config file. Instead consider using the config file directly"
" ('msc' / 'mncc external MNCC_SOCKET_PATH').\n");
gsm_network_set_mncc_sock_path(msc_network, msc_cmdline_config.mncc_sock_path);
if (msc_network->mncc_sock_path) {
msc_network->mncc_recv = mncc_sock_from_cc;
rc = mncc_sock_init(msc_network,
if (rc) {
fprintf(stderr, "MNCC socket initialization failed. exiting.\n");

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@ -30,6 +30,8 @@ OsmoMSC(config)# msc
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# list
mncc internal
mncc external MNCC_SOCKET_PATH
mncc guard-timeout <0-255>
no assign-tmsi
auth-tuple-max-reuse-count <-1-2147483647>
@ -46,6 +48,29 @@ OsmoMSC(config-msc)# list
mgw bts-base <0-65534>
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# mncc?
mncc Configure Mobile Network Call Control
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# mncc ?
internal Use internal MNCC handler (default; changes need a program restart)
external Use external MNCC handler (changes need a program restart)
guard-timeout Set global guard timer for mncc interface activity
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# mncc external ?
MNCC_SOCKET_PATH File system path to create the MNCC unix domain socket at
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# mncc external /path/not/used
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# show running-config
mncc external /path/not/used
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# mncc internal
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# show running-config
... ! mncc external
OsmoMSC(config-msc)# exit
OsmoMSC(config)# mncc-int
OsmoMSC(config-mncc-int)# list