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Patch-set: 28
Status: merged
Tag: autogenerated:gerrit:merged
Reviewer: Gerrit User 1000159 <1000159@035e6965-6537-41bd-912c-053f3cf69326>
Label: SUBM=+1
Submission-id: 28840-SMPP
Submitted-with: OK
Submitted-with: OK: Code-Review: Gerrit User 1000028 <1000028@035e6965-6537-41bd-912c-053f3cf69326>
Submitted-with: OK: Verified: Gerrit User 1000002 <1000002@035e6965-6537-41bd-912c-053f3cf69326>
Attention: {"person_ident":"Gerrit User 1000159 \u003c1000159@035e6965-6537-41bd-912c-053f3cf69326\u003e","operation":"REMOVE","reason":"Change was submitted"}
Gerrit User 1000159 2022-09-26 06:28:54 +00:00 committed by Gerrit Code Review
parent e5313ffe4b
commit 7b37dbdc38

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