manuals: remove deprecated -C / --no-dbcounter options

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@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ arguments:
*osmo-msc* [-h|-V] [-d 'DBGMASK'] [-D] [-c 'CONFIGFILE'] [-s] [-T] [-e 'LOGLEVEL'] [-l 'DATABASE'] [-M 'SOCKETPATH'] [-C]
*osmo-msc* [-h|-V] [-d 'DBGMASK'] [-D] [-c 'CONFIGFILE'] [-s] [-T] [-e 'LOGLEVEL'] [-l 'DATABASE'] [-M 'SOCKETPATH']
@ -42,9 +42,6 @@ arguments:
<<mncc>> for further information.
*-m, --mncc-sock*::
Same as option -M (deprecated).
*-C, --no-dbcounter*::
Deprecated. DB statistics and counter has been removed.
This option is only valid for compatibility and does nothing.
=== Multiple instances