catch GSUP auth result without auth_fsm

When a vlr_subscr receives an Send Auth Info result, properly check whether the
subscriber has an auth_fsm.

Before, a missing auth_fsm would crash osmo-msc with:

    vlr.c:762 Trying to dispatch event 1 to non-existent FSM instance!

Related: OS#4191
Change-Id: I1995d8f68cfde1140968fb9a97bd054de950de2e
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Neels Hofmeyr 2019-09-16 18:07:54 +02:00 committed by neels
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commit 1bfe0e1cd1
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@ -757,6 +757,12 @@ static int vlr_subscr_handle_sai_res(struct vlr_subscr *vsub,
struct osmo_fsm_inst *auth_fi = vsub->auth_fsm;
void *data = (void *) gsup;
if (!auth_fi) {
LOGVSUBP(LOGL_ERROR, vsub, "Received GSUP %s, but there is no auth_fsm\n",
return -1;
switch (gsup->message_type) {
osmo_fsm_inst_dispatch(auth_fi, VLR_AUTH_E_HLR_SAI_ACK, data);