tests: Fix VTY results after switch to newer libosmo-mgcp-client

In this case we are fine with simply updating test result because anyway
ABI breakage in some libosmo-mgcp-client structs was needed, so new
versions of osmo-msc will require new versions of libosmo-mgcp-client.

Change-Id: I1fbdb95f71d3b9a2dc88e1ba79892ae16485aa99
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Pau Espin 2020-09-09 13:18:38 +02:00
parent f9c76e3aa2
commit 047c5d9dc8
2 changed files with 3 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -9,3 +9,4 @@
#library what description / commit summary line
manual needs common chapter cs7-config.adoc, vty_cpu_sched.adoc from osmo-gsm-manuals > 0.3.0
osmo-msc Mobile Identity Coding OsmoMSC is stricter in rejecting invalid coding of Mobile Identity IEs
libmosmo-mgcp-client needs osmo-mgw.git > 1.7.0 (8667d5169df8d06e10ee3f3104e4cd533d15ac57), ABI break due to struct size in mgcp_conn_peer and mgcp_response

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@ -72,9 +72,9 @@ OsmoMSC(config-msc)# list
neighbor (a|iu) cgi <0-999> <0-999> <0-65535> <0-65535> (ran-pc|msc-ipa-name) RAN_PC_OR_MSC_IPA_NAME
no neighbor (a|iu) (ran-pc|msc-ipa-name) RAN_PC_OR_MSC_IPA_NAME
timer [(vlr|mgw|mncc|sccp|geran|utran|sgs)] [TNNNN] [(<0-2147483647>|default)]
mgw local-ip A.B.C.D
mgw local-ip (A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X)
mgw local-port <0-65535>
mgw remote-ip A.B.C.D
mgw remote-ip (A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X)
mgw remote-port <0-65535>