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osmo-msc (1.5.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Max ]
* Handle LCLS-NOTIFICATION message from BSS
* Various logging fixes
* VLR tests: use msgb_eq_data_print() for comparison
* transaction: drop meaningless ti_flag of trans_assign_trans_id()
* transaction: clarify magic 0xff transaction ID
[ Vadim Yanitskiy ]
* transaction.c: cosmetic: use 'default' branch in trans_free()
* libmsc/ran_conn.c: cosmetic: use tabs instead of N * 8 spaces
* transaction: change arguments of trans_find_by_sm_rp_mr()
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: also assign SM-RP-MR to MO transactions
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: introduce and use gsm411_assign_sm_rp_mr()
* libmsc/gsm_04_80.c: use gsm0480_create_release_complete()
* libmsc/gsm_04_80.c: add msc_send_ussd_release_complete_cause()
* libmsc/osmo_msc.c: move connection ref-counting code to 'ran_conn.c'
* transaction: fix description of trans_assign_trans_id()
* transaction.h: use #pragma once as include guard
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: implement guard timer for NCSS sessions
* libmsc/ran_conn.c: add missing 'break' to OSMO_RAT_EUTRAN_SGS
* libmsc/sgs_iface.c: fix SGS_STATE_NS11 counter reference
* libmsc/sgs_vty.c: always write server address and VLR name
* libmsc/msc_vty.c: drop dead comparison against null
* libmsc/sgs_iface.c: fix copy-paste error
* libmsc/sgs_iface.c: register sgs_vlr_reset_fsm on DSO load
* libmsc/sgs_vty.c: don't print SGs socket error twice
* libmsc: fix: properly initialize the SGs server
* libmsc/sms_queue.c: fix memleak in smsq_take_next_sms()
* tests/sms_queue: track the use of NULL talloc memory contexts
* msc/gsm_data.h: drop unused SMS_HDR_SIZE macro
* configure.ac: drop rudimentary check for -fvisibility=hidden
* configure.ac: drop useless SQLite3 dependency
* libmsc/db.c: print info about database name and libdbi version
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: clarify implicit CP-ACK handling
* libmsc/ran_peer.c: fix msgb memleak in ran_peer_rx_reset()
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: properly handle TP-User-Data-Length
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: fix double init of both SMR and SMC FSMs
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: cosmetic: restructure gsm411_mm_send()
* libmsc/gsm_04_08.c: fix: print proper length value
* libmsc/gsm_04_08.c: refactor CM Service Request parsing
* libmsc/gsm_04_08.c: clarify IMEI rejection in gsm48_rx_mm_serv_req()
* libmsc/gsm_04_11_gsup.c: cosmetic: drop useless variable
* tests/.../Makefile.am avoid redundant linkage with librt
* libmsc/sgs_server.c: do not override rc in case of SCTP_SHUTDOWN_EVENT
* libmsc/msc_ho.c: fix unreacheable check of MSC-T role allocation
* libmsc/msc_a.c: fix possible NULL-pointer dereferences
* sms_queue_test: assert return value of osmo_use_count_get_put()
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: fix NULL-pointer dereference in gsm340_rx_tpdu()
* libmsc/ran_msg_a.c: avoid ternary operator in struct initialization
* libmsc/ran_msg_a.c: refactor ran_a_decode_lcls_notification()
* libmsc/ran_msg_a.c: prevent chosen_encryption->key buffer overrun
* libmsc/mncc_call.c: fix uninitialized access of stack memory
* libmsc/ran_peer.c: fix msgb memleaks in ran_peer_down_paging()
* libmsc/ran_peer.c: avoid unreasonable use of goto in ran_peer_down_paging()
* libmsc/msc_vty.c: fix: use msub_for_vsub() in subscr_dump_full_vty()
* libmsc/msc_vty.c: fix documentation of 'show subscriber id'
* libmsc/msc_vty.c: use llist_count() in subscr_dump_full_vty()
* libmsc/rtp_stream.c: prevent NULL-pointer dereference
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: properly handle MMTS indication
* transaction: accept trans_type enum in trans_log_subsys()
* Use GSM23003_MSISDN_MAX_DIGITS from libosmogsm
* libmsc/msc_vty.c: refactor 'show subscr / conn / trans' commands
* libmsc/msc_vty.c: do not abuse strlen() to check char buffers
* tests: share stubs.h from msc_vlr_test as stubs.c
* Introduce initial unit test for db_sms_* API
* libmsc/db.c: fix storing SMS with empty TP-User-Data
* debian/control: add missing libdbd-sqlite3 to Build-Depends
* libmsc/db.c: fix potential integer overflow
* libmsc/db.c: introduce and use parse_sm_ud_from_result()
* libmsc/db.c: warn user about SMS text truncation
* libmsc/db.c: get rid of hard-coded SMS expiry threshold
* libmsc/mncc_builtin.c: drop dummy switch in int_mncc_recv()
* libmsc/gsm_0(4|9)_11_gsup.c: print error message if subscr is not known
* gsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not override IMSI
* gsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not omit session IEs
* gsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not omit message class IE
* gsup_client_mux_tx_error_reply(): fix: do not omit SM-RP-MR IE
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: fix: return trans from establish_nc_ss_trans()
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: send GSUP PROS_SS ERROR message when needed
* libmsc/gsm_04_08.c: clean up unused leftover includes
* libmsc/msc_a.c: fix: remove dummy allstate_action of msc_a_fsm
* libmsc/paging.c: avoid double zero-initialization
* libmsc/paging.c: cosmetic: actually use default branch of switch
* libmsc/paging.c: cosmetic: remove leading space in log line
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: do not abuse LOG_TRANS() and early trans allocation
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: log network-originated session establishment error
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: drop rudimentary vsub->cgi.lai.lac check
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: drop meaningless check for concurrent paging
* libmsc/msc_net_init.c: pass pointer to gsm_network directly
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: inform HLR/EUSE if Paging has failed
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: properly handle OSMO_GSUP_MSGT_PROC_SS_ERROR
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: avoid double zero-initialization of gsup_msg
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: fix broken reference counting for vsub
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: do not abuse LOG_TRANS() in gsm0911_rcv_nc_ss()
* libmsc/gsm_09_11.c: do not suppress rc of gsup_client_mux_tx()
* tests/msc_vlr: fix: do not pass RAT type to expect_bssap_clear()
* libvlr/vlr.c: do not expire subscribers if periodic LU is disabled
* gsm_04_11_gsup.c: fix broken reference counting for vsub
* libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: do not abuse LOG_TRANS() in gsm411_alloc_mt_trans()
* libmsc/ran_msg_iu.c: fix: properly handle SAPI IE of RANAP_DirectTransfer
* Fix: add missing semicolons to OSMO_ASSERT statements
* libmsc/msc_vty.c: print subscriber expiration time
[ Harald Welte ]
* Add SGs Interface
* debian: depend on libsctp-dev
* configure.ac: Check for libsctp
* a_iface: Centralize/wrap BSSAP / N-DATA transmission
* a_iface: use 'const' qualifier for ran_conn whenever possible
* a_iface: Fix hexdumping of N-DATA.req
* a_iface: OSMO_ASSERT() if we ever want to send BSSAP with invalid length
* smpp_smsc: Call destroy_tlv() when using build_tlv()
* smpp: Make libsmpp34 use talloc for its allocations
* msub_check_for_release(): Initialize msc_role_a_c
* SMPP: Don't accept password or system-id exceeding spec length
* Iu: Send SMS over SAPI-3
[ Philipp Maier ]
* a_iface: Include CSFB Indication into BSSMAP CLEAR COMMAND
* silent_call: use osmo_strlcpy() instead of strncpy()
* msc_vty: add missing header file
* vlr_sgs: fix SGs IMSI detech from non EPS services
* vlr_sgs: start lu expiration timer on sgs eps detach
* sgs_iface: fix nullpointer dereference
* vlr_sgs_fsm: make sure vsub is marked used when LA is present
* sgs_iface: detect and react to VLR/HLR failure
[ Oliver Smith ]
* debian: depend on libdbd-sqlite3
* vlr_lu_fsm.c: assert for invalid events
* vty: make retrieve-imeisv-early configurable
* vlr: fix IMEI length
* vlr: when setting IMEISV, also set IMEI
* vlr: optionally send IMEI early to HLR
* debian: create -doc subpackage with pdf manuals
* contrib/jenkins.sh: run "make maintainer-clean"
* vlr_lu_fsm.c: don't send LU reject twice
[ Keith ]
* Don't deliver alert notifications to ESME not yet bound.
* Write configuration correctly from vty (alert notifications)
[ Neels Hofmeyr ]
* use only accepted ran_conns for new transactions
* gsm_04_11_gsup.c: drop unused conn lookup
* SMS queue: properly log failed attempts number
* vty: add cmd subscriber ID sms delete-all
* vlr_subscr_name(): use OSMO_STRBUF
* enable osmo_fsm_term_safely(), apply logging changes
* sms queue: avoid repeated Paging for a failed SMS
* vlr_subscr: use osmo_use_count
* add LOG_TRANS, proper context for all transactions
* gsm_04_08_cc: improve logging for CC trans
* smpp: fix vlr_subscr use count bugs
* vlr subscr get/put: also check against NULL
* fix various missing line endings in logging
* gsm_04_11: use gsm48_decode_bcd_number2(), evaluate rc
* large refactoring: support inter-BSC and inter-MSC Handover
* GSUP: include terminating nul in inter-MSC source/destination name
* rename bscconfig.h to config.h, cleanup
* fix regression: fix internal MNCC operation
* vty/cfg: add missing write-back of inter-BSC and inter-MSC HO config
* comment: apply function renames to message cycle explanation
* ran_a_make_handover_request(): allow no encryption
* make msc_a_vsub() and others NULL-safe
* no HO call forwarding if no RTP stream
* LOG_TRANS: store subsys in trans, unify USSD logging back to DMM
* call_leg: remove unused event MSC_EV_CALL_LEG_RTP_RELEASED
* call_leg: document the parent_event_* items
* add DSS logging category
* silence error messages about HANDOVER_END not permitted
* build osmo-msc: add "missing" LIBASN1C_LIBS
* minor comments in msc_vty.c
* manual: adjust and fix auth and ciph docs
* do not force encryption on UTRAN
* add msc_vlr tests for UMTS without ciphering
* doc/sequence_charts/mncc_fsm.msc: add SIP messages, tweak
* doc/sequence_charts: fix naming of mncc_fsm to mncc_call
* vlr_lu_fsm: fix missing event for IMEISV
[ Sylvain Munaut ]
* libmsc: Allow different channel types to be requested as silent calls
* libvlr: Allow 2G auth tuples to be re-used without going through AUTH
* make LOG_TRANS() NULL-safe again
[ Pau Espin Pedrol ]
* debian/control: Fix typo
* sms_queue: Print dest msisdn instead of unknown subscriber
* ran_peer: Move rx_reset_ack logic into its own func
* vty: Add option to enable osmux towards BSCs
* bssap: Detect BSC Osmux support on RESET (ACK) recv
* a_iface: Announce Osmux support on RESET (ACK) send
* Request Osmux CID and forward it in Assign Req and Assign Compl
* db: Fix call to mempcy with NULL src ptr
* db_sms_test: Do not print exact memcmp result
* db_sms_test: Remove libdbi expected driver load errors
* sms_queue.c: Improve misleading log line
* doc: Add Osmux documentation to User Manual
* Remove undefined param passed to logging_vty_add_cmds
* Fix dependency version requirements
[ Omar Ramadan ]
* Allow MME name preformatted as FQDN in SGsAP
[ Alexander Couzens ]
* remove msc specific db counters
* replace osmo_counter with stat_items
[ Eric Wild ]
* libvlr: fix sgsn tmsi creation, replace constant with define
* turn -Werror=null-dereference into a warning
[ Daniel Willmann ]
* manuals: Add script to update vty/counter documentation from docker
* manuals: Update counter/vty documentation
* manuals: Include overview chapter about counters
[ Thorsten Alteholz ]
* fix spelling detected by lintian
[ Keith Whyte ]
* Set coding in mncc_set_cause()
-- Pau Espin Pedrol <pespin@sysmocom.de> Thu, 08 Aug 2019 16:01:38 +0200
osmo-msc (1.3.1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Neels Hofmeyr ]