Osmocom Media Gateway (RTP proxy and RTP/E1 gateway) https://osmocom.org/projects/osmo-mgw
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Neels Hofmeyr d8c2f31a87 AMR->IuUP: do not crash on AMR data before IuUP Init
When translating AMR to IuUP, when AMR data arrives before the IuUP side
has negotiated an IuUP Initialization, do not crash osmo-mgw, but return
failure and drop the AMR packet.

As soon as IuUP Initialization occured and RFCIs are defined, the AMR
starts to pass through to the IuUP side.

Related: SYS#5092
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About OsmoMGW

OsmoMGW originated from the OpenBSC project, which started as a minimalistic
all-in-one implementation of the GSM Network. In 2017, OpenBSC had reached
maturity and diversity (including M3UA SIGTRAN and 3G support in the form of
IuCS and IuPS interfaces) that naturally lead to a separation of the all-in-one
approach to fully independent separate programs as in typical GSM networks.

OsmoMGW was one of the parts split off from the old openbsc.git. It originated
as a solution to merely navigate RTP streams through a NAT, but has since
matured to a Media Gateway implementation that is capable of streaming RTP for
2G (AoIP) and 3G (IuCS) GSM networks as well as (still not implemented at time
of writing) transcoding between TRAU, various RTP payloads and IuUP.

The OsmoMGW program exposes an MGCP interface towards clients like OsmoMSC and
OsmoBSC, and receives and sends RTP streams as configured via MGCP.

The libosmo-mgcp-client library exposes utilities used by e.g. OsmoMSC (found
in osmo-msc.git) to instruct OsmoMGW via its MGCP service.

Find OsmoMGW issue tracker and wiki online at