Pau Espin 563386e8bb mgcp-client: Add keepalive feature
The `keepalive` feature in libosmo-mgcp-client allows scheduling periodical
queries on the MGCP layer in order to make sure it is reachable and hence
obtain information on the state of the MGCP link.
This patch only uses it to print the status on the VTY, but it will be used
too in a follow-up commit by the MGW Pool when picking an MGW from the pool:
MGWs whose link is considered to be DOWN are skipped.

The feature consists of:
- A `keepalive request-interval` which will trigger a transmission of an MGCP
  AuditEndpoint command targeting endpoint with name `keepalive request-endpoint`.
  This interval is updated every time any message is transmitted in the MGCP
  link, meaning the MGCP AuditEndpoint message is only triggered if no message
  has been transmitted since `keepalive request-interval` seconds ago.
- A `keepalive timeout` considering the MGW to be non-reachable (link DOWN) if
  no message is received over that amount of time.

The `keepalive` parameters are to be preferrably configured so that
"keepalive request-interval" * 2 < "keepalive timeout".

Example VTY configuration of `keepalive` feature in libosmo-mgcp-client:
 mgw 0
  keepalive request-interval 20 <1>
  keepalive request-endpoint null <2>
  keepalive timeout 50 <3>

<1> Transmit an MGCP AuditEndpoint message to the MGW if no message has been
    sent to it over last 10 seconds
<2> The MGCP AuditEndpoint targets the `null` endpoint. This is a special
    endpoint available at OsmoMGW for those purposes, but any available
    endpoint can be configured and used instead.
<3> Consider the MGCP link to be DOWN if no message is received from the
    MGW over the last 50 seconds

NOTE: The `keepalive` feature is disabled by default, and must be explicitly
      configured in order to enable it.

Related: SYS#6481
Change-Id: I3dc74c78548d017f272da863d5282dc5e0020ca3
2023-06-15 16:46:46 +02:00
mgcp mgw: Allow auditing speciall 'null' endpoint 2023-06-15 11:08:50 +02:00
mgcp_client mgcp-client: Add keepalive feature 2023-06-15 16:46:46 +02:00
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