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iuup: Check for IuUP Initialization retrans

Since libosmocore.git Change-Id
I5cb740702805693cc7f0a550e2e093f9bfdd507c, the IuUP stack can send INIT
event more than once, it sends one each time an IuUP Initialization
message is received.
This is done since potentially a peer could send an Initialization
message at any time with a different subflow size configuration. So
ideally we should update all osmo-mgw state regarding codecs, and
forward the Init starting the procedure on the other conn of the
However, this scenario is most probably not going to happen right now
and it would be a lot of work to implement and test,
and subsequent INITs we received will almost surely come from
retransmissions of the initial Initialization message, which means
content will not really change.
Hence, it makes sense to simply drop the receive message (the IuUP stack
already takes care of re-ACKing it) and let the endpoint state continue
with its ongoing procedures.

Related: SYS#4705
Change-Id: Ib97bc6f57d265622e24a776b96f0a82c25d33d39
Pau Espin 3 weeks ago
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@ -365,13 +365,22 @@ static int _conn_iuup_rx_rnl_status_init(struct mgcp_conn_rtp *conn_rtp_src, str
int rc = 0;
struct msgb *msg;
/* Find RFCI containing NO_DATA: */
conn_rtp_src->iuup.rfci_id_no_data = _find_rfci_no_data(irp);
if (conn_rtp_src->iuup.init_ind) {
/* We received more than one IuUP Initialization. It's probably
* a retransmission, so simply ignore it (lower layers take care
* of ACKing it). */
LOGPCONN(conn_rtp_src->conn, DRTP, LOGL_INFO,
"Ignoring potential IuUP Initialization retrans\n");
return 0;
msg = msgb_copy_c(conn_rtp_src->conn, irp->oph.msg, "iuup-init-copy");
conn_rtp_src->iuup.init_ind = (struct osmo_iuup_rnl_prim *)msgb_data(msg);
conn_rtp_src->iuup.init_ind->oph.msg = msg;
/* Find RFCI containing NO_DATA: */
conn_rtp_src->iuup.rfci_id_no_data = _find_rfci_no_data(irp);
conn_dst = _find_dst_conn(conn_rtp_src->conn);
/* If not yet there, peer will potentially be IuUP-Initialized later
* when we attempt to bridge audio towards it. See bridge_iuup_to_iuup_peer() */