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Pau Espin f5a5e01feb Bump version: → 1.3.0
Change-Id: I7da0cc95d7b1a7198f1ae5ad5a4c0174dfd7381d
2022-06-28 18:59:56 +02:00
Pau Espin 0ac9844c92 Drop no longer needed systemd config in build system
It was only used to install osmo-hnbgw, which is no longer there.

Change-Id: Idae258d895d8b25dbbfb5e9bb4386997475a71dd
2022-01-07 13:39:53 +00:00
Pau Espin e91b57d963 Drop osmo-hnbgw
OsmoHNBGW is now available in its own repository osmo-hnbgw.git.

Change-Id: I4e17c578b432f0c997ea4e13b1c468b112278854
2022-01-04 18:59:46 +01:00
Pau Espin ef1b61fc6c Bump version: → 0.8.0
Change-Id: Ibbef3cc3bf1f468309e73f5dda497dca1a03c815
2021-11-16 17:13:10 +01:00
Oliver Smith e321f0f77f contrib/osmo-iuh.spec: fix missing ldconfig lines
Fix build failure on various openSUSE distributions in OBS, where
rpmlint runs after the build and complains about these missing
post/postun scriptlets.

Fix for:
  libosmo-hnbap0.x86_64: E: library-without-ldconfig-postin (Badness: 300) /usr/lib64/
  (none): E: badness 1200 exceeds threshold 1000, aborting.

Related: SYS#5516
Change-Id: I898aa67dbc7deaa9a8235f508a34dd29cc83b385
2021-11-03 09:22:54 +01:00
Oliver Smith 6a77d1ffa5 contrib/ fix header packaging
Fix the conflict from having %{_includedir}/* in multiple packages by
replacing it with the correct subdir path.

Fix for:
  found conflict of libosmo-hnbap-devel- with libosmo-ranap-devel-
    - /usr/include/osmocom/hnbap/Access-stratum-release-indicator.h
    - /usr/include/osmocom/hnbap/AccessResult.h
    - /usr/include/osmocom/hnbap/AdditionalNeighbourInfoList.h

I've verified that it builds again in my own OBS namespace.

Related: SYS#5516
Fixes: 35f2bd ("Provide libosmo-hnbap as a public shared library")
Fixes: dba8b0 ("Provide libosmo-rua as a public shared library")
Change-Id: Ia401caf01fa9ea351f811d7c22a04ccff556d6bc
2021-10-26 09:21:02 +02:00
Pau Espin dba8b0c334 Provide libosmo-rua as a public shared library
It is needed by the new osmo-hnodeb project.

Related: SYS#5516
Change-Id: I8b800baacbfe3a3c424c51b418b5ac2e2848b3ba
2021-10-22 15:43:17 +02:00
Pau Espin 35f2bd60ae Provide libosmo-hnbap as a public shared library
It is needed by the new osmo-hnodeb project.

Related: SYS#5516
Change-Id: I0d0862e9d59d3b206f3f7dfae4b39ae4032bb762
2021-10-22 15:42:27 +02:00
Pau Espin c1385f2986 Bump version: → 0.7.0
Change-Id: I3b592c39646a77681efde5debb5ac2a844208949
2021-02-23 20:11:59 +01:00
Oliver Smith 70abda0ab2 contrib: integrate RPM spec
Remove OpenSUSE bug report link, set version to @VERSION@, make it build
with CentOS 8 etc.

Related: OS#4550
Change-Id: Ibec1a22952ecfb0578bb4611e65ad819f5984fd8
2020-05-20 08:50:55 +00:00