Replace .PHONY rules generates three files.  Try to teach the makefile that
all three of them depend on the .asn source file to ensure they're
re-built whenever the .asn source file changes.
Harald Welte 2015-12-18 17:33:49 +01:00
parent f8db61b554
commit de9055f142
1 changed files with 3 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -12,14 +12,14 @@ hnbgw_SOURCES = hnbap_encoder.c hnbap_decoder.c rua_encoder.c rua_decoder.c rana
hnbgw_LDADD = $(OSMOCORE_LIBS) $(OSMOVTY_LIBS) $(OSMOGSM_LIBS) $(ASN1C_LIBS) $(COMMON_LDADD) hnbap/libosmo-asn1-hnbap.a rua/libosmo-asn1-rua.a ranap/libosmo-asn1-ranap.a
.PHONY: hnbap_encoder.c
hnbap_encoder.c hnbap_decoder.c hnbap_ies_defs.h: $(ASN1_ROOT)/hnbap/HNBAP-PDU-Contents.asn
hnbap_encoder.c : $(ASN1_ROOT)/hnbap/HNBAP-PDU-Contents.asn
.PHONY: rua_encoder.c
rua_encoder.c rua_decoder.c rua_ies_defs.h: $(ASN1_ROOT)/rua/RUA-PDU-Contents.asn
rua_encoder.c : $(ASN1_ROOT)/rua/RUA-PDU-Contents.asn
$(ASN1TOSTRUCT) -p RUA_ -f $<
.PHONY: ranap_encoder.c
ranap_encoder.c rua_decoder.c rua_ies_defs.h : $(ASN1_ROOT)/ranap/RANAP-PDU-Contents.asn
ranap_encoder.c : $(ASN1_ROOT)/ranap/RANAP-PDU-Contents.asn