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Neels Hofmeyr 90928fb246 systemd,manual: set LimitNOFILE=65536
A typical OS imposed limit is 1024 open FD, which is too low when there
are thousands of HNB.

In systemd service file, set a super high limit of 65536.

In osmo-hnbgw's user manual, add section 'Configure limits' describing
this in detail.

Related: OS#6256
Related: osmo-bsc I26c4058484b11ff1d035a919bf88824c3af14e71
Change-Id: I5333765199cf9e3e5a570f85b85d2b7423d34a4d
2023-12-03 02:21:00 +00:00
Andreas Eversberg fadc67b8fb Use uniform log format for default config files
Related: OS#6272
Change-Id: I10bfc4150e10cac048f320641c040fa300f734c4
2023-12-01 11:53:41 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr d482f8666c cfg: add 'hnbgw' / 'plmn MCC MNC'
According to 3GPP TS 25.413, "The RNC shall include the Global
RNC-ID IE in the RESET message." To be able to do that, osmo-hnbgw needs
to know the local PLMN.

Introduce explicit knowledge of the local PLMN by config, and use this
configured local PLMN in places where the local PLMN was so far derived

Subsequent patches will separately add the RNC-ID to the RANAP RESET

Since the PLMN is required to send correct RESET and RESET ACK, include
the new 'plmn' config item in all example configurations.

Related: SYS#6441
Change-Id: If404c3859acdfba274c719c7cb7d16f97d831a2a
2023-06-21 04:16:13 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 6563e11731 doc/examples/osmo-hnbgw/osmo-hnbgw-cnpool.cfg
Change-Id: I932eca7489f29eab23d180cd6d1216d26c62dd30
2023-06-16 04:07:24 +02:00
Pau Espin d6b0217c33 tests: Update *.vty after libosmo-sccp VTY improvements
After recent change, libosmo-sccp is always printing the "role" config.

Depends: libosmo-sccp.git Change-Id Ie81987265118e48173211f88b27a006115dc62d4
Change-Id: I316cd26ceb97f2ccfd1065d65177e7d3926625b0
2023-06-08 19:31:42 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr a49b265226 cnpool: examples and config tests: use 'msc 0'/'sgsn 0' syntax
After recent introduction of multiple 'msc' and 'sgsn' nodes in the
VTY config, switch cfg files to the new syntax:
- in doc/examples
- for 'make config-tests'
  - have one test in old config syntax to test backwards compat:
    'legacy', an exact copy of 'one_cs7_with_addrs'.

Related: SYS#6412
Change-Id: If999b71a8a8237699f6ccfcaa31d1885e66c0518
2023-06-02 17:11:25 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 9901316371 cnpool: add multiple 'msc' and 'sgsn' cfg (use only the first)
Allow configuring multiple MSCs and SGSNs. Show this in new transcript
test cnpool.vty and in chart.

Still use only the first CN link; actual CN link selection from the pool
follows in I66fba27cfbe6e2b27ee3443718846ecfbbd8a974.

Config examples and VTY tests cfg files will be adjusted to the new cfg
syntax in patch If999b71a8a8237699f6ccfcaa31d1885e66c0518. Only the VTY
write() changes are visible here, to pass all transcript tests.

Related: SYS#6412
Change-Id: I5479eded786ec26062d49403a8be12967f113cdb
2023-06-02 17:11:22 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr f3caea850b cnpool: allow separate cs7 for IuPS and IuCS
Prepare for CN pooling; allow using separate SS7 instances for IuCS and

New struct hnbgw_sccp_user describes a RANAP SCCP user, one per cs7.
Limit struct hnbgw_cnlink to describing a CN peer, using whichever SCCP
instance that is indicated by hnbgw_sccp_user.

Chart shows the changes made.

Related: SYS#6412
Change-Id: Iea1824f1c586723d989c80a909bae16bd2866e08
2023-06-01 01:41:35 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr e96b52b158 charts: add
Show current use of SCCP and SS7 by osmo-hnbgw, which is about to
change (along with this chart).

Related: SYS#6422
Change-Id: I109948758de998326a5e9f0dcdc84d5f11dfba02
2023-05-31 04:45:13 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr ab9d5364cb add doc/examples/osmo-hnbgw/osmo-hnbgw-cs7.cfg
We have not a single example yet showing point code and SCCP address
configuration. Add this example, which will also show how the config
file syntax changes while introducing CN pooling in upcoming patches.

Related: SYS#6412
Change-Id: I42c3b434a7339cc3efb27b43c893cfb734de9ca4
2023-05-26 23:23:21 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr aa99546d23 immediately SCCP RLSD on HNB re-register
The RUA side may disconnect
a) gracefully (RUA Disconnect with RANAP IU Release Complete) or
b) by detecting that the HNB is gone / has restarted

For a), the SCCP side waits for a RLSD from the CN that follows the IU
Release Complete.
For b), we so far also wait for a RLSD from CN, which will never come,
and only after a timeout send an SCCP RLSD to the CN.

Instead, for b), immediately send an SCCP RLSD.

To distinguish between the graceful release (a) and the disruptive
release (b), add new state MAP_RUA_ST_DISRUPTED on the RUA side,
and add new event MAP_SCCP_EV_RAN_LINK_LOST for the SCCP side.

Any non-graceful disconnect of RUA enters ST_DISRUPTED.
disrupted_onenter() dispatches EV_RAN_LINK_LOST to SCCP,
and SCCP directly sends RLSD to the CN without timeout.

These changes are also shown in doc/charts/hnbgw_context_map.msc.

Change-Id: I4e78617ad39bb73fe92097c8a1a8069da6a7f6a1
2023-05-26 23:23:21 +02:00
Pau Espin 8111b89fd9 manuals: include osmo-gsm-manual's sigtran.adoc
Prepend it to the cs7 config .adoc, so that it introduces some concepts
and specifies some limitations of current implementation, etc.

Change-Id: I9faef2dd15b62814e474299c675c2cb05b779c44
2023-05-26 14:03:48 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr e67c4b324c add design charts for new context map FSMs
Planning new connection-oriented RUA and SCCP FSMs to
- conquer confusion about hnbgw_context_map release behavior, and
- eradicate SCCP connection leaks.

Related: SYS#6297
Change-Id: I661bf65d79972a732c52732934095e8bfcd99694
2023-02-23 02:03:20 +01:00
Pau Espin 0e03070789 doc: Include mgwpool.adoc from osmo-gsm-manuals
This way we document the recently gained support for MGW pooling.

Related: SYS#5987
Depends: osmo-gsm-manuals.git Change-Id Ieda0d4bfe6fc90da6e19c791d8ec2da89427ba3b
Change-Id: I3dc8a4b50f13ad50390ba82e64fe4ebe0b97d4e5
2022-10-20 17:15:16 +02:00
Pau Espin e62af4d46a Introduce support for libosmo-mgcp-client MGW pooling
Large RAN installations may benefit from distributing the RTP voice
stream load over multiple media gateways.

libosmo-mgcp-client supports MGW pooling since version 1.8.0 (more than
one year ago). OsmoBSC has already been making use of it since then (see
osmo-bsc.git 8d22e6870637ed6d392a8a77aeaebc51b23a8a50); lets use this
feature in osmo-hngw too.

This commit is also part of a series of patches cleaning up
libosmo-mgcp-client and slowly getting rid of the old non-mgw-pooled VTY
configuration, in order to keep only 1 way to configure
libosmo-mgcp-client through VTY.

Related: SYS#5091
Related: SYS#5987
Change-Id: I371dc773b58788ee21037dc25d77f556c89c6b61
2022-10-20 17:03:06 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 9f654da0aa example cfg: tweak logging
Change-Id: Idaf75d64d28264a29b67439c6bbcae8ad6981f7e
2022-08-18 16:17:53 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr f7df74fc48 manual: explain the PFCP port
Change-Id: I383befb226caa49e4a2577657806aef1ee11faa3
2022-08-18 16:17:53 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr a0d528ef31 manual: update IuCS/IuPS protocol stack chart
We use SCCP/M3UA now, not SUA.

Change-Id: I4496a6ffdda511875208bebbe68dbc9e69541fc0
2022-08-18 16:17:53 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr d8de11b430 manual: update overview chart with PFCP
Change from ascii art to the dotty chart, taken from the
wiki. No need to keep a separate representation here.

Change-Id: Ifd8843aeb8ff28fec53323c8fb37b10d4d1f2f9b
2022-08-18 16:17:53 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 598ebb6943 manual: add missing bit on the MGCP port
Change-Id: Ic18180793f0c1497b020e5f4a8cd34d6b519b85f
2022-08-18 16:15:36 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 1ce5148996 add example osmo-hnbgw-pfcp.cfg
Change-Id: I62c4935bcc7f684bfe850f88f1b80e8970e0e098
2022-08-18 16:15:36 +02:00
Philipp Maier b5508f98ef osmo-hnbgw.cfg: use local port 2729 as default for MGCP client
There are several osmo processes that talk to osmo-mgw via
osmo-mgcp-client. The sample config for osmo-bsc suggest 2727 and the
sample config for osmo-msc suggests 2728 as local port default. To make
it less likely for users to get port collisions whlie setting up their
networks we should use a different port for osmo-hnbgw. Lets use 2729.

Change-Id: I55179c2bff3e6ef0e54fee6b1b90fc76f541e58e
2022-02-25 15:12:18 +01:00
Philipp Maier 9e46544486 running.adoc: explain MGW configuration
OsmoHNBGW now requires a co-located OsmoMGW instance. Lets add add some
info on how to configure it.

Change-Id: Id47f4f365cee78ce28d1534c4e3e98a59bdb0621
Related: OS#5152
2022-02-24 11:29:09 +01:00
Philipp Maier 7dd3a61b57 overview.adoc: update network diagram
The network diagram in the manual lacks the recently added
co located MGW.

Change-Id: Ica1782a407f6b944aa26748b54055168f5d250c3
Related: OS#5152
2022-02-24 11:28:50 +01:00
Pau Espin dce3870429 Initial structure + import code from osmo-iuh.git
Imported from osmo-iuh.git 9b4de3f401c890fc2c0dfae9e827daaaadd80db0.

Change-Id: I569d221aeb83d352c1621c44c013a0e4c82fc8a8
2022-01-04 19:48:52 +01:00