fix segfault in error handling for mgw_fi == NULL

In mgw_fsm_handle_rab_ass_resp(), a NULL mgw_fi is handled as error,
but the error handling fails to return. The function continues to
dereference mgw_fi. Add missing return.

Related: SYS#5995
Change-Id: I3e98dc3a00145ec1f71c678bbf45debfd4276237
Neels Hofmeyr 2022-06-10 11:39:55 +02:00
parent 2c91bd66a1
commit ff2fbdf998
1 changed files with 1 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -767,6 +767,7 @@ int mgw_fsm_handle_rab_ass_resp(struct hnbgw_context_map *map, struct osmo_prim_
/* Send a release request, to make sure that the MSC is aware of the problem. */
return -1;
mgw_fsm_priv = map->mgw_fi->priv;