packate the new osmo-hnbgw-pfcp.cfg example config file

In I62c4935bcc7f684bfe850f88f1b80e8970e0e098 we added a new example
config file, but didn't actually package it in dpkg or rpm packages
yet.  This also lead to package build failures like:

[   39s] RPM build errors:
[   39s]     Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:
[   39s]    /usr/share/doc/osmo-hnbgw/examples/osmo-hnbgw/osmo-hnbgw-pfcp.cfg

Change-Id: I7c5c346f67f003b2cc5d74e812441c3704b133ef
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Harald Welte 2022-08-21 12:36:21 +02:00 committed by neels
parent d129e0c86e
commit 791babf40e
1 changed files with 1 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -2,3 +2,4 @@ etc/osmocom/osmo-hnbgw.cfg
usr/share/doc/osmo-hnbgw/examples/osmo-hnbgw/osmo-hnbgw.cfg usr/share/doc/osmo-hnbgw/examples
usr/share/doc/osmo-hnbgw/examples/osmo-hnbgw/osmo-hnbgw-pfcp.cfg usr/share/doc/osmo-hnbgw/examples