doc: Include mgwpool.adoc from osmo-gsm-manuals

This way we document the recently gained support for MGW pooling.

Related: SYS#5987
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@ -139,8 +139,25 @@ hnbgw
mgw 0
remote-port 2427
reset-endpoint rtpbridge/*
reset-endpoint rtpbridge/* <1>
<1> The 'reset-endpoint' setting instructs the OsmoMGW to send a wildcarded
DLCX to the media gateway. This helps to clear lingering calls from the
media gateway when the OsmoHNBGW is restarted.
OsmoHNBGW is also able to handle a pool of media gateways for load
distribution. See also <<mgw_pooling>>.
Previous versions of OsmoHNBGW didn't have the 'mgw' VTY node and
hence didn't support the MGW pooling feature. Therefore, historically the MGW
related commands where placed under the `mgcp` VTY node. The MGW related commands
under the `mgcp` VTY are still parsed and used but its use is deprecated and
hence discouraged in favour of the new `mgw` node. Writing the config to a file
from within OsmoHNBGW will automatically convert the config to use the new `mgw`
==== Configure co-located User Plane Function

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@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ include::./common/chapters/logging.adoc[]
// include::{srcdir}/chapters/net.adoc[]
// include::./common/chapters/control_if.adoc[]