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Neels Hofmeyr ab7dc40f16 D-GSM 1/n: add mslookup server in osmo-hlr
Implement the mslookup server to service remote mslookup requests.

This patch merely adds the logic to answer incoming mslookup requests, an
actual method to receive requests (mDNS) follows in a subsequent patch.

- API to configure service names and addresses for the local site (per MSC).
- determine whether a subscriber is on a local MSC
  (checking the local proxy will be added in subsequent patch that adds proxy
- VTY config follows in a subsequent patch.

For a detailed overview of the D-GSM and mslookup related files, please see the
elaborate comment at the top of mslookup.c (already added in an earlier patch).

Change-Id: Ife4a61d71926d08f310a1aeed9d9f1974f64178b
2020-04-30 19:22:24 +02:00