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Oliver Smith bf7deda0fc add libosmo-mslookup abstract client
mslookup is a key concept in Distributed GSM, which allows querying the current
location of a subscriber in a number of cooperating but independent core
network sites, by arbitrary service names and by MSISDN/IMSI.

Add the abstract mslookup client library. An actual lookup method (besides
mslookup_client_fake.c) is added in a subsequent patch.

For a detailed overview of this and upcoming patches, please see the elaborate
comment at the top of mslookup.c.

Add as separate library, libosmo-mslookup, to allow adding D-GSM capability to
arbitrary client programs.

osmo-hlr will be the only mslookup server implementation, added in a subsequent

osmo-hlr itself will also use this library and act as an mslookup client, when
requesting the home HLR for locally unknown IMSIs.

Related: OS#4237
Patch-by: osmith, nhofmeyr
Change-Id: I83487ab8aad1611eb02e997dafbcb8344da13df1
2020-01-10 16:07:40 +00:00