Osmocom GSM Tester, jenkins integrated GSM hardware testing https://osmocom.org/projects/osmo-gsm-tester
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This a real 2G test suite configured and ready to use. The only thing missing is a trial dir containing binaries.

You can point osmo-gsm-tester.py at this config using the '-c $DIR/main.conf' command line argument, where DIR is the directory path where this README file resides.

If you have your trial with binary tar archives in ~/my_trial you can run the suite for example like this:

osmo-gsm-tester.py -c $DIR/main.conf ~/my_trial

Alternatively you can setup this example as default config for your user by doing something like:

mkdir -p ~/.config
ln -s "$DIR" ~/.config/osmo-gsm-tester

A ./state dir will be created to store the current osmo-gsm-tester state. If you prefer not to write to $DIR, set up an own configuration pointing at a different path (see main.conf: 'state_dir').