Vadim Yanitskiy 6bdbcc2446 templates: fix deprecated BTS type: s/sysmobts/osmo-bts/
This change fixes the following deprecation warning:

% BTS type 'sysmobts' is deprecated, use 'type osmo-bts' instead.

Change-Id: Iab1a0d14de5349438e73edfb57be4f7271afbfef
2023-06-21 18:48:58 +07:00
scenarios srs-enb: adds support to the malloc interceptor. 2021-06-11 08:26:58 +02:00
suites 4g-iperf3-bidir: modified the test to parameterize the number of ue in the test. 2021-06-11 08:26:58 +02:00
ttcn3 update git URLs (git -> https; gitea/gerrit) 2022-06-18 12:05:50 +02:00
README.md Cmdline arg -c sets main configuration file (old paths.conf) instead of dir containing it 2020-05-12 14:07:29 +02:00
default-suites.conf run handover_2G in default-suites.conf 2020-12-11 00:41:17 +01:00
defaults.conf templates: fix deprecated BTS type: s/sysmobts/osmo-bts/ 2023-06-21 18:48:58 +07:00
handover-suites.conf add handover_2G suite, with handover.py test 2020-12-11 00:41:17 +01:00
main.conf config: suites_dir and scenarios_dir are now a list of paths 2020-05-25 13:33:50 +02:00
resources.conf.prod sysmocom resources.conf.prod: Update modem paths + add new modems after HW upgrade 2020-12-11 13:28:28 +01:00
resources.conf.rnd configure fixed ARFCN per bts 2020-12-11 00:19:13 +01:00
resources.conf.virtual sysmocom/resources.conf.virtual: remove no longer existing arfcn resources 2020-12-21 18:25:32 +01:00


This a real 2G test suite configured and ready to use. The only thing missing is a trial dir containing binaries.

You can point osmo-gsm-tester.py at this config using the '-c $DIR/main.conf' command line argument, where DIR is the directory path where this README file resides.

If you have your trial with binary tar archives in ~/my_trial you can run the suite for example like this:

osmo-gsm-tester.py -c $DIR/main.conf ~/my_trial

Alternatively you can setup this example as default config for your user by doing something like:

mkdir -p ~/.config
ln -s "$DIR" ~/.config/osmo-gsm-tester

A ./state dir will be created to store the current osmo-gsm-tester state. If you prefer not to write to $DIR, set up an own configuration pointing at a different path (see main.conf: 'state_dir').