Osmocom GSM Tester, jenkins integrated GSM hardware testing https://osmocom.org/projects/osmo-gsm-tester
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set -e -x
. "$(dirname "$0")/jenkins-build-common.sh"
build_repo libosmocore ${SANITIZE_FLAGS} --disable-doxygen
build_repo libosmo-abis ${SANITIZE_FLAGS} --disable-dahdi
build_repo libosmo-netif ${SANITIZE_FLAGS} --disable-doxygen
build_repo libosmo-sccp ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo libasn1c ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo osmo-iuh ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo osmo-mgw ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo osmo-hnbgw ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
create_bin_tgz "osmo-hnbgw"