amarisoft_ltemme.cfg.tmpl: enable ENDC support in config template

patch also remove the UE forwarding option which isn't used anymore in the MME.

Change-Id: Ia1628e6674b124806e3cd59c5b190d27f6ba4403
Andre Puschmann 2 years ago
parent 6c985372a1
commit 8d37a9857d
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@ -51,6 +51,9 @@
/* Control Plane Cellular IoT EPS optimization support */
cp_ciot_opt: true,
/* DCNR support */
nr_support: true,
/* Public Data Networks. The first one is the default. */
pdn_list: [
@ -148,12 +151,6 @@
tun_setup_script: "${epc.ifup_filename}",
/* If true, inter-UE routing is done inside the MME (hence no IP
packet is output to the virtual network interface in case of
inter-UE communication). Otherwise, it is done by the Linux IP
layer. */
ue_to_ue_forwarding: false,
/* NAS ciphering algorithm preference. EEA0 is always the last. */
nas_cipher_algo_pref: [ ],
/* NAS integrity algorithm preference. EIA0 is always the last. */