contrib: build-osmo-sgsn: Depend on osmo-hlr build

Since osmo-sgsn f4b2c4ca42cc530c38c9ac6f275e4d7da9315fa2, it depends on
libosmo-gsup-client available in osmo-hlr.

Change-Id: I6aa997ff2092f9ddf2ac475fd094803be9063980
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Pau Espin 2018-10-30 19:21:35 +01:00
parent b484aab683
commit 24dc93754b
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@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ build_repo libosmo-abis ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo libosmo-netif ${SANITIZE_FLAGS} --disable-doxygen
build_repo libosmo-sccp ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo osmo-ggsn ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo osmo-hlr ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo libasn1c ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo osmo-iuh ${SANITIZE_FLAGS}
build_repo osmo-sgsn ${SANITIZE_FLAGS} --enable-iu