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... this can be included from the various user manuals to insert some
general language about the systemd service units we ship, and a few key
systemd commands to get users started.

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=== Running as a systemd service
Most modern GNU/Linux distributions use `systemd` to manage processes.
We provide an example systemd service unit file in the
`contrib/systemd/` sub-directory of the source code.
Please see your distribution documentation and/or the generic systemd
user manuals for more in-depth information.
The included systemd service unit file assumes your configuration file
is stored in `/etc/osmocom/`, but feel free to adjust this according to
your local environment.
This service unit file is also what is used (and installed) by the
official dpkg and rpm packages published by Osmocom. For more
information, see
On a system utilizing this systemd service unit, you can use the
following standard commands:
==== Starting a service
.Example shell command to start the osmo-bsc service
# systemctl start osmo-bsc
==== Stopping a service
.Example shell command to stop the osmo-bsc service
# systemctl stop osmo-bsc
==== Enabling a service for automatic start on boot
.Example shell command to enable the osmo-bsc service
# systemctl enable osmo-bsc
NOTE: This will only affect service starting at the next system
boot; it will not start the service if it is not running right now.
==== Disabling a service from automatic start on boot
.Example shell command to disable the osmo-bsc service
# systemctl disable osmo-bsc
==== Checking current status of a service
.Example shell command to check the status of osmo-e1d
# systemctl status osmo-e1d
● osmo-e1d.service - Osmocom E1 Interface Daemon
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/osmo-e1d.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Tue 2022-11-01 13:12:54 CET; 4 days ago
Main PID: 629 (osmo-e1d)
Tasks: 2 (limit: 4673)
Memory: 2.0M
CPU: 6min 8.464s
CGroup: /system.slice/osmo-e1d.service
└─629 /usr/local/bin/osmo-e1d -c /etc/osmocom/osmo-e1d.cfg
Nov 03 19:22:56 divo osmo-e1d[629]: Thu Nov 3 19:22:56 2022 DE1D usb.c:734 (I0) GPS antenna status ch>
Nov 03 19:23:00 divo osmo-e1d[629]: Thu Nov 3 19:23:00 2022 DE1D usb.c:734 (I0) GPS antenna status