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#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <osmocom/core/utils.h>
#include <osmocom/core/linuxlist.h>
#include <osmocom/core/select.h>
#include <osmocom/core/timer.h>
#include <osmocom/ctrl/control_if.h>
#include "../lib/tun.h"
#include "../lib/ippool.h"
#include "../lib/syserr.h"
#include "../lib/in46_addr.h"
#include "../gtp/gtp.h"
#include "sgsn.h"
#define APN_TYPE_IPv4 0x01 /* v4-only */
#define APN_TYPE_IPv6 0x02 /* v6-only */
#define APN_TYPE_IPv4v6 0x04 /* v4v6 dual-stack */
struct ggsn_ctx;
struct apn_ctx_ip {
struct {
struct in46_prefix ifconfig_prefix;
struct in46_prefix ll_prefix;
struct in46_prefix static_prefix;
struct in46_prefix dynamic_prefix;
/* v4 DNS server names */
struct in46_addr dns[2];
} cfg;
/* v4 address pool */
struct ippool_t *pool;
struct apn_name {
struct llist_head list;
char *name;
enum apn_gtpu_mode {
APN_GTPU_MODE_TUN = 0, /* default */
struct apn_ctx {
/* list of APNs inside GGSN */
struct llist_head list;
/* back-pointer to GGSN */
struct ggsn_ctx *ggsn;
bool started;
struct {
/* Primary name */
char *name;
/* Description string */
char *description;
/* List of secondary APN names */
struct llist_head name_list;
/* types supported address types on this APN */
uint32_t apn_type_mask;
/* GTP-U via TUN device or in Linux kernel */
enum apn_gtpu_mode gtpu_mode;
/* administratively shut-down (true) or not (false) */
bool shutdown;
/* transmit G-PDU sequeence numbers (true) or not (false) */
bool tx_gpdu_seq;
} cfg;
/* corresponding tun device */
struct {
struct {
/* name of the network device */
char *dev_name;
/* ip-up and ip-down script names/paths */
char *ipup_script;
char *ipdown_script;
} cfg;
struct tun_t *tun;
struct osmo_fd fd;
} tun;
/* ipv6 link-local address */
struct in6_addr v6_lladdr;
struct apn_ctx_ip v4;
struct apn_ctx_ip v6;
struct pdp_priv_t {
struct pdp_t *lib; /* pointer to libgtp associated pdp_t instance */
struct sgsn_peer *sgsn;
struct apn_ctx *apn;
struct llist_head entry; /* to be included into sgsn_peer */
/* struct ggsn_ctx can be reached through lib->gsn->priv, or through sgsn->ggsn */
struct ggsn_ctx {
/* global list of GGSNs */
struct llist_head list;
/* list of APNs in this GGSN */
struct llist_head apn_list;
/* list of SGSN peers (struct sgsn_peer) in this GGSN. TODO: hash table with key <ip+port>? */
struct llist_head sgsn_list;
bool started;
struct {
char *name;
/* Description string */
char *description;
/* an APN that shall be used as default for any non-matching APN */
struct apn_ctx *default_apn;
/* ADdress to which we listen for GTP */
struct in46_addr listen_addr;
/* Local GTP-C address advertised in GTP */
struct in46_addr gtpc_addr;
/* Local GTP-U address advertised in GTP */
struct in46_addr gtpu_addr;
/* directory for state file */
char *state_dir;
/* Time between Echo requests on each SGSN */
unsigned int echo_interval;
/* administratively shut-down (true) or not (false) */
bool shutdown;
} cfg;
/* The libgtp (G)GSN instance, i.e. what listens to GTP */
struct gsn_t *gsn;
/* osmo-fd for gsn */
struct osmo_fd gtp_fd0;
struct osmo_fd gtp_fd1c;
struct osmo_fd gtp_fd1u;
/* ggsn_vty.c */
extern struct llist_head g_ggsn_list;
extern struct vty_app_info g_vty_info;
extern int ggsn_vty_init(void);
struct ggsn_ctx *ggsn_find(const char *name);
struct ggsn_ctx *ggsn_find_or_create(void *ctx, const char *name);
struct apn_ctx *ggsn_find_apn(struct ggsn_ctx *ggsn, const char *name);
struct apn_ctx *ggsn_find_or_create_apn(struct ggsn_ctx *ggsn, const char *name);
/* ggsn_main.c */
extern struct ctrl_handle *g_ctrlh;
extern void *tall_ggsn_ctx;
/* ggsn.c */
extern int ggsn_start(struct ggsn_ctx *ggsn);
extern int ggsn_stop(struct ggsn_ctx *ggsn);
extern int apn_start(struct apn_ctx *apn);
extern int apn_stop(struct apn_ctx *apn);
void ggsn_close_one_pdp(struct pdp_t *pdp);
#define LOGPAPN(level, apn, fmt, args...) \
LOGP(DGGSN, level, "APN(%s): " fmt, (apn)->cfg.name, ## args)
#define LOGPGGSN(level, ggsn, fmt, args...) \
LOGP(DGGSN, level, "GGSN(%s): " fmt, (ggsn)->cfg.name, ## args)
#define LOGPPDP(level, pdp, fmt, args...) LOGPDPX(DGGSN, level, pdp, fmt, ## args)