in46_addr: Improve in46a_ntop documentation

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Pau Espin 2019-08-20 12:20:11 +02:00
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@ -60,7 +60,11 @@ int in46a_to_sas(struct sockaddr_storage *out, const struct in46_addr *in)
return 0;
/*! Convenience wrapper around inet_ntop() for \ref in46_addr */
/*! Convenience wrapper around inet_ntop() for in46_addr.
* \param[in] in the in46_addr to print
* \param[out] dst destination buffer where string representation of the address is stored
* \param[out] dst_size size dst. Usually it should be at least INET6_ADDRSTRLEN.
* \return address of dst on success, NULL on error */
const char *in46a_ntop(const struct in46_addr *in, char *dst, socklen_t dst_size)
int af;