gtp: Small log improvements in gtp_create_pdp_ind()

Drop unneeded log line, rewrite line to better fit code path.

Change-Id: Id254e04d539cc055fee8c16fb66cd897b041557e
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Pau Espin 2022-03-07 12:44:11 +01:00
parent 1bf3b3d0f9
commit 674a912fb5
1 changed files with 1 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -1754,8 +1754,6 @@ int gtp_create_pdp_ind(struct gsn_t *gsn, int version,
in_addr2gsna(&pdp->gsnlc, &gsn->gsnc);
in_addr2gsna(&pdp->gsnlu, &gsn->gsnu);
DEBUGP(DLGTP, "gtp_create_pdp_ind: Before gtp_pdp_tidget\n");
if (!gtp_pdp_getimsi(gsn, &pdp_old, pdp->imsi, pdp->nsapi)) {
/* Found old pdp with same tid. Now the voodoo begins! */
/* 09.60 / 29.060 allows create on existing context to "steal" */
@ -1777,7 +1775,7 @@ int gtp_create_pdp_ind(struct gsn_t *gsn, int version,
* QoS: MS will get originally negotiated QoS.
* End user address (EUA). MS will get old EUA anyway.
* Protocol configuration option (PCO): Only application can verify */
DEBUGP(DLGTP, "gtp_create_pdp_ind: Old context found\n");
DEBUGP(DLGTP, "gtp_create_pdp_ind: Reusing old context\n");
/* Copy remote flow label */
pdp_old->flru = pdp->flru;