Omocom GPRS Gb interface aggregation/conversion proxy (between PCU/BSS and SGSN)
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About osmo-gbproxy

osmo-gbproxy is a proxy for the Gb interface within the 3GPP GERAN (GPRS/EDGE RAN) architecture. It is part of the Osmocom Open Source Mobile Communications projects.

It allows you to aggregate many Gb links/connections into one. It also has the ability to convert between different Gb interface protocol stacking, such as from Gb-over-FrameRelay to Gb-over-IP.

Until 2021 it used to be part of the osmo-sgsn git repository, and before that (until 2017) part of openbsc.git

Homepage and Issue Tracker

Find the issue tracker and wiki online at and, respectively.


You can find the user manual at and the VTY reference manual at