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Andreas Eversberg dc25674199 Use uniform log format for default config files
Related: OS#6272
Change-Id: I80708f7394d2d6f407523628a7101ec9428e1443
2023-12-01 12:39:58 +01:00
Harald Welte 954ce62635 manual: Use combined/merged gb-ns2 chapter

Depends: osmo-gsm-manuals I3c618e5af61b376435f400ef9c64245cec2f9b73
Change-Id: I881d8c2d400e47d9a39f8bd93668e1c3299e292f
2022-11-28 17:49:22 +01:00
Alexander Couzens 3ca5730bf6 docs: usermanual: add new chapter gb-ns2-maintenance
Depends-On: I5571001a127c933397a4bc26e85410288d50fc2f (osmo-gsm-manuals.git)
Change-Id: I951cc10d86de4f16d2226b34eda55202373c2524
2022-04-04 12:20:35 +00:00
Alexander Couzens f567c1f395 docs: usermanual: reorder gb/ns2 chapter to keep all ns2 part together
Change-Id: I3bc1c4de090a073cf1b1a6fe852f17857754beaf
2022-03-04 17:40:58 +00:00
Daniel Willmann f50aa80054 manual: Add chapter describing osmo counters in general
Related: SYS#5005
Change-Id: I088f37abaccd486b9b124c91f5321ee7187873a6
2021-06-16 19:33:01 +02:00
Daniel Willmann 78f3a12c8e manual: Add section describing show gbproxy command usage
Change-Id: Iad2775d125b842f47b0a7b8324fbe417bece04de
2021-06-16 19:33:01 +02:00
Daniel Willmann 9d98e7cc68 manual: Update counters, add proper chapter for counters
Change-Id: If499ba8f8e26d340e79a42be3fb490e912d507cc
2021-06-16 14:55:25 +02:00
Oliver Smith a45608fe83 examples/osmo-gbproxy.cfg: fix osmo-sgsn conflict
Adjust the config, so osmo-gbproxy and osmo-sgsn can be started with
their default configs on the same machine.

Fixes: OS#5130
Change-Id: I7959ea8ebd1f5c60177f37dd6eb01724308e0fc0
2021-04-26 09:48:30 +02:00
Daniel Willmann 5b75f85871 examples/manuals: Improve/update ns-related documentation
* example config files with current libosmogb options
* Include NS2-related configuration chapters in manual

Closes: SYS#5115
Change-Id: I57cf5dc4ee686352252086917f5f63d5a69dddd7
2021-04-22 18:18:35 +02:00
Oliver Smith 9c46926142 doc: include gb-ns2.adoc, not gb-variants.adoc
Adjust to merge of gb-variants.adoc into gb-ns2.adoc in
osmo-gsm-manuals I902b850528cbc04bd469590babd84cccf64300e8.

Change-Id: I17b182db6068ca583078c66c9576029a28016fd4
2021-04-13 08:44:02 +02:00
Daniel Willmann f06b4817b9 manuals: Regenerate counters/VTY through docker
Related: SYS#5115, SYS#5005
Change-Id: I39d60a7fd7ec66f3f20bfcef5c32502598f2708f
2021-03-10 11:04:05 +01:00
Daniel Willmann b643765d0a manual: Update manuals, include sgsn pooling and NS variants
Related: SYS#5005, SYS#5115, OS#4523
Change-Id: I440b0f9a6e18c21b11640ca32403f19d7e83b5c1
2021-03-09 16:55:33 +01:00
Pau Espin 52461cfef3 Support setting rt-prio and cpu-affinity mask through VTY
Related: SYS#4986
Change-Id: Id08f858b7f1bc79cc2958af4ffac3e11d644f210
2021-03-03 16:08:29 +01:00
Harald Welte 936dfd720a Further clean-up in osmo-sgsn -> osmo-gbproxy migration
* fix manuals builds, including vty reference generation
* fix vty tests
* remove manuals from osmo-sgsn
* update .gitreview
* update

Related: OS#4992
Change-Id: I80439ab0d21a3fb33f38da42acbfe3fbb0941b91
2021-02-01 10:39:41 +01:00
Oliver Smith 29532c2a06 === Split osmo-gbproxy from osmo-sgsn ===
Adjust the build system, packaging etc. to split osmo-gbproxy into its
own git repository. Remove tests and configs that aren't related to

Related: OS#4992
2021-01-29 16:57:29 +01:00
Alexander Couzens 571eb950c9 sgsn: migrate to the new gprs_ns2_vty configuration
Change the whole vty configuration for NS to be more flexible
and support more setups. Old configurations are invalid.

API change which must be synchronized with libosmocore

For further information see:

Depends-on: I8c3f2afecc74b78f7f914f7dce166cbcb63444eb (libosmocore)
Change-Id: Ie9306ab4d4738c2c57a69987086e22771b30657e
2021-01-28 21:19:59 +00:00
Daniel Willmann 852ebadd44 manuals/gbproxy: Move pooling to separate chapter
Change-Id: Ie2ad652c8261ce56cb2ed1a6f16a81486ccdf063
Related: SYS#5115, SYS#5005
2021-01-28 20:57:16 +01:00
Daniel Willmann ae303b40fc manuals/gbproxy: MSC -> SGSN for pooling chapter
Mostly just change the chapter so it makes sense for gbproxy. Some todos
are still left

Change-Id: I905835c2be7be43fe376fbc9d743107948c7e6d4
Related: SYS#5115, SYS#5005
2021-01-28 20:57:16 +01:00
Daniel Willmann 22248f33df manuals/gbproxy: Add osmo-bsc MSC pooling chapter from Neels as a base
Related: SYS#5115, SYS#5005
Change-Id: I930f5df847ea6f40d0ee0c75dd25b6dd20e00839
2021-01-28 20:57:16 +01:00
Daniel Willmann 12969721fb manuals/gbproxy: Update configuration chapter
Change-Id: I01f8d47f9fa384a2528ddf2e6c936ff28d11409e
Related: SYS#5115, SYS#5005
2021-01-28 20:57:16 +01:00
Daniel Willmann fcf0abb057 Rename OsmoGbPROXY -> *Proxy
Change-Id: I7542ac1d5242f1784146de2df7cecaf70fe93c6c
Related: SYS#5115, SYS#5005
2021-01-28 20:57:16 +01:00
Daniel Willmann 7061bed28d manual/gbproxy: Update overview chapter
* Remove mention of features that are no longer supported
* Update the data model

Related: SYS#5115, SYS#5005
Change-Id: Icb9095f4002f2a0a4562fccecae109075cb93c7b
2021-01-28 20:57:16 +01:00
Daniel Willmann a648f3c676 gbproxy: Add config option to name an SGSN
This is useful for logging and configuration to identify an SGSN by name

Change-Id: I2a3410dd9bebb242957e13a63ed70e447204203c
Related: SYS#5115, OS#4472
2021-01-04 18:33:52 +01:00
Alexander Couzens 7305ba3f1c gbproxy: use ns2 vty2
The new gprs_ns2 vty2 support ip-sns and reorganize the
network service configuration

Depends: I163279cf57e84198dc8c53e1c109f5a9474670e9 (libosmocore)
Change-Id: I2a18dcf035f1fc7304a0c7c7c83b5e8e15429d2b
2021-01-04 16:27:41 +00:00
Daniel Willmann ee834af5d9 gbproxy: Add SGSN NRI configuration
In order to support SGSN pooling we need to configure the various NRI
parameters such as the bitlen, NULL NRI, and which NRIs are assigned to
which SGSN.

Related: OS#4890, OS#4472
Change-Id: Id67592aa7712e5e04e7264b2fb8f26d57eb7e69e
2020-12-29 16:38:49 +01:00
Harald Welte 209dc9fa73 gbproxy: Implement scaling of BVC flow control in SGSN pool
When there are multiple SGSNs inside a pool, we need to decide
how much of the per-BVC capacity advertised by the BSS in its
BVC-FLOW-CONTROL we should announce to each of the pool members.

A conservative approach would be to advertise 1/num_sgsn, but
there may also be use case where over-provisioning (announcing more
than an equal share of the capacity) is useful.

Hence, let's introduce "pool bvc-flow-control-ratio <1-100>" in order
to allow the administrator to decide.

Related: OS#4891
Change-Id: Ibe5addf657e7237499ca0205bacfe999ecd1e771
2020-12-12 19:12:18 +01:00
Alexander Couzens 951e133d17 Port gbproxy to NS2
Since NS2 has a different abstraction we mock up the prim send/recv
functions and don't test NS like the old tests did.

Related: SYS#4998
Change-Id: Iecfd0408a35a11638d254c1db3c1d477b1a11524
2020-11-06 18:45:05 +01:00
Daniel Willmann 376aa9edaa gbproxy-usermanual: Explain BSSGP/BVC handling
Related: SYS#5005
Change-Id: I383fcd3864a94177f13909c6b8c15648900d3201
2020-09-25 09:54:26 +02:00
Pau Espin e77e5bc8a9 Support setting rt-prio and cpu-affinity mask through VTY
Change-Id: I1af1b154d14de6d6d6fba08f15f167f4b2ed9aa2
Depends: libosmocore.git Change-Id If76a4bd2cc7b3c7adf5d84790a944d78be70e10a
Depends: osmo-gsm-masnuals.git Change-Id Icd75769ef630c3fa985fc5e2154d5521689cdd3c
Related: SYS#4986
2020-08-18 13:50:00 +02:00
Pau Espin 0b1a81ed13 doc: Update VTY reference xml file
Change-Id: I787bbc254ef10766fe8d480ffd93a16d9926a50e
2020-08-18 13:46:17 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 56254aaf70 manual: explain IuPS, add SCCP/M3UA section from common chapters
Add 'cs7' default configuration, link to the
osmo-gsm-manuals/common/cs7-config.adoc chapter to fully explain the 'cs7'
client configuration.

Related: OS#2767
Depends: Ia2508d4c7b0fef9cdc57e7e122799a480e340bf7 (osmo-gsm-manuals)
Change-Id: If0f7c8fc4b94eb40b62570cf90999d5074dc00ee
2020-03-23 20:06:12 +01:00
Oliver Smith def05d3f2e support gbproxy, run without docker
Do not only update the VTY reference and counters of osmo-sgsn, but also
the VTY reference of gbproxy.

This was not possible with the old code path of calling ""
inside docker-playground.git, as it expects the program to be updated to
have the same name as the docker image. Using the docker-playground
script also has the disadvantage, that one must push the development
branch to before updating the VTY reference/counters,
because that script would build a new docker container with a freshly
cloned repository, check out the same commit that we have already
locally, build that and then finally regenerate the docs.

So instead of adding another parameter for the docker image to the
script in docker-playground.git and calling it twice, simplify the
process by rewriting the script in osmo-sgsn.git. Make it
start the locally installed osmo-sgsn and osmo-gbproxy binaries and
call on them.

Related: OS#4292
Change-Id: I8b5bd5347ea34266ad650383372630f2a84d5cce
2019-12-03 11:41:21 +01:00
Oliver Smith 149a95cf6f doc: add OsmoGbProxy VTY reference
Depends: (osmo-gsm-manuals) I4dea3e07b88175b2a88e577129360af7ec5f87e1
Related: OS#4292
Change-Id: I24c3ca2fc2446673edceefb797c7d800c3a1a5d2
2019-12-03 11:39:26 +01:00
Harald Welte 5c0ba71609 manual: Fix copy+paste error
Change-Id: I5753ded676951998a1fd76e4d2c2bf3311213f53
2019-12-01 14:31:16 +01:00
Harald Welte a5ad7a41c4 Initial OsmoGbPROXY user manual
This adds a very basic manual consisting of nothing more than
the common chapters and a high-level description of what it is
all about.

Change-Id: I80d4ea016376c59995ccfcd8685c7c0e86745bd2
2019-12-01 12:42:58 +00:00
Pau Espin 13fdd51440 Move out gtphub to its own subdir
Change-Id: I707d5e9b775179e732d281ce3d245de83d648eea
2019-09-02 14:03:04 +02:00
Pau Espin ffcf9eee56 vty: Introduce cs7-instance-iu
Similar to what we already have in osmo-msc.

Change-Id: Iaa9e1d06dd0430848ef4f7498a3c15d13f899904
2019-08-21 11:11:09 +02:00
Pau Espin 0480c89ae9 examples: Add osmo-sgsn_custom-sccp.cfg
Change-Id: Id3a3ccbf168fbbc28153cbf7f0249294eee34d3d
2019-08-21 09:08:19 +00:00
Daniel Willmann c1ccf66e41 configuration.adoc: Add a section about encryption
Change-Id: I3a2b84d386f55447e9eed35e59fdc0272e5147d1
Related: OS#1720
2019-07-30 09:02:27 +02:00
Daniel Willmann d2badb32aa configuration.adoc: Small fixes
Fix some typos, correct data compression command, add example to turn
off compression.

Change-Id: I6beff8c66eacf12f1081d51dd6b124bdd4478558
Related: OS#1720
2019-07-30 08:59:39 +02:00
Oliver Smith 7918e6a4a7 osmo-gbproxy.cfg: fix conflict with osmo-sgsn.cfg
Listen on by default, so there is no conflict on This allows starting both services with their default
configuration, like we are doing it in the Osmocom-Debian-install-*
jenkins jobs.

Related: OS#3369
Change-Id: I6e3053de8885a7954296d820c6a069d06276e4df
2019-07-29 08:26:37 +00:00
Daniel Willmann 33ab444b20 osmo-sgsn: Fix outdated information in usermanual
Quite a few features that are listed as not-implemented in the overview
section are actually implemented now.

Change-Id: I8d499a25293b69babc2aebb2d697438f8ba8141f
Related: OS#1720
2019-07-26 12:05:12 +02:00
Oliver Smith e03b33e8aa osmo-gtphub.cfg: fix conflict with osmo-sgsn.cfg
Change bind-to-sgsns from to, so osmo-gtphub's
default config does not conflict with the osmo-sgsn default config. The
value of bind-to-ggsns does not clash with osmo-ggsn's config, so it was
left unchanged.

Related: OS#3369
Change-Id: Id892e1f4ab2daabbe9824b819b5fed985373b97a
2019-07-24 19:32:05 +00:00
Daniel Willmann 9a6cb5096f manuals: Update vty/counter documentation
Change-Id: Id7245eb1011d1f04d5dfa1503a96d100bc98344c
Related: OS#1700
2019-07-24 10:41:28 +02:00
Daniel Willmann e7a5764f1a manuals: Add script to regenerate vty/counter documentation
Change-Id: I8ee63a3da532285def8de7fe5e90873152adb21e
Related: OS#1700
2019-06-19 14:24:13 +02:00
Pau Espin 52ddbdea1f sgsn: Have authentication required on by default
Previous commit introduced command "authentication (optional|required)",
which is only meaningful if auth-policy is remote. Upon adding the cmd,
it changed the default logic for remote policy to not require
authentication, which broke TTCN3 tests because sgsn no longer tries to
authenticate the users.

Since it's actually good to enable authentication by default where
possible, let's enable it by default when on auth-policy remote.

In order to do so, let's simply not care about the value of variable
require_authentication if auth_policy is not REMOTE. As a result, we
drop parts of the previous patch and remove unneeded checks (which are
only partially useful based on order of commands during VTY read).

Fixes: 794f446a284ed1ac6d31eb79a8f4c874d66fc34e
Change-Id: Ic707a95af178b44f08809df3d3bc8354bf34273c
2019-06-13 19:23:36 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 9afe43502d osmo-sgsn: add VTY parameter to toggle authentication
It may be useful to have 'remote' authorization policy, but do not
require authentication in GERAN at the same time, e.g. in combination
with 'subscriber-create-on-demand' feature of OsmoHLR.

This change introduces a new VTY parameter similar to the one
that we already have in OsmoMSC:

  authentication (optional|required)

Please note that 'required' only applies if 'auth-policy' is 'remote'.

Change-Id: I9909145e7e0af587c28827e16301a61b13eedaa9
2019-06-06 19:45:34 +00:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 5c78d386d4 doc/manuals/vty: regenerate sgsn_vty_reference.xml
Change-Id: I3dfe3598055457cc9724a371590e676f1920652b
2019-06-05 01:31:57 +07:00
Oliver Smith dde4050cef debian: create -doc subpackage with pdf manuals
I have verified, that the resulting debian packages build in my own OBS
namespace (see the -doc packages):

Depends: Ib7251cca9116151e473798879375cd5eb48ff3ad (osmo-ci)
Related: OS#3899
Change-Id: I9c09a0cb5c65fa2e2cd9817edb4656b2a1a35bb9
2019-05-29 12:14:20 +02:00
Oliver Smith 4a1d805431 build manuals moved here from osmo-gsm-manuals.git
Moved to doc/manuals/, with full commit history, in preceding merge commit.
Now incorporate in the build system.

Build with:

$ autoreconf -fi
$ ./configure --enable-manuals
$ make

Shared files from osmo-gsm-manuals.git are found automatically if
- the repository is checked out in ../osmo-gsm-manuals; or
- if it osmo-gsm-manuals was installed with "make install"; or

Related: OS#3385
Change-Id: I0477d7c871413bd90b365d3064bac3cba23a0883
2018-11-27 18:10:43 +01:00