gb_proxy_peer: Remove unused function gbproxy_cell_by_bvci_or_new

Change-Id: I43ec049540c10c8ded5a668229447ab1acb6c832
Related: SYS#5103
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Philipp Maier 2021-01-29 14:54:59 +01:00
parent fccbef0a28
commit 99adf1aee1
1 changed files with 0 additions and 12 deletions

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@ -194,18 +194,6 @@ struct gbproxy_cell *gbproxy_cell_by_bvci(struct gbproxy_config *cfg, uint16_t b
return NULL;
struct gbproxy_cell *gbproxy_cell_by_bvci_or_new(struct gbproxy_config *cfg, uint16_t bvci)
struct gbproxy_cell *cell;
cell = gbproxy_cell_by_bvci(cfg, bvci);
if (!cell)
cell = gbproxy_cell_alloc(cfg, bvci);
return cell;
struct gbproxy_cell *gbproxy_cell_by_cellid(struct gbproxy_config *cfg, const struct gprs_ra_id *raid, uint16_t cid)
int i;