osmo-sgsn: Fix outdated information in usermanual

Quite a few features that are listed as not-implemented in the overview
section are actually implemented now.

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@ -74,14 +74,13 @@ The LLC (Logical Link Control) implementation of OsmoSGSN only supports
non-acknowledged mode, as this is the most common use case in real-world
GPRS networks.
Furthermore, it does not support IP header nor payload compression at
this point. Addition of those features is subject to customer demand or
user/customer contributions.
The LLC implementation does support LLC encryption. However, as no HLR
access is implemented yet, there is no way to enable/configure
per-subscriber specific keys.
It does support both TCP/IP header compression according to RFC1144 and
payload compression according to V.42bis
The LLC implementation does support LLC encryption with ciphers GEA3 and GEA4.
For encryption to work the auth policy needs to be set to remote and the SGSN
connected to an HLR containing the subscriber data including key material.
Other auth policys will not work with encryption.
==== Session Management Implementation
@ -93,11 +92,8 @@ networks while skipping the more esoteric features.
Multiple PDP contexts can be attached by a single MS.
Currently, all PDP contexts are routed to the same GGSN, irrespective of
the APN used/configured in the MS. This is sufficient (and actually
desirable) for small autonomous networks, but of course not suitable for
real networks in roaming scenarios. Please contact sysmocom in case you
require additional features such as DNS-based APN resolving.
Multiple GGSNs can be configured and routing to a GGSN can be configured based
on APN. Dynamic lookup of GGSNs though DNS-based APN resolving is also possible.
=== Limitations
@ -109,10 +105,5 @@ performing that work.
Known Limitations include:
* No LLC encryption support
* No interface to the OsmoNITB HLR
* No paging coordination between SGSN and MSC
* No SMS over Ps support
* No IuPS interface for 3G (in progress)
* No IP header compression
* No payload compression

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@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ options:
*-h, --help*::
Print a short help message about the supported options
*-V, --version*::
Print the compile-time version number of the OsmoBTS program
Print the compile-time version number of the OsmoSGSN program
*-d, --debug 'DBGMASK','DBGLEVELS'*::
Set the log subsystems and levels for logging to stderr. This
has mostly been superseded by VTY-based logging configuration,