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#pragma once
#include <osmocom/core/bits.h>
/* structure representing a HDLC decoder process */
struct hdlc_proc {
/* 8 bits history of most recently received bits */
ubit_t history[8];
/* 8 bit buffer for assembling the next output byte */
ubit_t next_outbyte[8];
/* number of bits currently in use in next_outbyte */
uint8_t num_bits;
/* output buffer for re-aligned frame bytes */
struct {
uint8_t buf[1024];
unsigned int len;
} out;
/* call-back ot be called at end of frame */
void (*out_cb)(const uint8_t *data, unsigned int len, void *priv);
/* private data passed to out_cb */
void *priv;
/* input given number of raw bits from the bit stream into HDLC */
int process_raw_hdlc(struct hdlc_proc *hdlc, ubit_t *bits, unsigned int len);