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@ -22,11 +22,12 @@ communication. Recording of a single E1 link always requires two E1
interface cards, one for each direction.
Recording can be performed either
* passively, using a E1 Tap aapter
* asa proxy / man-in-the-middle
* passively, using a E1 Tap adapter
* as a proxy / man-in-the-middle
All timeslots will be opened in "raw" mode, making sure the recording
will work wheter or not there is HLDC-based signalling (MTP or LAPD),
will work whether or not there is HDLC-based signalling (MTP or LAPD),
PCM voice, TRAU frames or anything else on the line.
Recording will be done on a per-timeslot basis, dumping the raw bytes
@ -37,4 +38,4 @@ size limit. File names contain RTC time stamping and timeslot number.
Later possible extensions could include automatic detection of the
payload and a more intelligent storage format (e.g. in case of HDLC
bsaed signalling).
based signalling).