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Harald Welte 1c3cfd2ccc bring JSON schema in sync with reality
Change-Id: I80f394e76d8c57f367f0049ee52df02d943ad105
2021-02-20 18:07:37 +01:00
Harald Welte 76101c4a86 More massive CBC WIP
Using this state we can actually successfully add mesasges via
the REST interface and see them being sent via CBSP to the BSCs,
who then transmit to BTSs who send it to MSs and the MSs show them...

Change-Id: If29bd4bbbf88a0ca58de9ff29ad524b0a7262a8e
2021-01-03 13:14:46 +01:00
Harald Welte 3238a8d34b WIP on JSON Schema for the REST interface
Change-Id: I83ed4b17e3831765cb5d90c7a2290f6ac711597d
2019-07-20 14:45:37 +02:00