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Pau Espin 7 months ago
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@ -1,6 +1,2 @@
# When cleaning up this file: bump API version(s) in the following files:
#, debian/control, and contrib/
update libosmo-abis dependency to > 1.1.1 for osmo_rtp_socket_set_priority()
update libosmo-abis dependency to > 1.1.1 for new e1_input vty commands for DSCP + priority
update libosmocore dependency to > 1.5.1-73-g524b4f80 for osmo_bts_features_desc()
update libosmocore dependency to > 1.5.1-133-g09f075fa for name in (struct rate_ctr_group)


@ -69,14 +69,14 @@ then
dnl checks for libraries
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCORE, libosmocore >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOVTY, libosmovty >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOGSM, libosmogsm >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCTRL, libosmoctrl >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCODEC, libosmocodec >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCODING, libosmocoding >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOABIS, libosmoabis >= 1.1.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOTRAU, libosmotrau >= 1.1.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCORE, libosmocore >= 1.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOVTY, libosmovty >= 1.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOGSM, libosmogsm >= 1.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCTRL, libosmoctrl >= 1.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCODEC, libosmocodec >= 1.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCODING, libosmocoding >= 1.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOABIS, libosmoabis >= 1.2.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOTRAU, libosmotrau >= 1.2.0)
AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to enable support for sysmobts calibration tool])


@ -27,14 +27,14 @@ BuildRequires: pkgconfig >= 0.20
%if 0%{?suse_version}
BuildRequires: systemd-rpm-macros
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoabis) >= 1.1.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocodec) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocoding) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocore) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoctrl) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmogsm) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmotrau) >= 1.1.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmovty) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocodec) >= 1.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocoding) >= 1.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocore) >= 1.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoctrl) >= 1.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmogsm) >= 1.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmovty) >= 1.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoabis) >= 1.2.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmotrau) >= 1.2.0
### FIXME: DependencyHACK to include osmocom/gprs/protocol/gsm_04_60.h
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmogb)

debian/changelog vendored

@ -1,3 +1,375 @@
osmo-bts (1.4.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Philipp Maier ]
* l1sap: Store status of SRR in an lchan struct memeber
* l1sap: add logging and VTY introspection for ACCH repetition
* sched_lchan_tchh: fix frame number and fill FACCH gap
* main,abis: change model name from sysmoBTS to osmo-bts
* paging: prioritize CS related paging over PS related pagings.
* allow to configure multiple oml remote-ip addresses
* sched_lchan_tch_x: do not use cmr as ft
* sched_lchan_tch_x: use functions to determine AMR tranmssion phase
* sched_lchan_tch_x: use ul_cmr and ul_ft when generating RTP bad frame
* rsl: simplfy parse_repeated_acch_capability
* rsl: parse temporary overpower value RSL CHAN ACT / MODIFY
[ Vadim Yanitskiy ]
* doc/examples: remove obsolete power control parameters
* doc/examples: enable stderr logging for osmo-bts-virtual.cfg
* osmo-bts-trx: fix: do not call trx_if_close() two times
* osmo-bts-trx: fix segfault on trx_phy_inst_open() failure
* l1sap: use the passed 'trx' pointer in l1sap_chan_act()
* l1sap: use TLVP_PRES_LEN() macro in l1sap_chan_act()
* l1sap: check BTS_FEAT_MULTI_TSC in l1sap_chan_act()
* l1sap: fix wrong IEI and parsing in l1sap_chan_act()
* manuals: fix wrong VTY node for 'gsmtap-sapi' command
* manuals: document GSMTAP 'enable-all' / 'disable-all'
* osmo-bts-trx: correct definition of 'osmotrx rx-gain' command
* rsl: do not blindly ignore unhandled/unknown Channel Mode
* manuals: remove deprecated command line parameters
* manuals: document new 'gsmtap-remote-host' command
* l1sap: fix incorrect pointer cast in l1sap_chan_act()
* rsl: rename, fix and refactor lchan_tchmode_from_cmode()
* rsl: add missing Channel Mode values to rsl_handle_chan_mod_ie()
* lchan2lch_par(): fix missing default branch in switch
* osmo-bts-trx: cosmetic: TRXD 'header version' -> 'PDU version'
* osmo-bts-trx: remove outdated TRXD protocol documentation
* osmo-bts-trx: cosmetic: use '#pragma once' in trx_if.h
* osmo-bts-trx: define TRXC/TRXD message buffer size
* osmo-bts-trx: 'burst type' is actually modulation type
* osmo-bts-trx: move MTS parser into trx_data_parse_mts()
* osmo-bts-trx: discard TRXD PDUs with unexpected version
* osmo-bts-trx: move TDMA frame number check to trx_data_read_cb()
* osmo-bts-trx: cosmetic: get rid of TRX_CHDR_LEN macro
* osmo-bts-trx: generalize checking of TRXD header length
* osmo-bts-trx: pass 'struct phy_instance' to TRXD dissectors
* osmo-bts-trx: refactor handling of version specific TRXD parts
* osmo-bts-trx: enlarge and share TRXD message buffer
* osmo-bts-trx: assert PDU version in trx_if_send_burst()
* osmo-bts-trx: reduce code nasting in trx_if_send_burst()
* vty: fix the use of deprecated osmo_bts_feature_name()
* common/abis: fix the use of deprecated e1inp_line_get() API
* osmo-bts-trx: refactor parse_rsp(), fix compilation warnings
* rsl: fix wrong value printed in rsl_handle_chan_mod_ie()
* struct gsm_bts_trx: remove unused leftovers from openbsc
* common/sysinfo: make struct gsm_bts_trx const in num_agch()
* osmo-bts-{lc15,oc2g}: drop redundant checks in VTY commands
* [VAMOS] struct gsm_bts_trx: fix the PHY instance pointer
* [VAMOS] Merge bts_trx_init() into gsm_bts_trx_alloc()
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-trx: move {chan,bid} to trx_{dl,ul}_burst_{req,ind}
* osmo-bts-trx: implement TRXDv2 protocol support
* scheduler.h: cosmetic: use #pragma once
* osmo-bts-trx: cosmetic: s/trx_sched_fn/bts_sched_fn/g
* osmo-bts-trx: remove redundant assert() in bts_sched_fn()
* osmo-bts-trx: fix hopping pointer bug in bts_sched_fn()
* [VAMOS] Re-organize osmo-bts-trx specific structures
* osmo-bts-trx: clarify logging messages in trx_if_{open,close}()
* osmo-bts-{trx,virtual}: fix: pinst->trx may be NULL
* common: make the arguments of phy_{link,instance}_name() const
* [VAMOS] common: make 'struct gsm_bts_trx_ts' pointers const
* [VAMOS] gsm_data.h: fix wrong bit-mask in BSIC2BCC macro
* [VAMOS] gsm_data.h: introduce and use BTS_TSC macro
* common: phy_links_open(): warn about dangling PHY instances
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-trx: rework and split up bts_sched_fn()
* Fix regression in 'osmo-bts-trx: rework and split up bts_sched_fn()'
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-trx: implement and enable PDU batching for TRXDv2
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-trx: indicate MTS in Downlink TRXDv2 PDUs
* [VAMOS] rsl_rx_mode_modif(): handle Channel Identification IE
* [VAMOS] rsl: call bts_supports_cm() from rsl_handle_chan_mod_ie()
* [VAMOS] bts_supports_cm(): handle RSL_CMOD_CRT_OSMO_TCH_VAMOS_{Bm,Lm}
* [VAMOS] common/scheduler: unify symbol names for training sequences
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-trx: rework handling of Training Sequence
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-trx: properly handle per-timeslot TSC values
* [VAMOS] scheduler: add new GMSK training sequences from 3GPP 45.002
* [VAMOS] l1sap_chan_act(): handle Osmocom specific TSC IE
* [VAMOS] common/oml: generalize checking BTS_FEAT_MULTI_TSC
* [VAMOS] gsm_pchan2chan_nr(): use ABIS_RSL_CHAN_NR_CBITS_* macros
* [VAMOS] rsl_lchan_lookup(): use ABIS_RSL_CHAN_NR_CBITS_* macros
* [VAMOS] rsl_lchan_lookup(): make it more readable
* [VAMOS] gsm_data: rework and rename gsm_lchan_name_compute()
* [VAMOS] l1sap: get_lchan_by_chan_nr() may return NULL
* [VAMOS] oml_rx_set_chan_attr(): clarify NM_ATT_CHAN_COMB handling
* manuals/abis/rsl.adoc: s/TS 08.58/TS 48.058/
* manuals/abis/rsl.adoc: rework Channel Number description
* manuals/abis/rsl.adoc: add missing CBCH Channel Number values
* manuals/abis/rsl.adoc: add VAMOS specific Channel Number values
* osmo-bts-trx: fix NULL pointer dereference in trx_if_send_burst()
* trx_sched_is_sacch_fn(): fix handling of dynamic timeslots
* [VAMOS] scheduler: drop meaningless channel number checks
* [VAMOS] conf_lchans_as_pchan(): improve readability
* [VAMOS] Implement the concept of 'shadow' timeslots
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-trx: schedule bursts on 'shadow' timeslots
* l1sap: fix TDMA frame number wrap in l1sap_info_time_ind()
* conf_lchans_as_pchan(): fix GSM_LCHAN_{CCCH->CBCH} regression
* conf_lchans_as_pchan(): initialize all lchans with GSM_LCHAN_NONE
* measurement: remove over-defensive checks in is_meas_complete()
* [VAMOS] trx_sched_init_ts(): assign names to per-timeslot counters
* common/vty: facilitate finding duplicate PHY/TRX associations
* vty: ensure all warning messages are prefixed with '%%'
* osmo-bts-octphy: drop talloc_replace(), use osmo_talloc_replace_string()
* l1sap: fix TDMA frame number arithmetic in fn_ms_adj()
* osmo-bts-trx: fix typo: s/bisc/bsic/ in 'show transceiver'
* osmo-bts-trx: fix copy-pasted comment: s/sysmoBTS/osmo-bts-trx/
* oml: fix handling of NM_ATT_INTERF_BOUND attribute
* Report interference levels in RSL RF RESource INDication
* scheduler: reorder enum trx_chan_type, add TRX_CHAN_IS_DEDIC()
* osmo-bts-trx: report interference levels to the upper layers
* osmo-bts-{trx,virtual}: get rid of dummy tx_idle_fn()
* scheduler: unset TRX_CHAN_FLAG_AUTO_ACTIVE for TRXC_IDLE
* osmo-bts-trx: print timeslot brief info in 'show transceiver'
* osmo-bts-trx: measure interference levels on TRXC_IDLE
* osmo-bts-trx: report PDCH interference levels to the PCU
* scheduler: fix wrong union field in trx_sched_tch_req()
* scheduler: fix: use ts_pchan() in trx_sched_set_cipher()
* Revert "power_control: BS power shall not be reduced on C0"
* osmo-bts-omldummy: indicate BTS_FEAT_BCCH_POWER_RED as supported
* osmo-bts-trx: implement BCCH carrier power reduction mode
* power_control: constrain BS power reduction on BCCH carrier
* manuals/abis/rsl.adoc: clarify RF Resource Indication conformance
* rsl: use tlvp_val16be() in rsl_rx_ipac_XXcx()
* gsm_lchan_interf_meas_calc_band(): also print number of AVG samples
* osmo-bts-trx: send dummy FACCH in the absense of RTP frames
* osmo-bts-trx: return -ENODEV if 'bursts_p' is NULL
* l1sap: unify channel (de)activation/modification messages
* gsm_lchan2chan_nr(): separate RSL specific variant of this API
* osmo-bts-trx: bts_model_l1sap_down(): remove chan_nr patching
* trx_sched_set_lchan(): use LOGL_INFO for logging messages
* osmo-bts-trx: remove an 'else' branch in _sched_dl_burst()
* osmo-bts-trx: implement Temporary Overpower for SACCH/FACCH
* scheduler: fix comments explaining the interleaving of TCH/H
* fix handle_ms_meas_report(): properly count measurement reports
* abis: fix memory leak in abis_oml_sendmsg()
* rsl: remove redundant logging in rsl_rx_chan_activ()
* .gitignore: add tests/amr/amr_test
* rsl: prevent race condition during timeslot re-configuration
* rsl_tx_rf_res(): separate interference AVG / band calculation
* rsl_tx_rf_res(): also report noise levels for PDTCH
* osmo-bts-trx: report PDCH interference levels to L1SAP
* l1sap: check if BTS model supports interference reporting
* vty: show interference level / band in 'show lchan'
* trx_sched_clean_ts(): also free() the associated 'struct l1sched_ts'
* trx_sched_clean(): also free() the shadow timeslot
* osmo-bts-trx: refactor 'maxdly' / 'maxdlynb' commands
* rsl: rsl_tx_meas_res() does not change l3, make it const
* rsl: send NACK if BTS_FEAT_ACCH_REP is not supported
* measurement: handle_ms_meas_report() accepts const gh
* measurement: move repeated_dl_facch_active_decision() here
* measurement: make sure that DL measurements are valid
* cosmetic: s/repeated_acch_capability/rep_acch_cap/g
* struct gsm_lchan: group ACCH repetition state fields
* struct gsm_lchan: move tch.rep_facch to rep_acch.dl_facch
* measurement: fix wrong operator used in handle_ms_meas_report()
* osmo-bts-trx: fix potential NULL pointer dereference
* lchan_set_state(): also free pending messages if any
* lchan: introduce and use lchan_is_tch() helper
* [overpower] rsl: store full content of RSL_IE_OSMO_TEMP_OVP_ACCH_CAP
* [overpower] lchan_dump_full_vty(): print overpower state
* [overpower] scheduler: handle {sacch,facch}_enabled flags
* l1sap: fix handling of lchan->pending_rel_ind_msg
* l1sap: move false PTCCH/U detection into PDCH branch
* l1sap: use designated initializers in process_l1sap_meas_data()
* l1sap: process_l1sap_meas_data() accepts pointer to lchan
* l1sap: make 'l1sap' argument of process_l1sap_meas_data() const
* rsl: fix a memory leak in handle_gprs_susp_req()
* l1sap: rework handling of DATA.ind on SACCH
* lchan_meas_handle_sacch(): check if Measurement Result is valid
* measurement: get rid of *le in lchan_meas_handle_sacch()
* measurement: pass *mr to repeated_dl_facch_active_decision()
* measurement: pass *mr to lchan_bs_pwr_ctrl()
* [overpower] Turn it on and off depending on DL RxQual
* measurement: make use of gsm48_meas_res_is_valid()
* common/ reformat {AM_CPPFLAGS,AM_CFLAGS,LDADD}
* rsl: exclude disabled timeslots from interference reports
* oml: use ARRAY_SIZE() in oml_rx_set_bts_attr()
* gsm_lchan_interf_meas_calc_avg(): fix band calculation
[ Pau Espin Pedrol ]
* l1sap: Transmit pdtch invalid MAC blocks to PCU
* bts-trx: Always submit rx PDTCH DATA.ind to l1sap
* bts-trx: Avoid submitting first data_ind with FN=0 to upper layers
* bts-trx: Drop duplicate set of last_clk_ind
* bts-trx: reorder first timerfd schedule to decrease first timeout skew
* sysmo,oc2g,lc15: Make RadioChannel MO depend on RadioCarrier MO
* bts: Clean up TS selection in sign_link_up
* Fix regression in 'bts: Clean up TS selection in sign_link_up'
* Add missing value_string for NM_EV_* introduced recently
* pcuif: Set missing bsic field during Tx of info_ind
* Use new stat item/ctr getter APIs
* rsl: Use switch statement in rsl_rx_bcch_info()
* pcu_sock: Transmit SI2
* doc: rsl.adoc: Fix trailing whitespace
* gsm_data: Drop unused function gsm_pchan_parse()
* pcuif_proto.h: Add new container messages
* Support forwarding proto IPAC_PROTO_EXT_PCU BSC<->PCU
* Rename osmo dyn ts enums to contain SDCCH8
* Support SDCCH8 in osmo dyn ts
* Make gcc 11.1.0 false positivies happy
* rsl: Fix rx of multiple RSL_IPAC_EIE_MEAS_AVG_CFG IEs
* rsl: Support parsing up to 3 RSL_IPAC_EIE_MEAS_AVG_CFG IEs
* MS Power Control Loop: Take C/I into account
* MS Power Control Loop: Support EWMA algorithm for C/I measurements
* MS Power Control Loop: Improve logging
* BS Power Control Loop: refactor lchan_bs_pwr_ctrl() to look similar to lchan_ms_pwr_ctrl()
* BS Power Control Loop: Support EWMA average algo for RxQual meas
* BS Power Control Loop: Increase attenuation if RxQual is better than upper threshold
* MS/BS Power Control Loop: Do RxLEV meas avg & delta calculations directly on RxLevels
* MS/BS Power Control Loop: Fix downscaling averaging bug
* Power Control Loop: Move skip loop logic to function helper
* comsetic: measurement.c: fix typo in comment
* l1sap: Take L1SACCH MS_PWR from bitfield instead of manual parsing
* TA loop: Take into account UL SACCH 'Actual Timing advance' field
* ta_control: Allow switching TA quicker
* lchan: Move TA CTRL param to its own substruct
* MS Power Control Loop: Feed UL RSSI from correct measurement period
* MS Power Control Loop: Feed UL C/I from correct measurement period
* TA Control Loop: Change toa256 switch threshold to 75% of a symbol
* Power Control Loop: Set P_CON_INTERVAL to 1 by default
* Support configuring TA loop SACCH block rate
* MS Power Control Loop: Fix sub vs full being passed to algo
* abis: Clear code and drop code not executed
* abis.h: Drop unused state
* cosmetic: fix typo in comment
* abis.c: Rearrange code to follow logic state order
* abis.c: Convert early return to assert()
* power_control: Drop unused param in function
* tests: MS Power Control Loop: Show oscillation among good power levels
* cosmetic: Fix formatting of conditional operator
* abis: Move FSM registration to constructor function
* abis: Shorten string names of events
* abis.c: Transition to CONNECTED state only when OML link is up
* abis.c: Fix mess with priv->bsc_oml_host
* abis.c: Loop over list of BSCs until connection succeeds
* trx_provision_fsm: Add missing state transition OPEN_WAIT_POWEROFF_CNF => OPEN_POWEROFF
* nm_*_fsm: Add missing item in event mask list for state ENABLED
* Allow setting administrative state through oml_mo_state_chg()
* nm_*_fsm: Set adminsitrative state 'shutting down' when shutdown procedure starts
* MS Power Control Loop: Fix oscillations within good MS Power Levels
* nm_*_fsm: Move to state Disabled NotInstalled Locked when shtudown proc ends
* abis: Drop internal OML msg queue
* nm_*fsm: Make FSMs aware of object being properly configured or not
* bts_shutdown_fsm: Fix event name
* trx_if: Set pointer to null after freeing it
* trx_if: Allow calling trx_if_flush/close from within TRXC callback
* trx_if: delete retrans timer when flushing the Tx queue
* trx_provision_fsm: Properly reset FSM state upon starting listening for events
* bts-trx: Submit TRX_PROV_EV_CFG_ARFCN for C0 during SetBtsAttr
* bts-trx: Get rid of check_transceiver_availability_trx()
* MS Power Control Loop: Disable threshold comparison on {LOWER,UPPER}_CMP_N=0
* l1sap: Support rx of empty rlcmac blocks from PCU
* bts-trx: Avoid race condition configuring TS-specific TSC values
* bts-trx: Submit TRX SW_ACT when PHY becomes connected
* trx_sched_clean_ts: Clean VAMOS shadow TS too
* phy_link: Introduce bts_model_phy_link_close() and use it in bts-trx
* nm_bts_fsm: Make sure PHYs are opened when SW_ACTivating it
* bts_shutdown_fsm: Allow configuring FSM to shutdown without exiting process
* abis: Call bts_model_abis_close() when Abis link goes down
* bts_trx: Drop non-executed path in trx_link_estab()
* Avoid sending Load Indications when BTS is not RSL-connected
* abis: Fix memory leak of bts->osmo_link upon link going down
* abis: Fix line leaked & recreated upon every reconnect
* bts-trx: Keep the process ongoing trying to reconnect on Abis link down
* Revert "bts-trx: Keep the process ongoing trying to reconnect on Abis link down"
* Revert "abis: Fix line leaked & recreated upon every reconnect"
* osmo-bts-omldummy: Fix crash accessing null phy
* bts-trx: Fix rxgain & maxdly VTY values being reset
* Decouple handling of Measurement Report from lapdm
* Move TA & Power Loops further up the stack, take DTXu flag into account
* scheduler: Fix lqual_cb not populated for TCH.ind
* abis: Fix line leaked & recreated upon every reconnect
* trx_provision_fsm: Fix TRX!=0 never going back to CLOSED state
* trx_provision_fsm: Support OPEN_POWEROFF->CLOSED transition
* bts-trx: Delay power ramp up until RCARRIER is ENABLED
* Delay abis reconnect while bts is shutting down
* bts-trx: Keep the process ongoing trying to reconnect on Abis link down
* trx_provision_fsm: Drop unneeded reset of fields
* trx_provision_fsm: Drop impossible paths
* trx_provision_fsm: poweronoff_sent flag: track POWERON and POWEROFF separately
* trx_provision_fsm: Fix shutdown while POWERON in transit
* rsl: NACK Chan Activation for lchans on disabled TS
* Introduce gsm_lchan_init() function helper
* MS Power Control Loop: Use P_CON_INTERVAL=2 by default
* load_indication.c: Avoid sending if CCCH is still not operational
* Move lchan,power_ctrl specific code from gsm_data.h to their own files
* Move lchan,power_control related code from gsm_data.c to their own files
* lchan.h: Add related ticket info to FIXME comment
* Introduce gsm_lchan_release function helper
* nm_channel_fsm: Release lchans after BTS shutdown
* nm_bts_fsm: Reset si_valid bitmask when BTS is shut down
* nm_*_fsm: Move reset state code to st_op_disabled_notinstalled_on_enter
* nm_*_fsm: reset mo.nm_attr from previous runs when entering state NOT_INSTALLED
* Add new gsm_bts_trx_free_shadow_ts() function
* Make sure lchan allocated memory from shadow_ts is properly freed
* rsl: Fix all shadow TS being Chan Act NACKed
* bts-trx: Guard call to trx_sched_clean with NULL trx ptr
* lchan: Setup early_rr_ia timer only once during init
* Move lchan related code to lchan.{c,h}
* lchan: Update log line level to use macro and level INFO
* lchan: Avoid applying transition changes if state new==old
* Move lchan_deactivate() to lchan.c
* Move lchan_init_lapdm inside lchan_set_state(LCHAN_S_ACTIVE)
* lchan: Call lapdm_channel_exit() when state changes to NONE
* bts_shutdown_fsm: Make sure pending power ramping are aborted before closing TRX
* gsm_pchan2chan_nr(): Properly assert if unexpected pchan is passed
* Reset CBCH state after BTS shutdown
* bts-trx: sched_lchan_pdtch: Refactor tx_pdtch_fn to get rid of goto tag
* bts-trx: sched: tx_pdtch_fn: Handle PCU idle blocks properly
* Revert "bts-trx: sched: tx_pdtch_fn: Handle PCU idle blocks properly"
* scheduler: Fix check against empty PDCH blocks
* bts-trx: sched: tx_pdtch_fn: Drop log line clogging logs
* l1sap: Avoid re-(de)activating already (de)active lchans
* scheduler: Avoid crash upon call to trx_sched_set_lchan if l1ts is uninitialized
* bts-trx: sched_lchan_tchf: Drop impossible code path
* scheduler: Fix FACCH msg with l2len==0 going to lower layers and logging errors
* bts-trx: sched_lchan_tchf: Change log level to debug for line informing about missing dl prim
* abis: Drop unneded if condition in else clause
* abis: Try one reconnect to previously connected BSC before trying next one
* gsm_ts_release(): Make sure pchan{,is_want} is reset to NONE
[ Neels Hofmeyr ]
* osmobts-abis.adoc: add missing bibliography
* Abis manual: s/TS 12.21/TS 52.021
* Abis manual: add Get Attributes, add BTS features
* Abis manual: add VAMOS to BTS features
* omldummy: introduce using getopt_long
* omldummy: add cmdline arg --features
* [VAMOS] osmo-bts-omldummy: allocate shadow timeslots
* remove unused LCHAN_S_INACTIVE
* enable Early Immediate Assignment
* add VTY transcript testing
* jenkins: enable new flag --enable-external-tests
* add osmo_tdef groups, exposing T timers on VTY config
* early IMM ASS: add configurable delay for RR IMM ASS
* early IA: change default X15 timer to 0 ms
* gsm_lchan_interf_meas_calc_avg(): adapt to the order of boundaries
[ Harald Welte ]
* Introduce ability to set socket priority of RTP sockets
* manual: Include QoS chapter and add osmo-bts specific example
* manual: Remove manual revision history; we don't use it anywawy
* manuals: Update copyright years
* l1sap/gsmtap: Don't log UI fill frames [zero information field]
* rsl: fix handling of REL IND in lapdm_rll_tx_cb()
* initial support for static userspace probes via systemtap
[ Keith ]
* sysmobts-mgr: Fix path to hwmon in /sys
[ Eric Wild ]
* osmo-bts-trx: indicate A5/4 support, handle Kc128
[ Oliver Smith ]
* debian/control: remove dh-systemd build-depend
[ Eric ]
* lc15, oc2g, sysmo: fix show dsp-trace-flags
* osmo-trx: fix maxdly
[ Martin Hauke ]
* osmo-bts-trx-calypso.cfg: Adjust settings to work with current osmo-bts versions
-- Pau Espin Pedrol <> Tue, 16 Nov 2021 16:40:05 +0100
osmo-bts (1.3.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Michael McTernan ]

debian/control vendored

@ -7,11 +7,11 @@ Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 9),
libosmocore-dev (>= 1.5.0),
libosmo-abis-dev (>= 1.1.0),
libosmocore-dev (>= 1.6.0),
libosmo-abis-dev (>= 1.2.0),
osmo-gsm-manuals-dev (>= 1.1.0)
osmo-gsm-manuals-dev (>= 1.2.0)
Standards-Version: 3.9.8
Vcs-Git: git://