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Notes about BTS feature check code
Feature reporting:
- For most BTS we hardcode a list of assumed features in the BTS model's
_init() function, e.g. bts_model_bs11_init(). These features get copied to
bts->features once the BTS model is set.
- nanobts and osmo-bts are special, they support reporting features during OML
bring up (features_get_reported set in struct_gsm_bts_model):
- For osmo-bts, we do not assume any features in the BTS model and just let
it report all available features.
- For nanobts, we wait for the reported features and then extend them with
the features set in the bts model. This is needed because the features enum
gets extended by us for osmo-bts, it may have features that nanobts does
not report but has implemented.
- Once features are available (either through feature reporting or copied from
the bts model), features_known is true in struct gsm_bts.
Implementing a feature check:
- Check that features_known is true, in case the check may be done before the
BTS is connected and has reported its features (e.g. in VTY config parsing)
- Use osmo_bts_has_feature()
- Example:
if (bts->features_known && !osmo_bts_has_feature(&bts->features, BTS_FEAT_MULTI_TSC))
VTY and feature checks:
- Some VTY commands only make sense if a BTS supports a certain feature
- Implement the following checks:
- In the VTY command, check if the BTS has the feature.
- In gsm_bts_check_cfg() (or called funcs like trx_has_valid_pchan_config),
check if the VTY command for the feature is set and if the BTS has the
- In both cases, do not fail the checks if bts->features_known is false.
Resulting functionality:
- For BTS that do not support feature reporting, the VTY config is checked
against the hardcoded feature set as it gets parsed.
- For BTS that do support feature reporting, the VTY config is checked when
features get reported. The BTS gets rejected if the config is invalid for the
available features.
- Once a BTS is up and running, VTY commands changing the behavior check
against the available feature sets.