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Neels Hofmeyr 218e4b4aa0 move openbsc/* to repos root 5 years ago
Neels Hofmeyr e235441f73 split bsc_bootstrap_network() in alloc and config 6 years ago
Neels Hofmeyr 402006dfdf define mncc_recv_cb_t to avoid code dup 6 years ago
Holger Hans Peter Freyther f0167ddfc2 hsl: Remove the support for the HSL bts from OpenBSC 10 years ago
Harald Welte f383aa11a5 BSC: introduce new "sysmobts" BTS model 11 years ago
Dieter Spaar 1664602476 Initial version of Support for Nokia *Site BTS 11 years ago
Pablo Neira Ayuso 0d2881ad58 bsc: on-demand setup of nanoBTS and HSL femto sockets 12 years ago