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Pau Espin b2b5ca0613 Bump version: → 1.11.0
Change-Id: I25bfb1ecb202dc43928ee92a303bc1c6159d1626
2023-09-12 16:40:04 +02:00
Oliver Smith e6337315d0 configure: add --enable-meas-udp2db/pcap2db/vis
Do not build these utils implicitly if libsqlite3/libpcap/libcdk are
installed. Add configure flags for explicit building and fail if
dependencies are missing.

Keep behavior in deb and rpm packaging:
* deb: build meas_vis
* rpm: build none of these (libcdk dependency for meas_vis is not
  available in most rpm-based distributions we build for)

Fixes: OS#5173
Depends: docker-playground I015b6d7cb834e99ea5d04206ba5f8c519c4e6af1
Change-Id: I8b3d5efb769437a5d3036e1e627b8d477275d93e
2023-07-20 07:20:05 +00:00
Oliver Smith 3dc3ca5bab Cosmetic: debian/rules: remove boilerplate
Change-Id: I4582c711abc914736322ec2cffcd7b849507534c
2023-07-11 12:48:28 +02:00
Oliver Smith 758634eadf debian: set compat level to 10
Related: OS#5958
Change-Id: Id0f168a7d3c2ae6869121397e65ca1d0cfea30d3
2023-04-27 12:28:23 +00:00
Pau Espin 23eef299ae Bump version: → 1.10.0
Change-Id: Ibb24049e8289ad496b2361eabf8d65331d86317a
2023-02-07 17:21:11 +01:00
Pau Espin abbb8bbbc4 Bump version: → 1.9.0
Change-Id: I6c955cbfdfeeef107e33aceb1db31f680d062c6d
2022-06-29 11:18:10 +02:00
Harald Welte de3af0690a update git URLs (git -> https; gitea)
Change-Id: I7bade83fbcc5862117a1dd7172319dec1902480c
2022-06-18 14:04:11 +02:00
Pau Espin 9cf719889d Bump version: → 1.8.0
Change-Id: Ibd4f22f268aa5ec3c1b7839e334ffad69f2e50a9
2021-11-16 17:21:59 +01:00
Harald Welte 0ed69da597 remove obsolete dependency on libosmo-sccp
We only use libosmo-sigtran these days, so we can remove the depdency
to the old libosmo-sccp from osmo-bsc.  We don't use LIBOSMO_SCCP_*
variables in any, nor do we #include <osmocom/sccp/...>
anywhere [anymore].

Change-Id: Ie478016ffb6e767ba10968c1ee2ab98db15a45a3
Related: OS#2601
2021-02-23 20:18:50 +01:00
Pau Espin 6505f692d4 Bump version: → 1.7.0
Change-Id: I0afcb06f8a7466f98cac26ff939a3813d4add1cc
2021-02-23 18:43:04 +01:00
Harald Welte 39b92ff33a debian/control: Recommend installation of osmo-mgw
osmo-bsc is pretty useless without osmo-mgw these days.  Let's not
make it a strong dependency, as the mgw could of course be running
on different machines.

Change-Id: I17711c6abdab0fc2d5d3afe1976d4248fd010e83
2020-11-07 17:41:35 +01:00
Pau Espin da5b2f8094 Support setting rt-prio and cpu-affinity mask through VTY
Depends: libosmocore.git Change-Id If76a4bd2cc7b3c7adf5d84790a944d78be70e10a
Depends: osmo-gsm-masnuals.git Change-Id Icd75769ef630c3fa985fc5e2154d5521689cdd3c
Related: SYS#4986
Change-Id: Ie68883666657fc8faa76e2422335c0ceb98c5a88
2020-08-20 08:40:17 +00:00
Vadim Yanitskiy fe12b70ce5 debian/control: change maintainer to the Osmocom team / mailing list
Change-Id: I82a5e175c6d70af1ee07521a0e17f9f5cbf300dc
2020-08-13 15:00:02 +00:00
Harald Welte 2abb5067b7 debian: Package E1 configuration file examples
Change-Id: Idf06c5fa7eb0ea6b73dcc3b67718b3a0a755796f
2020-07-26 11:57:09 +02:00
Pau Espin a1362ce8c2 Bump version: → 1.6.0
Change-Id: I21556570e35d662bb902d5c1afc911b82d5eb1e6
2020-01-03 18:24:51 +01:00
Oliver Smith e1f0844afb debian,, tests: switch to python 3
Make build and external tests work with python3, so we can drop
the python2 dependency.

This should be merged shortly after osmo-python-tests was migrated to
python3, and the jenkins build slaves were (automatically) updated to
have the new osmo-python-tests installed.

Related: OS#2819
Depends: osmo-python-tests I3ffc3519bf6c22536a49dad7a966188ddad351a7
Change-Id: I438ca0c4b8e7957d0f347a5b2f5c4cb93f9325e6
2019-12-11 09:31:40 +01:00
Pau Espin 3c9485751c Bump version: → 1.5.0
Change-Id: I4b73d0a83b1ed1a4dfd17066182820da5e401c9b
2019-08-07 20:42:06 +02:00
Oliver Smith 3f1f857378 debian: create -doc subpackage with pdf manuals
I have verified, that the resulting debian packages build in my own OBS
namespace (see the -doc packages):

Depends: Ib7251cca9116151e473798879375cd5eb48ff3ad (osmo-ci)
Related: OS#3899
Change-Id: I8dfb5658e567978aa8fe82f45d8287dbd1df969c
2019-05-29 12:14:07 +02:00
Harald Welte 117fa9d92d Bump version: → 1.4.0
Change-Id: Iaedf16a3a03868c5ca6b1afe9fbac7b042905d51
2019-01-20 21:21:25 +01:00
Daniel Willmann 54a80ab7e4 debian: Require libcdk and install meas_vis osmo-bsc-meas-utils
Change-Id: Ibe977a92acb93a78e323a40f53d653059b07bc0f
2018-10-12 00:38:35 +02:00
Pau Espin f552166c62 Install sample cfg file to /etc/osmocom
Change-Id: I87bc40fafa6269d99ccbfe49a61fc7ae4da62e80
2018-09-13 13:58:26 +00:00
Pau Espin d58ddb2c4e Install systemd services with autotools
Change-Id: I015ac3fbe5adc551b76bac5c15ad93d30d0d2b6e
2018-09-13 13:58:26 +00:00
Pau Espin 08d02dd510 Bump version: → 1.3.0
Change-Id: Ic8f12e8a6e3a98f7c69920b27d08a5e7e3eebc31
2018-07-27 19:25:05 +02:00
Pau Espin f8cf5263f9 debian: Move meas related binaries into new package osmo-bsc-meas-utils
Only meas_json is added so far, since the other related ones are
conditionally built.

Change-Id: I35ba3c19fcdfb5663691a67c9876537765963c5d
2018-06-25 19:22:16 +00:00
Harald Welte 1c9b8b1917 remove remaining bits of osmo-bsc_nat
osmo-bsc_nat is too heavily tied into legacy SCCPlite code, as it
is not using libosmo-sigtran/osmo_ss7 so far.  It's also full of
customer-specific code and it's shared use of some libbsc code here
has been complicating osmo-bsc development.

The current plan is to continue to use osmo-bsc_nat from openbsc.git
for those legacy users that need it, and not use osmo-bsc_nat in
new 3GPP AoIP setups.  Should we ever get a strong demand for an AoIP
based bsc_nat, we can still revisit this later.

Change-Id: Ia05dc76336a64a7f08962843b9a7cc19f2c83387
2018-05-27 17:48:49 +02:00
Pau Espin e5a9665c00 Bump version: → 1.2.1
Change-Id: I5f6135b7e16cac95c58a1bbc147234e10ee37574
2018-05-15 14:10:38 +02:00
Pau Espin 1b11bc808f Bump version: → 1.2.0
Change-Id: Ie6ad5c769dd11c79b2bfd0d19f0feda8416e09cd
2018-05-03 18:40:12 +02:00
Pau Espin cea3b51e2c debian: Move abisip-find from osmo-bsc to its own package
In some scenarios osmo-bsc is not required, only abisip-find to do the
initial set-up of the BTS, so no need to install osmo-bsc with it.

Change-Id: If3d476a1bd67abcb9cff241ab5989db923873986
2018-03-09 12:38:29 +01:00
Max ad1e3cdd6c Migrate from OpenSSL to osmo_get_rand_id()
This avoids potential licensing incompatibility and makes integration of
Debian packaging patches easier.

The libosmocore version requirements are fine already but for jenkins
tests to pass we have to have Ic77866ce65acf524b768882c751a4f9c0635740b
merged into libosmocore master.

Change-Id: Ia57bf1300525cf3c247284fe966b1c415c2d53e2
Related: OS#1694
2017-12-27 11:10:59 +00:00
Alexander Couzens 2ddf399c5f debian: remove doublicated project name in example files
For example:
/usr/share/doc/osmo-bsc/examples/osmo-bsc/osmo-bsc.cfg -> usr/share/doc/osmo-bsc/examples/osmo-bsc.cfg

Change-Id: I8a9f45e72dd966ca3913b5483ff78039a3e472ea
2017-11-15 23:44:16 +01:00
Harald Welte f04e9c2f36 Require libosmo-mgcp-client-dev >= 1.2.0
We recently started to use some symbols that were not available in
libosmo-mgcp-client-dev 1.0.0 or even 1.1.0.  Let's depend on a newly
tagged version of libosmo-mgcp-client.

Change-Id: Ic5d3add1c69181aabbdb684a01a6ba7bcea1fe2c
2017-11-11 23:24:16 +00:00
Harald Welte 49d4939355 debian: Increase required libosmo-legacy-mgcp-dev version
Use the same version requirement as in

Change-Id: I2dc21e89bd676a754bc24a6995c4f9c0c4727d57
2017-11-09 06:17:14 +09:00
Harald Welte ec6bba5b7f debian: Add dependency to libosmo-mgcp-client-dev
Since Change-Id Ia2882b7ca31a3219c676986e85045fa08a425d7a, osmo-bsc
uses osmo-mgw and utilizes libosmo-mgcp-client to talk to it, so
let's make sure the Debian control file states that dependency.

Unfortuantely, this still won't make the osmo-bsc debian package
build again, as in fact the above commit uses symbols not even present
in 1.0.0 or 1.1.0 releases of libosmo-mgcp-client :(  So we first
need a new release of that library, and we need to update the and debian/control version requirements in osmo-bsc
before this is fixed.  This needs to be automatized in the future.

Change-Id: I41a0378d069f5383904cf92cc415c19beba26168
2017-11-09 06:15:36 +09:00
Harald Welte f3fb5f3ddf Bump version: → 1.1.2
Change-Id: I76a9ff8eb43b1038213f69a78985444e8b694e40
2017-10-29 09:03:34 +01:00
Harald Welte 52cde006f5 debian/control: Specify versions of packages we depend upon
Change-Id: Ide71f5029b14293ceda56ea5da715cd91a00c70f
2017-10-29 08:54:40 +01:00
Harald Welte 4c87cfe681 Debian: depend on libosmo-sigtran (bsc) and libosmo-sccp (bsc-nat)
Change-Id: I59c959a977b8ad4312766d86be879b16b34587cf
2017-10-28 22:00:09 +02:00
Harald Welte d1225f3f0c Bump version: → 1.1.1
Change-Id: I6aefde159b83608679000239cc1603ef076db219
2017-10-28 21:49:01 +02:00
Harald Welte 0ae59c2ffe Debian: re-introduce missing build dependency to libssl-dev
In Change-Id  I469909ad7c597cde3d7a7d2ec86101a9f41d3aa6 we accidentially
also removed the libssl-dev dependency.  osmo-bsc_nat still uses
RAND_getbytes directly, so we have to keep it for now, until we switch
to a future libosmocore-based mechanism that's in the works.

Change-Id: I3be26c566baf05278ba51b835a72e14ce6ecf3d0
2017-10-28 17:27:34 +02:00
Harald Welte 9bce2bd0ec Tag/Release Version 1.1.0
Change-Id: I61661b7f392a5485172d2f7087b4eb8b82607f43
2017-10-28 13:34:45 +02:00
Harald Welte 689ebadd49 Debian: osmo-bsc-dbg should cover only the osmo-bsc package
Change-Id: I3d2e7ce589e78bb4da6de3567462a6be4194174e
2017-10-28 13:34:45 +02:00
Harald Welte 4703991e72 Debian: Split off osmo-bsc-{bs11,ipaccess}-utils sub-packages
The names and descriptions have been imported/inherited from openbsc.git

Change-Id: Ia32e3645807ecf148f22cba3cab92f728074b20e
2017-10-28 13:30:01 +02:00
Harald Welte c233447271 Debian: Package osmo-bsc systemd service
Change-Id: I29cb5f2132047e05448f1a4f261ef5976936be29
2017-10-28 13:29:29 +02:00
Harald Welte 82ab3c8bab Debian: Don't package osmo-bsc_nat
We don't want to pacakge osmo-bsc_nat from osmo-bsc.git at this
point yet.  It only suports SCCPlite, which is not yet fully supported
by osmo-bsc.

Rather, we continue to package osmo-bsc_nat from openbsc.git like we did
so far.

Also, the osmo-bsc_nat binary really doesn't belong into the osmo-bsc
package at all.

Change-Id: Icf0bf80d61141ec060b6d2efcf3e65e2ef1ac2d6
2017-10-28 13:27:46 +02:00
Harald Welte 6268987c5d Debian: Remove obsolete build dependencies
Those dependencies were introduced at a different time, when GPRS
related code was still in this repository

Change-Id: I469909ad7c597cde3d7a7d2ec86101a9f41d3aa6
2017-10-28 12:58:16 +02:00
Alexander Couzens 4fe3ee79a9 debian/rules: show testsuite.log when tests are failing
Change-Id: I373b26c9d5eb32b1155e6405c6305ac870061887
2017-10-11 08:14:12 +00:00
Harald Welte 2da93fc05b Remove any references to RANAP and Iu
This is a BSC, it has norelation to RANAP or Iu(h). Let's remove
an references to it, and also the build dependency to libosmo-ranap-dev

Change-Id: I517b9f69309b2ed0540dd6c186b3d4a2a03aed44
2017-10-04 08:15:32 +08:00
Pau Espin 00c22464a0 Remove unneeded dbi dependency
Most probably a leftover from openbsc git

Change-Id: I230564b6a6ad244ec6328a99a1c3dbd9bc5521ae
2017-09-26 16:10:22 +02:00
Harald Welte 630df7d608 Package is now called osmo-bsc, not openbsc
Change-Id: I85511946316a34877080ac55553c5b88e34bd1be
2017-09-03 22:58:22 +02:00
Harald Welte 1861b55516 remove --enable-osmo-bsc, --enable-nat
This is the OsmoBSC project.  Disabling the build of the BSC would be
somewhat odd, so let's remove the option.

Also, OsmoBSC depends on libosmo-sccp now, so we must unconditionally
depend on it.  As a result, we can remove the --enable-nat option,
as this was only to avoid a mandatory libosmo-sccp requirement in
historical times.

Change-Id: Icfee8a904d33b7c13ab8d185d64fb5c2337d8640
2017-09-03 22:57:31 +02:00
Alexander Couzens 77ac7afe95 rework /debian package support to match new osmo-bsc
Remove leftover from split out of openbsc

Change-Id: I9fe1003f7d2af5c6a07c41aec59ea91594b825bd
2017-08-30 14:11:27 +02:00