make debug logging more robust

Do not print anything to stdout directly - use proper logger object
instead: either the one supplied by IPAFactory user or default to NO-OP
NullHandler logger.

Change-Id: Ic3417095a6e8848f0acabb46a9e64c0197b736e2
Related: SYS#3028
Maxim Suraev 6 years ago
parent ca2778cd22
commit dd22a30d75
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@ -22,13 +22,13 @@
__version__ = "0.4" # bump this on every non-trivial change
__version__ = "0.5" # bump this on every non-trivial change
from ipa import Ctrl, IPA
from twisted.internet.protocol import ReconnectingClientFactory
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.protocols import basic
import argparse
import argparse, logging
class IPACommon(basic.Int16StringReceiver):
@ -39,8 +39,7 @@ class IPACommon(basic.Int16StringReceiver):
Debug print helper
if self.factory.debug:
def osmo_CTRL(self, data):
@ -160,7 +159,8 @@ class IPACommon(basic.Int16StringReceiver):
We have to resetDelay() here to drop internal state to default values to make reconnection logic work
Make sure to call this via super() if overriding to keep reconnection logic intact
self.dbg('IPA connection made!')
addr = self.transport.getPeer()
self.dbg('IPA connected to %s:%d peer' % (, addr.port))
@ -259,7 +259,8 @@ class IPAServer(CCM):
Keep reconnection logic working by calling routine from CCM
Initiate CCM upon connection
print('IPA server connection made!')
addr = self.transport.getPeer()'IPA server: connection from %s:%d client' % (, addr.port))
super(IPAServer, self).connectionMade()
@ -275,7 +276,8 @@ class CtrlServer(CTRL):
Send TRAP upon connection
Note: we can't use sendString() because of it's incompatibility with IPA interpretation of length prefix
print('CTRL server connection made!')
addr = self.transport.getPeer()'CTRL server: connection from %s:%d client' % (, addr.port))
super(CtrlServer, self).connectionMade()
self.transport.write(Ctrl().trap('LOL', 'what'))
self.transport.write(Ctrl().trap('rulez', 'XXX'))
@ -287,14 +289,14 @@ class CtrlServer(CTRL):
CTRL SET command: always succeed
print('SET [%s] %s' % (op_id, v))
self.dbg('SET [%s] %s' % (op_id, v))
self.reply('SET_REPLY %s %s' % (op_id, v))
def ctrl_GET(self, data, op_id, v):
CTRL GET command: always fail
print('GET [%s] %s' % (op_id, v))
self.dbg('GET [%s] %s' % (op_id, v))
self.reply('ERROR %s No variable found' % op_id)
@ -304,31 +306,33 @@ class IPAFactory(ReconnectingClientFactory):
Note: so far we do not really need separate Factory for acting as a server due to protocol simplicity
protocol = IPACommon
debug = False
log = None
ccm_id = IPA().identity(unit=b'1515/0/1', mac=b'b0:0b:fa:ce:de:ad:be:ef', utype=b'sysmoBTS', name=b'StingRay', location=b'hell', sw=IPA.version.encode('utf-8'))
def __init__(self, proto=None, debug=False, ccm_id=None):
def __init__(self, proto=None, log=None, ccm_id=None):
if proto:
self.protocol = proto
if debug:
self.debug = debug
if ccm_id:
self.ccm_id = ccm_id
if log:
self.log = log
self.log = logging.getLogger('IPAFactory')
def clientConnectionFailed(self, connector, reason):
Only necessary for as debugging aid - if we can somehow set parent's class noisy attribute then we can omit this method
if self.debug:
print('IPAFactory connection failed:', reason.getErrorMessage())
self.log.warning('IPAFactory connection failed: %s' % reason.getErrorMessage())
ReconnectingClientFactory.clientConnectionFailed(self, connector, reason)
def clientConnectionLost(self, connector, reason):
Only necessary for as debugging aid - if we can somehow set parent's class noisy attribute then we can omit this method
if self.debug:
print('IPAFactory connection lost:', reason.getErrorMessage())
self.log.warning('IPAFactory connection lost: %s' % reason.getErrorMessage())
ReconnectingClientFactory.clientConnectionLost(self, connector, reason)
@ -345,29 +349,34 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
ic.add_argument("--ctrl", action='store_true', help="use CTRL protocol")
args = p.parse_args()
test = False
log = logging.getLogger('TwistedIPA')
if args.ctrl:
if args.client:
# Start osmo-bsc to receive TRAP messages when osmo-bts-* connects to it
print('CTRL client, connecting to %s:%d' % (, args.port))
reactor.connectTCP(, args.port, IPAFactory(CTRL, debug=True))
reactor.connectTCP(, args.port, IPAFactory(CTRL, log))
test = True
if args.server:
# Use to issue set/get commands
print('CTRL server, listening on port %d' % args.port)
reactor.listenTCP(args.port, IPAFactory(CtrlServer, debug=True))
reactor.listenTCP(args.port, IPAFactory(CtrlServer, log))
test = True
if args.ipa:
if args.client:
# Start osmo-nitb which would initiate A-bis/IP session
print('IPA client, connecting to %s ports %d and %d' % (, IPA.TCP_PORT_OML, IPA.TCP_PORT_RSL))
reactor.connectTCP(, IPA.TCP_PORT_OML, IPAFactory(CCM, debug=True))
reactor.connectTCP(, IPA.TCP_PORT_RSL, IPAFactory(CCM, debug=True))
reactor.connectTCP(, IPA.TCP_PORT_OML, IPAFactory(CCM, log))
reactor.connectTCP(, IPA.TCP_PORT_RSL, IPAFactory(CCM, log))
test = True
if args.server:
# Start osmo-bts-* which would attempt to connect to us
print('IPA server, listening on ports %d and %d' % (IPA.TCP_PORT_OML, IPA.TCP_PORT_RSL))
reactor.listenTCP(IPA.TCP_PORT_RSL, IPAFactory(IPAServer, debug=True))
reactor.listenTCP(IPA.TCP_PORT_OML, IPAFactory(IPAServer, debug=True))
reactor.listenTCP(IPA.TCP_PORT_RSL, IPAFactory(IPAServer, log))
reactor.listenTCP(IPA.TCP_PORT_OML, IPAFactory(IPAServer, log))
test = True
if test: