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@ -7,6 +7,3 @@
# If any interfaces have been added since the last public release: c:r:a + 1.
# If any interfaces have been removed or changed since the last public release: c:r:0.
#library what description / commit summary line
manual needs common chapter cs7-config.adoc, vty_cpu_sched.adoc from osmo-gsm-manuals > 0.3.0
osmo-bsc Mobile Identity Coding OsmoBSC is stricter in rejecting invalid coding of Mobile Identity IEs
libosmocore >1.4.0 (1.4.1?) need BSSMAP-LE, BSSLAP, GAD coding, osmo_gsm48_si*

@ -51,15 +51,15 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE([ipaccess-utils], [AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-ipaccess-utils], [Buil
AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_IPA_UTILS, test "x$osmo_ac_ipa_utils" = "xyes")
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCORE, libosmocore >= 1.4.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOVTY, libosmovty >= 1.4.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCTRL, libosmoctrl >= 1.4.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOGSM, libosmogsm >= 1.4.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOABIS, libosmoabis >= 0.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMONETIF, libosmo-netif >= 0.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOSIGTRAN, libosmo-sigtran >= 0.10.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOSCCP, libosmo-sccp >= 0.10.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOMGCPCLIENT, libosmo-mgcp-client >= 1.6.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCORE, libosmocore >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOVTY, libosmovty >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOCTRL, libosmoctrl >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOGSM, libosmogsm >= 1.5.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOABIS, libosmoabis >= 1.1.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMONETIF, libosmo-netif >= 1.1.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOSIGTRAN, libosmo-sigtran >= 1.4.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOSCCP, libosmo-sccp >= 1.4.0)
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBOSMOMGCPCLIENT, libosmo-mgcp-client >= 1.8.0)
dnl checks for header files

@ -31,16 +31,16 @@ BuildRequires: pkgconfig >= 0.20
BuildRequires: systemd-rpm-macros
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libcrypto) >= 0.9.5
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-mgcp-client) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-netif) >= 0.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-sccp) >= 0.10.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-sigtran) >= 0.10.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoabis) >= 0.6.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocore) >= 1.2.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoctrl) >= 1.2.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmogb)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmogsm) >= 1.2.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmovty) >= 1.2.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-mgcp-client) >= 1.8.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-netif) >= 1.1.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-sccp) >= 1.4.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmo-sigtran) >= 1.4.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoabis) >= 1.1.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmocore) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmoctrl) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmogb) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmogsm) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libosmovty) >= 1.5.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(talloc)

debian/changelog vendored

@ -1,3 +1,591 @@
osmo-bsc (1.7.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Harald Welte ]
* Introduce nm_fail_rep_signal_data for "SS_NM, S_NM_FAIL_REP" signal
* OM2000: Add some more message types and IEs we now understand
* remove 'NAT' log category
* handorer.h: Fix compilation with gcc-10
* gsm_data.h: Comment the 'nokia' BTS fields
* bts_nokia_site: Fix LAPD segfault during reset procedure
* [cosmetic] system_information: Values are not guesses; more comments
* bs11_config: Print "Not Equipped" for MBCCU (TRX) that don't exist
* Count RSL DELETE INDICATION received from BTS
* system_information: Set BSS_PAGING_COORDINATION in SI13 for osmo-bts
* vty/bts_resend_cmd: Use gsm_bts_set_system_infos() to increment changemark
* osmo-bsc.spec.in: Use %config(noreplace) to retain current config file
* abis_nm: Avoid various "Unhandled message" errors on BS-11 startup
* Bring timeslot FSMs on BS-11 out of NOT_INITIALIZED state
* Don't print 'bogus channel load sample' message if total == 0
* bts_nokia_site: Clean up logging
* Add example configuration files for E1 BTS
* remove examples/osmo-bsc/ericsson/osmo-bsc.cfg
* osmo-bsc.spec.in: Package E1 config files
* osmo-bsc.spec.in: Add missing directories to package
* debian: Package E1 configuration file examples
* lchan_fsm: silently ignore LCHAN_EV_RLL_ERR_IND
* Add example config files for Ericsson DUG20 based BTS
* acc.c: Don't use C99 constructs, this breaks builds on Debian 8
* Implement support for receiving BSSMAP CommonID from MSC
* osmo_bsc_sigtran.c: Remove unused #defines
* use osmo_fd_setup() whenever applicable
* debian/control: Recommend installation of osmo-mgw
* Use osmo_fd_*_{disable,enable}
* fix some size-t format string characters
* update aoip-mgw-options document with reality of 2020
* abis_om2000: Force TRX NM state to UNLOCKED once TRX is up
* osmobsc-usermanual: Add Chapter with AoIP message flow examples
* OM2K: Permit transition from WAIT_CONF_RES -> WAIT_ENABLE_ACCEPT
* OM2K: Skip the entire CON MO if there are no connection groups
* Add a bts_model->bts_init() and trx_init() call-back function
* abis_om2000: make om2k_mo_name() an exported function
* [cosmetic] abis_om2000: Re-format to use longer lines
* abis_om2000: Mark om2k_mo_fsm_start() as static
* abis_om2000: keep OM2K FSMs around, don't terminate
* om2000: Add "show bts 0 om2k-mo" command
* abis_om2000: Handle DP object in get_om2k_mo()
* smscb: Avoid scheduler array overflow
* smscb: Fix adding of SMSCB messages when no message with lower period exists
* select_best_cipher(): Prefer A5/1 over A5/2
* BS-11: Send proprietary MRPCI message after assignment + HO complete
* hide the "smscb-command" vty command; people should use osmo-cbc
* CBSP: document rate counters and their mapping to basic/extended CBCH
[ Philipp Maier ]
* bsc_main: use higher default loglevels.
* lchan_rtp_fsm: fix out_state_mask
* vty: check with is_ipaccess_bts() before using IPACC
* lchan_rtp_fsm: make _fsm_timer_cb and _fsm_cleanup static
* lchan_rtp_fsm: use E1 endpoints if the BTS is not ipaccess type
* e1: encode line number as trunk number in MGCP endpoint
* gsm_04_08_rr: block EMERGENCY SETUP when EMERGENCY CALLS are denied
* abis_rsl.c: make sure emergency calls are rejected early
* lchan_fsm: merge lchan_mr_config()
* lchan_fsm: make internal functions static.
* lchan_fsm: make rsl mode-modify working again
* abis_rsl: prioritize emergency calls over regular calls
* abis_rsl.c: flush channel request queue on RSL bootstrap
* abis_rsl: inform user when expired channel requests get tossed
* abis_rsl: fix memleak in rach dos reduction function
* bsc_vty: improve manual activation of lchans (debug / labtest)
* bsc_vty: fix manual channel activation
* bsc_vty: fix wrong else-if statement
* gsm_08_08: fix unreachable code in parse_powercap()
* osmo_bsc_bssap: actually check for lchan
* bts: add repeated acch mode flags + vty config
* abis_rsl: parse cm3 and indicate ACCH repetition cap to BTS
* bsc_vty: mark repeated ACCH value of 1.9% to 2.7% BER as default
* bsc_vty: fix acch_repetition ber threshold strings
* abis_rsl: check if emergency calling is disabled before premption
* bsc_vty: mark repeat rxqual 4 (BER >= 1.6) as default
* bts.adoc: describe ACCH repetition settings
[ Vadim Yanitskiy ]
* VTY: fix writing of custom timer values to a configuration file
* vty: fix: restore removed DNAT category as deprecated
* doc/manuals: remove deprecated DNAT from the VTY reference
* rest_octets: cosmetic: fix alignment in gprs_cell_options
* vty: 'gprs 11bit_rach_support_for_egprs': drop redundant check
* vty: 'gprs 11bit_rach_support_for_egprs': clarify error message
* vty: clarify EGPRS Packet Channel Request message support
* A-bis: fix logging level mismatch in abis_nm_rcvmsg_fom()
* bsc_subscr_find_or_create_by_{imsi,tmsi}(): fix NULL pointer dereference
* doc/manuals: regenerate the VTY reference file
* gsm_data: cosmetic: mark argument of is_*_bts() as const
* bts_unknown: fix: properly initialize the feature vector
* bts_sysmobts: fix: properly zero-initialize the feature vector
* bsc_bts_alloc_register(): fix possible NULL-pointer dereference
* handover_test: use 'unknown' BTS type instead of 'sysmobts'
* abis_nm: cosmetic: add curly braces to complex 'if' statements
* abis_nm: cosmetic: use sizeof() for printing buffer size
* abis_nm: fix: properly truncate feature vector reported by BTS
* abis_nm: fix ARFCN list encoding in Set Channel Attributes
* abis_nm: fix length indicator in Set Channel Attributes
* fix crashes due to OSMO_ASSERT(conn->lchan)
* abis_rsl: Mobile Allocation IE in CHANnel ACTIVation shall be empty
* system_information: publicly declare generate_cell_chan_list()
* system_information: constify bitvec in freq. list encoding API
* generate_ma_for_ts(): constify per cell/timeslot ARFCN bit-vectors
* gsm_04_08_rr: fix hopping parameters in RR Assignment Command
* doc/examples: remove deprecated 'dyn_ts_allow_tch_f'
* vty: ensure that all warning messages are prefixed with '%%'
* vty: fix missing comma in a warning message
* vty: introduce and use GPRS_CHECK_ENABLED() macro
* vty: allow enabling freq. hopping regardless of the feature vector
* debian/control: change maintainer to the Osmocom team / mailing list
* vty: fix copy-pasted 'no gprs control-ack-type-rach' description
* fix bsc_sapi_n_reject(): dlci is unsigned, use uint8_t
* bsc_subscr_conn_fsm: fix a memleak in rll_ind_cb()
* bsc_subscr_conn_fsm: use proper cause values in SAPI N REJECT
* abis_rsl: fix IAR Rest Octets in rsl_send_imm_ass_rej()
* vty: add a command to clear hopping ARFCN list
* gsm_04_08_rr: fix hopping parameters in RR Handover Command
* SI Type 4: fix missing CBCH Mobile Allocation IE
* generate_ma_for_ts(): use OSMO_BYTES_FOR_BITS() macro
* generate_ma_for_ts(): fix: properly encode ARFCN 0 (corner case)
* SI Type 4: prevent potential buffer overflow
* vty: propagate result of gsm_bts_set_system_infos()
* fix bootstrap_rsl(): check result of gsm_bts_trx_set_system_infos()
* abis_om2000: check result of gsm_bts_trx_set_system_infos()
* vty: clarify NM state owner printed by 'show trx N' command
* abis_nm: fix erroneous use of LOGPC() instead of LOGP()
* abis_nm: fix msgb memleak in _abis_nm_sendmsg()
* abis_nm: LOGPFOH()/DEBUGPFOH(): remove redundant context info
* abis_nm: abis_nm_get_ts(): use LOGPFOH() instead of generic LOGP()
* abis_nm: use btstype2str() in abis_nm_rcvmsg_manuf()
* abis_nm: use DEBUGPFOH() in abis_nm_rx_sw_act_req()
* abis_nm: use LOGPFOH()/DEBUGPFOH() in parse_attr_resp_info_unreported()
* abis_nm: improve logging message in abis_nm_get_attr()
* generate_ma_for_ts(): simplify MA bit-mask computation
* vty: fix unreacheable code / wrong check in lchan_act_all_trx()
* RSL/BSSAP: fix: properly convert between RSL Link ID and DLCI
* vty: add attributes to VTY commands indicating when they apply
* bts: move rate counter / stat item definitions from *.h to *.c
* main: add --vty-ref-mode, use vty_dump_xml_ref_mode()
* vty: add reminder messages about the radio link timeout
* gsm_08_08: fix NULL pointer dereference in bsc_cm_update()
* vty: add new attribute for vendor-specific commands
* abis_rsl: turn rsl_msgb_alloc() a macro and move it to header
* power_control: add new structures and default parameters
* power_control: add encoding/init API to 'struct gsm_bts_model'
* power_control: send default parameters from bootstrap_rsl()
* power_control: add encoder for ip.access nanoBTS and OsmoBTS
* power_control: make use of MS/BS parameters in RSL messages
* power_control: add VTY commands for per-BTS configuration
* power_control: add VTY command for re-sending default parameters
* power_control: add VTY command to set static / maximum BS Power
* power_control: reflect MS/BS Power difference in the VTY prompt
* vty: cosmetic: make all 'struct cmd_node' definitions static
* power_control: encoding of H_REQAVE and H_REQT for ip.access
* power_control: fix swapped lower/upper RxQual threshold values
* power_control: enable dynamic MS power control for osmo-bts
* power_control: vty: some commands are not vendor specific
* vty: fix NULL-pointer dereference in cfg_bts_rep_dl_facch()
* power_control: vty: do not print 'no (rxlev-avg|rxqual-avg)'
* vty: join UL/DL SACCH repetition commands together
* vty: fix wrong attributes for UL/DL ACCH repetition commands
* ericsson_rbs2000: fix unreachable code in inp_sig_cb()
* power_control: add documentation on available configuration params
* manuals: fix a duplicate line in the description of DTXu
* manuals: fix a typo: s/DTS/DTX/
* power_control: cosmetic changes and fixes to the documentation
* power_control: add increase / reduce step size recommendations
* vty: use 'const' for *nsvc in config_write_bts_gprs()
* vty: fix writing empty IP address for unconfigured NSVCs
* power_control: fix: properly initialize per-lchan BS power
* vty: fix 'codec-list' command: check all given arguments first
* gsm_data: return early if MS Power class remains the same
* assignment_fsm: assert the result of conn_get_bts()
* power_control: check BTS model in cfg_power_ctrl_avg_osmo_ewma()
* power_control: enable Uplink DPC by default if format is known
* power_control: make P_CON_INTERVAL parameter configurable
* abis_nm: enrich debug messages with contextual info
[ Pau Espin Pedrol ]
* bssap: Avoid logging error if no optional Global Call Ref IE received
* bsc: Allow setting negative nominal tx power through VTY
* Avoid selecting channels from administratively locked trx
* bsc_main: Improve log line on Lost E1 link
* bsc_main: Use LOG_TRX in log line
* ipaccess_sign_link_up: Log sign_link type
* Use OSMO_FD_* instead of deprecated BSC_FD_*
* gsm_data.h: Drop duplicated include stdint.h
* Fix trailing whitespace in several files
* ipaccess_nanobts: Log ipaccess_sign_link_down event
* Move struct gsm_bts: gsm_data.* => bts.*
* bts: Drop duplicated function to get trx by number
* Move struct gsm_bts_trx: gsm-data.* => bts_trx.*
* Move gsm_bts_{trx_}set_system_infos APIs to bts{_trx}.*
* Move acc_ramp_init inside gsm_bts_alloc
* configure.ac: Fix trailing whitespace
* doc: Copy {bsc,bts}.adoc from osmo-gsm-manuals
* {bts,bsc}.adoc: Drop deprecated OsmoNITB references
* rename files acc_ramp.* -> acc.c*
* Introduce support for ACC subset rotation
* Introduce support for ACC ramping during whole BTS life cycle
* Support setting rt-prio and cpu-affinity mask through VTY
* Change default SCTP conn NULL-> to localhost->localhost
* ctrl: Fix CTRL TRAP for {msc.X,msc_)connection_status not sent
* acc_test: Print allowed ACC from t2 and t3
* acc: Fix ACC rotate barring highest ACCs too quickly during wraparound
* tests: acc_test: Test more rotating scenarios
* Allow storing IPv6 address strings in BSSAP structs
* vty: Hide show running-config ACC ramping params if not enabled
* Fail on invalid IP addresses passed to IPACC MDCX
* Fix creating MGCP proxy socket if MGW listens on an IPv6 address
* lchan_rtp_fsm: Deferr IPACC MDCX after BTS side MGCP MDCX
* oml: Fix premature Opstart to Radio Carrier
* bssap: Use new DTAP DLCI helper fields from libosmocore
* abis_nm: Log Rx Change Administrative State ACK
* abis_nm: Log no state change detected
* abis_nm: Remove duplicated log line
* cosmetic: tests/ctrl_test_runner.py: Fix trailing whitespace
* ipa oml: tx OPSTART after unlocking, not before
* contrib/jenkins: Enable parallel make in make distcheck
* Set all NM OML objects to Locked by default
* Introduce NM BTS Site Manager FSM
* Introduce NM BTS FSM
* Introduce NM BaseBand Transceiver FSM
* Introduce NM RadioCarrier FSM
* Introduce Radio Channel FSM
* OML: Stay compatible with older osmo-bts versions
* abis_nm: Log Opstart NACK with error loglevel
* ipa: Fix use of null pointer in log macro
* nm_channel_fsm: Fix innocuous transition not permitted log error
* main: generate coredump and exit upon SIGABRT received
* ipaccess-proxy: generate coredump and exit upon SIGABRT received
* Store GPRS MOs directly under BTS SiteMgr object
* nm_bts_sm_fsm: Fix peer_has_no_avstate_offline not applied for nanobts
* Introduce NM GPRS NSE FSM
* Introduce NM GPRS CELL FSM
* abis_nm: Simplify param passing to abis_nm_rx_get_attr_resp()
* Handle BTS/BBTRANSC Get Attributes (Ack) in NM FSMs
* Fix typo in function nanobts_attr_nsvc_get
* oml: Delay configuring NSVC until BTS features are negotiated
* gsm_lchan_name: assert on NULL lchan
* Use rest_octets functionalities from libosmocore
* gitignore: Ignore *~
* doc: handover: Fix malformed table
* Introduce Neighbor Resolution Service
* cosmetic: doc: wrap line too long
* cosmetic: bts-sysmo: Fix whitespace indentation
* Allow configuring SI13 CCN_ACTIVE bit from VTY, enable by default on osmo-bts
* Introduce VTY cmd to configure Alpha in SI13
* Move bts_ident_key to neighbor_ident.c
* Fix neigh resolution service on local neighbours
* SI13: Enable sending GPRS Cell Options Extension Information on GPRS-only BTS
* tests: Explicitly drop category from log
* tests: Replace deprecated API log_set_print_filename
[ Oliver Smith ]
* tests/Makefile.am: allow running only one VTY test
* osmo-bsc/bsc_vty: set default gprs cell bvci to 2
* osmo-bsc/bsc_vty: fail on get_amr_from_arg error
* osmo-bsc-minimal.cfg: fix codec-list
* main: exit on mutually exclusive codecs settings
* abis_nm.c: rx_fail_evt_rep: fix sd.bts
* abis_nm: move fail report parsing to extra func
* VTY: add show bts failure report
* VTY: let all descriptions end in \n
* VTY: regenerate bsc_vty_reference.xml
* timers: T->X: 23002, 23004, 23005, 23006
* contrib: import RPM spec
* contrib: integrate RPM spec
* Makefile.am: EXTRA_DIST: debian, contrib/*.spec.in
* lchan_fsm, lchan_rtp_fsm: make all timers configurable
* contrib/jenkins: don't build osmo-gsm-manuals
* configure.ac: set -std=gnu11
[ Neels Hofmeyr ]
* manual: add "Multiple Instances" section, akin to other manuals
* manual: add SCCP/M3UA section from common chapters
* manual: add SCCPlite section
* manual: fix config example typo 'msc-addr'
* manuals: update bsc_vty_reference.xml
* deprecate 'msc' / 'ip.access rtp-base <port>'
* cosmetic: put comment back at proper place in bsc_vty.c
* drop IMSI filter and libfilter completely
* drop CC 'local-prefix' feature
* code cleanup: absorb complete_layer3() into bsc_compl_l3()
* drop all BSC originated USSD notification features
* doc/examples: remove deprecated ussd text config
* drop MSC types "local" vs "normal"
* flatten: move network->bsc_data->* to network->*
* CTRL: determine MSC connection status from RESET-ACK, not AS_ACTIVE
* create only one SCCP user per SCCP instance
* cosmetic: tweak rc type of is_cm_service_for_emerg()
* is_cm_service_for_emerg(): return false, not 0
* gsm0408_test.c: drop test_mi_functionality()
* refactor bsc_find_msc()'s round-robin
* add osmo-bsc --vty-ref-xml: dump VTY ref XML to stdout
* manuals: generate vty reference xml at build time
* osmo-bsc main: exit on cmdline option error
* remove extract_sub(), add bsc_subscr_find_or_create_by_mi()
* use osmo_mobile_identity API everywhere
* tweak log category for Compl L3 error
* MSC pooling: make NRI mappings VTY configurable
* MSC pooling: implement NAS node selection by NRI from TMSI
* MSC pooling: LU: ignore TMSI NRI from a different PLMN
* MSC pooling: add 'no allow-attach' for MSC off-loading
* mscpool: add user manual chapter
* vty: add 'mscpool roundrobin next' for ttcn3 tests
* log: add MSC number to bsc_subscr_conn_fsm id
* debug: log about matching Paging Response to earlier Paging
* MSC pooling: add rate counters
* merge files: absorb osmo_bsc_vty.c into bsc_vty.c
* vty: hide 'mscpool roundrobin next'
* fix segfault introduced by recent segfault fix
* create ASP+AS only once per cs7 instance
* si2quater: fix budget calculation for multiple EARFCNs
* SI2quater: allow storing 48 EARFCNs
* RR Release Cell selection IE: fix repeated EARFCNs encoding
* RR Channel Release: pass Cause code from BSSMAP Clear to the BTS
* propagate RSL error cause codes to RR Channel Release cause
* fix CBSP server: actually open the srv_link
* handover_test.c: add test case 29: TCH/F -> TCH/H
* handover_test.c: typo s/more/less in test 19 description
* hodec2: fix logging of requirements flags
* hodec2 congestion: consider only congested pchan types
* hodec2: do not keep candidates with zero requirements met
* hodec2: log requirements of best candidate, log rxlev in dBm
* cosmetic: bscon: use GSM48_RR_CAUSE_NORMAL instead of 0
* gscon timeout: use proper cause code for lchan release
* debug log: add RR Release cause code to the log
* info, error log: show MSC nr for new conn
* mscpool: fix refcount leak for unusual case of no bts
* CBSP: on RESET, also clear the etws_timer, and stop ETWS PN broadcast
* CBSP: rewrite the CBSP link setup and 'cbc' VTY section
* CBSP: add local bind to client mode
* cosmetic: use local var in handover_start_intra_bsc()
* cosmetic: dissolve error-goto with single source in handover_start()
* ho counters: count invalid target cell as 'error', not 'no_channel'
* fix 'handover:*' counters: add missing / move increments
* fix 'handover:*' counters: remove bogus increments
* fix HO inter-BSC-IN target bts for counters
* bssap: do not send a Clear Request after a Clear Command
* handover_fsm: signal Clear from gscon, for proper HO result counts
* handover: fix detection for ambiguous HO neighbor ident
* CBSP: fix link startup when enabled in config file
* drop some unused members and function decls
* CBSP: adjust manual to reflect new 'cbc' VTY config
* CBSP VTY: re-add legacy cbc config for backwards compat
* dissolve bsc_grace_paging_request()
* drop bsc_subscr.lac
* drop unused Tdef for 992427
* add timer.vty
* clean up timer definitions: introduce groups, move some T to X
* tests: add missing *.vty to EXTRA_DIST
* log MSC nr for opening new A conn
* remove unused signature gsm48_handle_paging_resp()
* gscon_bssmap_clear(): guard against NULL msc
* compl l3: separate paging handling from bsc_scan_bts_msg()
* compl l3: parse Mobile Identity once
* compl l3: cosmetics around Create Layer 3
* compl l3: allocate conn in gsm_08_08.c, not gsm_04_08_rr.c
* compl l3: populate conn's bsc subscr from MI
* compl l3: move Paging Response handling out of bsc_find_msc()
* compl l3: move all message parsing out of bsc_find_msc()
* refactor paging: introduce bsc_paging_params
* refactor paging: introduce bsc_paging_start()
* refactor paging: add bsc_subscr to bsc_paging_params
* LCS: add paging reason, return in paging_request_stop()
* introduce osmo_use_count for bsc_subscr
* bsc_subscr_name: print both IMSI and TMSI
* cosmetic: fix naming of GSCON_EV_A_CONN_REQ -> GSCON_EV_MO_COMPL_L3
* LCS: implement re-use of existing A-interface conn
* LCS: SCCP next conn id: prepare Lb-interface
* LCS: implement the bulk of Location Services
* remove unused osmo_bsc_reset.h
* add doc/location_services_ta.msc
* BSSMAP RESET: generalize a_reset FSM
* BSSMAP RESET: move cancel-paging call to osmo_bsc_sigtran_reset()
* BSSMAP RESET: move RESET-ACK into reset fsm
* BSSMAP RESET: tweak logging
* BSSMAP RESET: also accept conn cfm events during ST_DISC
* LCS: disable Lb interface by default, add vty 'smlc' / 'enable'
* add smlc.vty test
* LCS: add proper BSSMAP-LE RESET re-using new generalized reset FSM
* LCS: Lb startup: no need to re-use existing SCCP user
* drop features 'core-location-area-code' and 'core-cell-identity'
* manual: describe LCS and Lb interface
* fix missing RR release when there is no MSC
* add fixme comment for OS#3833
* minor code dup: smlc_set_cs7_instance()
* handover vty doc: explain rxqual values
* handover_test: fix comment
* handover_test prep: move arfcn into create_bts()
* handover_test prep: move generate_si() into create_bts()
* handover_test prep: allow arbitrary timeslots in create_bts() code
* handover_test prep: allow configuring several trx in create_bts()
* handover_test prep: rename 'create-bts' to 'create-n-bts'
* handover_test cosmetic: eliminate bts array and bts_num from main()
* handover_test: allow arbitrary timeslot config and multiple TRX
* handover test: fix dyn ts: set pchan_is on act / rel
* handover test: add 'expect-ts-use' to clarify tests
* handover_test: add 'set-ts-use'
* handover_test: change 'meas-rep' params to bts-trx-ts-ss nr
* handover_test: drop secondary array of lchans
* handover test: add test 30: de-congest TCH/F by moving to dyn TS TCH/H
* handover_test: add test 31: TCH/H: re-use dyn TS
* fix TCH/H allocation: use half occupied dyn TS instead of switching more dyn TS
* hodec 2: prep: common pick_better_lchan_to_move() function
* hodec 2: favor moving dyn TS
* handover test 30: play through filling up all lchans
* handover_test: add test 32: half used TCH/H on dyn TS
* fix AMR start-mode auto: reflect proper ICMI in MultiRate Config IE
* AMR start-mode: send proper smod bits
* AMR start-mode auto: send smod bits as zero
* ctrl_test_runner.py: remove per-test startup delay
* hodec 2: prefer moving TCH/H from half-used dyn TS
* handover_test: implement as VTY shell
* handover_test: log sending ho complete
* handover_test: send ho detection
* handover_test: adjust logging for reproducability
* handover_test: set a fake osmo_mgcpc_ep_ci pointer
* handover_test: rename test scripts from numbers to names
* handover_test: gitignore
* tweak handover_tests.sh
* handover_test: cosmetic cfg simplifications in 5 tests
* handover_test: fix test_congestion.ho_vty meas-rep
* handover_test.c: properly release lchans in set-ts-use
* hodec2: cosmetic: add dBm unit to rxval logging
* hodec2: code dup / cosmetics
* handover_test: add 'meas-rep repeat N'
* handover_test: add test_congestion_favor_best_target_rxlev.ho_vty
* handover_test: add AMR TCH/H->/F tests, showing a bug
* handover_test: show ineffective intra-cell choice
* handover_test: add test_congestion_intra_vs_inter_cell.ho_vty
* hodec2: clarify current and target rxlev per candidate
* hodec2: cosmetic: clarify afs_bias, simplify pick_better_lchan_to_move()
* hodec2: fix candidate choices in congestion check
* handover_test: include ack-chan in expect-chan
* handover_test: safeguard against unhandled chan req
* handover_test: saner chan act handling
* handover_test: saner ho request handling
* handover_test: vty echo
* handover_test: show a bug: add test_congestion_no_oscillation.ho_vty
* hodec2: cosmetic: clarify ho_candidate.{current,target}
* hodec2: reduce check_requirements() args
* hodec2: add ho_candidate.{current,target}.free_tch
* handover_test: add lchan wildcards to meas-rep cmd
* handover_test: show bug: add test_balance_congestion_tchf_tchh.ho_vty
* hodec2: fix congestion oscillation bug
* handover_test: add test_balance_congestion_by_percentage.ho_vty
* hodec2: to balance congestion, use overload percent
* handover_test: enhance test_balance_congestion_by_percentage.ho_vty
* handover_tests.sh: update stdout/stderr only on capital -U arg
* fix for test_dyn_ts_favor_moving_half_used_tch_h.ho_vty
* cosmetic: in a ho test, use '*' instead of pdch
* show bug: add test_dyn_ts_congestion_tch_f_vs_tch_h.ho_vty
* fixate test_dyn_ts_congestion_tch_f_vs_tch_h.ho_vty
* hodec2: fix congestion resolution on dyn TS
* add test_dyn_ts_congestion_tch_f_vs_tch_h_2.ho_vty
* lchan_avail(): omit logging for handover decision 2
* show bug: add test_dyn_ts_balance_congestion.ho_vty
* hodec2: fix congestion balancing on dyn TS
* show bug: add test_dyn_ts_amr_tch_{f,h}_to_{h,f}_congestion_assignment_2.ho_vty
* hodec2: fix intra-cell congestion balancing with source lchan on dyn TS
* lchan assignment when RTP is set up: don't break on Mode Modify
* rename lchan->rqd_ta to last_ta
* lchan activation: indicate whether TA is known
[ Keith ]
* Meas Tools: Avoid OSMO_ASSERT due to uninitialised logging.
* Meas Tools: Avoid unusable terminal in case of error on osmo_sock_init
* Meas Tools, Avoid compiler format warnings
* Disallow changing the type of an existing BTS from the vty
[ Eric ]
* configure.ac: fix libtool issue with clang and sanitizer
[ Sylvain Munaut ]
* om2k: Add definitions for the TG object
* om2k: Allow TG and MCTR to be manipulated via VTY
* om2k: Allow the CON configuration request to be triggered via VTY
* om2k: Add VTY command to allow TX of arbitrary message for testing
* om2k: Don't use slashes in FSM IDs and use dashes instead
* om2k: Fix TS channel config payload for non-superchannel case
* om2k: Fix type of msg_type in abis_om2k_tx_simple
* om2k: Acknowledge the HW Infos Reports
* om2k: Acknowledge the unknown MCTR messages we get from time to time
* om2k: Properly name message 0x0136, found to be MCTR Statistics Report
* om2k: Use the "from config" TS config to setup OM objects
* om2k: Dispatch TS_EV_OML_READY to TS FSM only when it's actually ready
* om2k: Fix the frequency specifier for TX/RX/TS conf requests
* bts_ericsson_rbs2000: Init all the TRX, not just C0
* bts_ericsson_rbs2000: Whitelist the E1d input driver
* om2k: Add option to limit OML version during negotiation
* om2k: Rename MCTR config request constants for consistency
* om2k: Add support for MCTR configuration
* om2k: Properly update the 'fake' 12.21 states using OM2000 status
* om2k: Wait for OM TRX links to stabilize before trying to bring up TRX
* chan_alloc: Don't re-invent trx_is_usable and use existing helper
* gsm_data: Update trx_is_usable for ericsson BTS
* om2k: Fix invalid use of linked list when building hopping freq list
* bts_nokia_site: Fake 12.21 OM objet state as "OK" when boot is done
[ Alexander Chemeris ]
* ctrs: Correctly count load total for dynamic timeslots.
* stats: Report per channel type load to statsd counters.
* stats: Remove dots from the end of stats descriptions.
* Fix indent whitespace and log message.
* stats: Fix stat group index for BTS stats.
* Fix a comment for the handle_unitdata_from_msc() function.
* chan_alloc: Add comments for the *_chan_load() functions.
* osmo_bsc_sigtran: Fix a SSCP-> SCCP typo in a comment
* stats: Add a stats gauge for the MSC links count.
* stats: report a number of configured BTS to a stats gauge.
* stats: Add counters for received BSSMAP messages.
* stats: Export connected OML/RSL links count per BTS.
* a_reset: Rename SIGTRAN connection to BSSMAP MSC assocation in log messages
* stats: Fix Rx DTAP error stat description
* bsc_subscr_conn_fsm: Fix a typo in the comment life->live
* lchan: Allow transition from BORKEN state to WAIT_RF_RELEASE_ACK
* timeslot_fsm: Allow PDCH_ACT_ACK in BORKEN state.
* stats: Only dereference a connection pointer after checking for NULL.
* handover_test: Properly allocate MSC data struct.
* stats: Add counters for Tx BSSMAP messages.
* stats: Rename BSSMAP Rx message counters to match Tx ones.
* bsc_vty: Coding style fix - brackets around a complex if/else
* log: Fix "Paging request failed" logging level
* log: Adjust "new SIGTRAN connection" logging level
* bssmap: Ignore repeated BSSMAP RESET ACK messages.
* log: Demote "CHAN RQD: reason" to INFO
* log: Demote "SAPI=%u ESTABLISH CONFIRM" message from ERROR to DEBUG.
* borken: Recover from more TS borken states.
* stats: Add counters and gauges for BORKEN lchans/TS
* stats: Add a BTS/BSC counter PAGING_NO_ACTIVE_PAGING.
* stats: Correctly count lchans under BORKEN TS.
* bssap: Handle BSSMAP CONFUSION message.
* Fix crash in bsc_patch_mm_info()
* bsc_patch: Don't even parse MM INFO if TZ patching is not enabled.
* bsc_subscr_conn_fsm: Fix crash in gscon_forget_lchan()
* stats: Count paging requests flushed due to MSC Reset.
* Return 0 from gsm0408_rcvmsg() if SCCP link is already closed.
* paging: Remove obsolete comment.
* chan_alloc: Fix typo in a comment.
* timeslot_fsm: Name TS FSM instances on allocation.
[ Daniel Willmann ]
* osmo-bsc: Use designated initializer in bts_stat_desc
* gsm_data.h: Remove period at end of counter description
* abis_rsl: Count successful channel requests
* Count assignment rates per BTS as well
* Remove punctuation in counter description
* Count handover per BTS as well as per BSC
* Count intra-cell and intra-bsc handover separately
* Add bts counters to count BTS events where we don't have a bts
* configure.ac: Require python3 for ext_tests
[ Alexander Couzens ]
* gsm_data: always set spare bits in channel description
* gsm 04.08: encode the LTE neighbors measurement bandwindth in Channel Release
* gsm 04.08: correct calculate the Cell Selection Indicator after release of all TCH and SDCCH
* osmo-bsc: fix a crash when receiving a RACH LOAD IND with 0
* abis_nm: abis_nm_perform_test: fix a potential null deref
* pcu_sock: use tn as variable name to improve readability
* pcuif_proto: protocol 9: add missing fields
* oml: encode IPv6 NSVC using the new OML attribute NM_ATT_OSMO_NS_LINK_CFG
* pcuif_proto: version 10: add frequency hopping parameters
* pcuif_proto: version 10: add support for IPv6 NSVCs
* bsc_vty: cfg_bts_gprs_nsvc_rip: add missing breaks
* bsc_vty: parse the return code to make coverity happy
* bts_ipaccess_nanobts: check if msgb_alloc fails
* sysmobts: expect feature IPV6_NSVC
* Introduce NM GPRS NSVC FSM
[ Michael Iedema ]
* stats: Add granularity to SDCCH/TCH/LU activity.
* stats: Add granularity to chan:rf_fail stat.
* cosmetic: shorten deref chains where possible
* stats: add SIGN/SPEECH assignment subcategories
-- Pau Espin Pedrol <pespin@sysmocom.de> Tue, 23 Feb 2021 18:43:04 +0100
osmo-bsc (1.6.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Philipp Maier ]

debian/control vendored

@ -12,13 +12,13 @@ Build-Depends: debhelper (>=9),
libosmocore-dev (>= 1.4.0),
libosmo-sccp-dev (>= 0.10.0),
libosmo-sigtran-dev (>= 0.10.0),
libosmo-abis-dev (>= 0.6.0),
libosmo-netif-dev (>= 0.6.0),
libosmo-mgcp-client-dev (>= 1.6.0),
libosmocore-dev (>= 1.5.0),
libosmo-sccp-dev (>= 1.4.0),
libosmo-sigtran-dev (>= 1.4.0),
libosmo-abis-dev (>= 1.1.0),
libosmo-netif-dev (>= 1.1.0),
libosmo-mgcp-client-dev (>= 1.8.0),
osmo-gsm-manuals-dev (>= 1.1.0)
Standards-Version: 3.9.8
Vcs-Git: git://git.osmocom.org/osmo-bsc.git
Vcs-Browser: https://git.osmocom.org/osmo-bsc/