chan_alloc: remove references to lchan_alloc()

The function lchan_alloc() does not exist anymore, however there is
still a prototype definition in chan_alloc.h and a comment in
abis_rsl.c. Lets remove those.

Change-Id: I36227ea306d28587ac70acbe596c7756b23d88c7
Philipp Maier 4 years ago
parent 17cbe5cd2d
commit 605c7f074a
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@ -24,9 +24,6 @@
struct gsm_subscriber_connection;
/* Allocate a logical channel (SDCCH, TCH, ...) */
struct gsm_lchan *lchan_alloc(struct gsm_bts *bts, enum gsm_chan_t type, int allow_bigger);
/* Free a logical channel (SDCCH, TCH, ...) */
void lchan_free(struct gsm_lchan *lchan);

@ -1378,8 +1378,6 @@ static int rsl_rx_chan_rqd(struct msgb *msg)
* - If SDCCH is not available, try whatever MS requested, if not SDCCH.
* - If there is still no channel available, reject channel request.
* lchan_alloc() possibly tries to allocate larger lchans.
* Note: If the MS requests not TCH/H, we don't know if the phone
* supports TCH/H, so we must assign TCH/F or SDCCH.